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I was only 19 years when I first met you, I was innocent and immature and l was amazed of your beauty and your intelligence you are only a year older than me and you always seemed to make me feel better. I know I was childish I know that I was ashamed of myself little by little you won a space on my heart. You became part of me, I was unable to face the truth you took over my feelings and I wasn’t able to foresee that. I was scared; I was stupid and knowing that you would someday become really important for me I got scared and I ran away, ran away from what could have been something special for both.

You eventually left the country as I did too, we both continued our lives, we both tried to be away from each other. But I failed, for years I kept you on my mind, it’s stupid to think about it but yes I was unable to think on the What It? They were killing my mind thinking what could have been if I would have grant you the opportunity would I have felt loved? I don’t know there are too many what ifs for me. I don’t know I just think that I made a big mistake with you, then you said that I wasn’t mature enough for you that I was a child for my attitudes and because I smile to much, I have to admit it, I was outraged I was trying to grant us a second chance, so I waited to a different time for us.

Now one more time you arrange with me a meeting and I was too damn upset for you dumping me and too damn scared for my friends seeing us that I let you go with your friends and I wonder is there a way in this strange universe that we could be together? I have someone right now but she is not as special for me as you. I lover her a lot, but I realized that I love you too, so what I could choose? You’ll go again from my life and in my mind I can stop thinking on going after you. Yes after too you are the only reason for which I’ll dump everything I have done so far, you are the reason of leaving my future behind. But I know it won’t happen we only would be together on that line between dreams and reality because none of us are willing to go forward. I think I fell in love only on the idea on fell in love and since you were once in my heart I keep thinking that you someday would be on my side.

Author Notes: Finally!! I was able to post this last chapters my apologies! I know it took a long time for it and i really apologize thanks to all of you who kept reading! Usually I post my notes at the end of the chapter, but I decided to post it here now. I want to thank all of you for your reading and that you have enjoyed the story it was a pleasure to me to write it. I want to thank all of my beta's Chaos, w84u, a horse called hwin, Jessymama and Beatrice- from "Tainted Evidence" who helped me with this chapter - you all help me a lot and you do deserve my thanks! I want to let you know one thing. This chapter is the conclusion of "The Lie behind the Postcard", however, it doesn't means that I won't stop writing about them. I'm planning to write another story about Brokeback Mountain with a different plot and everything. I just want you to let you know that you should be prepared, as you may noticed my story is different from the other stories and nothing is what it seems to be.

I don’t want to Say Goodbye

I don’t want to say goodbye

Let the stars shine through

I don’t want to say goodbye

All I want to do is live with you

When they returned home, Ennis opened the door and Jack went straight to the bathroom. With an eyebrow raised Ennis was unable to contain his laughter, looking at how Jack ran across the living room, hit his knee with the table and he listened to him yelling ‘Shit,’ then he heard him unzipping his pants in the bathroom, and hearing him say ‘Feels great’, Ennis just smiled, thinking why he refused to have a life with him; this seemed so normal that he never thought it could be this real.

As he walked to the kitchen, he started feeling sad; he was missing his daughters it had been a long time since they talked, and he really needed to hear their voices. He opened the fridge and pulled out some lemonade when the phone rang.

“Who could be at this time, huh?” he said as he rubbed his head trying to recall who in the world would have Jack’s phone number, but his curiosity was not helping him, so he did what his heart told him to do: answer the phone.

“Hello, Twist residence,” he answered. ‘Should I have answered Twist and Del Mar’s Residence instead of that? Nah! That would be too cheesy’ .

“Daddy? Is that you?” A woman yelled on the phone, and it was followed by another woman screaming as well

“Junior?” Ennis asked as his eyes filled in with tears and his mouth showed a grin of joy.

“Yes daddy! It’s me, Junior! Oh lord! I have been calling for almost two hours!” Junior cried. Ennis wasn’t able to determine if she was sad or if she was happy.

He immediately sat down on one of the kitchen’s chairs and cleaned his tears as he listened to his daughter

“Where ya’ been? Like I said, we’ve been calling for almost two hours! Thought we got the wrong number!” Junior said, still exited, angry, frustrated, worried. She was looking to the phone as her sister looked at her with her lips shivering; she wanted to talk to her dad as well.

“Well, Junior, hafta tell ya’ that…mmm…well, Jack and I were…” Ennis was trying to find the exact words to explain that he was an idiot, and he fought with Jack, then they fought again, and how after a couple of hours they made out again. ‘Gesh, Ennis, ya’ sure ya’ wanta tell yer daughters ya’re such immature men? Huh? Keep yer mouth shut! Only you and Jack should know this! Besides, this is normal! Ya’ need to get used to it again! Get used to living with someone! Fuck! But, I how am I going to get used to living with Jack Twist? Huh! Jack’s life is everything except peaceful!’.

“Daddy? Daddy? Ya’re listening to me?” Junior said she had been talking for almost ten minutes and the only answers she got from her father were “Uh-Oh-Aha.” It was like his body was there, but his mind was somewhere else. She looked at the phone, knitted her brown opened her lips and from her diaphragm to her throat the words flowed with an amazing tone of voice that woke up Ennis from his own day dream back to reality.


“Whoa! Junior! Planning to leave me deaf? Huh?” Ennis asked, and he managed to not throw the phone on the floor.

“Of course not, Daddy! But, ya’re not listenin’ to me!” Junior chuckled.

“Hmmmm” was all that Ennis was able to say.

“So, how are ya’?” Junior said, taking a pause, trying to breath to ask what she was going to ask “Did’cha talk to mom?” She felt how her body started moving, shaking, she wanted to know what happened, she felt that something had happened. She looked at her sister Jenny who closed her eyes.

“I’m fine, Junior, think that I already mentioned that,” he answered ‘I should have expected that question!’ Ennis looked up and took a breath, he cleared his throat, and tried to talk and at the same time find the necessary words to answer her.

“Junior, I did talk with yer Mom, and we got our points clear. She told me that she’s sorry. and I apologized for not being honest with her.” Ennis said, closing his eyes, biting his lips, crossing his fingers, hoping that his daughter believed his innocent lie. ‘Lord please…let her think that I’m saying the truth’.

“Hmmm…” Junior said, looking at Jenny. She wasn’t sure her dad was saying the truth, but she had no proof of it.

“Ya’sure? Ya’sure Mom apologized? Daddy don’t know what ta’say! Never thought she’d be able to do that!” She said, expecting her father’s answer, but he was not saying anything again.

“Daddy?” Junior said.

“Yes, she was capable of that…” He paused - ‘How come ya’ hafta lie to yer daughter? Please tell her the truth Ennis,’ he said to himself. “And, well, Junior, how come ya’ don’t believe yer mom is capable of that?” he asked

“Hmm…Dad. It’s not that I don’t believe, just that I didn’t think she could, that’s all. I’m happy she was able, for that…” she was saying when her sister took the phone from her

“Daddy? It’s me, Jenny! How ya’re? I was worried to death, Daddy! Was havin’ a bad feelin’, but listenin’ to yer voice makes me feel better,” Jenny said as she started crying on the phone.

“Jenny…no…please don’t cry! Honey, I’m ok, ya’ don’t hafta cry! Yer father is fine!” Ennis said, trying to comfort his daughter

“But ya’re cryin’ too!” she said, and she was right, Ennis was crying too, it was just marvelous what was happening; he was talking to his two daughters who he missed with all his heart.

“Because I’m talking with my lil’ darlins,” he answered.

“Jenny…” Ennis said, clearing his throat one more time.

“Yes daddy?” she replied, smiling

“I love ya’ both more than my life! Ya’ll always be my little ones,” Ennis said.

“Oooooh Daddy! We love ya’ too!” she answered with the tears of her happiness on her cheek.

None of them spoke a word in the next four minutes, and even though there were no words spoken, the feelings shown, they were enjoying the fact that they were together. For Ennis this was magical, he not only have the love of his life with him now, but he also had his two daughters supporting and not judging him. He never thought that this could happen; well, he did once, but he cleared that idea of his mind because he was stuck with Alma, and his little girls were too little to let them alone.

“So…ya’talked with mama, right?” Jenny asked, curious of what would the answer would be “What did she said?” she added.

‘Not again! I already answered this question! Indeed they wanta know’, Ennis thought, and one more time he was forced to lie.

“Yer mama and me did talk, but that conversation is between her and me.” He paused. “Just need to said she’s sorry fer what she did.” he added and looked back to find Jack looking at him, his baby blue eyes stuck on his body, smiling at him. Jack walked towards him and Ennis smiled as Jack placed his hand on his arm. The warmth of his hand made Ennis’ heart go in to 1000 miles per second, which was childish, but that’s how loves works sometimes.

“Say hi to them from me” Jack said, and went to the stove and served a cup of coffee for them.

“Tell Jack that we say Hi, too!” Jenny said

“She said Hi to you too, Jack!” Ennis repeated. He heard that his older daughter asked for the phone stating that she has something important to tell him.

“Daddy! I need to tell you! Kurt got the job! We’ll be moving to Denver! Isn’t that amazing?” She said extremely happy, but no noise came from the other end, it was silent. Ennis stood there without saying a word looking to the floor feeling that they were taking away something important from him, and his little girl was going to move to Denver and that was something he wasn’t prepared for, even though he moved out to Texas once.

“Jesus H. Denver? Wow, Junior I don’t know what ta’ say! I’m shocked!” he said, looking at Jack who raised an eyebrow, wondering what was happening and what exactly they were talking about.

“Daddy? Ya’seem not ta be happy! I mean, this is a big opportunity fer Kurt and they will giving him lot of benefits and I’ll have the opportunity to visit Wyoming more often it is there where ya’ wanta stay,” Junior replied. She knew Ennis Del Mar very well and knew that he was feeling not only sad, but forgotten, so she added, “And if ya’ think that I’m gonna forget my daddy, let me tell ya’ this, Ennis Del Mar, and I’m gonna say it just once! That’s not goin’ ta’ happen!” she said

“Junior, I…” Ennis tried to say, but he knew that she was right, she’d never forget her daddy. He knew very well that she loved him, otherwise she would have never started asking the questions that led him all the way back to Jack.

“Daddy, ya’ don’t hafta say it so I can realize ya’re sad! I know ya’ very well, so don’t try to play with me that strong man figure, cuz I know ya’ have feelings!” she smiled at him.

“Hmmm…so it seems to be that ya’ know me very well then…” he smiled. “So, then tell me what ya’ think I’m going to do now?” he added as Jack walked and placed the mug on the table and sat down, looking at him, enjoying Ennis’ faces as he talked through the phone.

“Well, daddy, knowin’ ya,’ ya’re gonna wait for this call end to go and get angry and blame everyone cuz I’m leavin’,” Junior replied as her sister Jenny nodded, agreeing with her, but on the other side of the phone, Ennis coughed a couple of times. They knew him very well, he was actually planning to do that, complain that his daughter was leaving, let Jack convince him that he’ll be ok, and then try to see if he could assimilate the idea.

“Well…that was not what I was…I mean I’m goin’ to do! I was just goin’ to do a special dinner fer Jack and me!” Ennis replied with smile ‘Not in a million years I’ll let her know that she was right!’.

“Speakin’ of the Devil…Where’s Jack?” Junior asked

“Well he’s sitting right next to me!” Ennis replied wondering why his daughter asked such question.

“Would ya’ mind if I talk with him a little bit?” Junior asked, looking at Jenny while she said that. She wanted to talk to him for so long that now she thought this was the moment for it.

“Hmmm…wanta talk to Jack? Well I gesh’ ya’ talk to him! As long ya’ don’t…Oh, never mind, I know that you’ll ask!” Ennis answered, and he passed the phone to Jack.

“Take…she wanna speak to you!” he said. But, Jack shook his head and pulled the phone away, looking at Ennis with fear.

“Noooo!” he whispered “Ya’re insane or what! She’s gonna ask me what happened there!” he whispered again.

“I know Jack, but I trust ya’ won’t say anything that would be dangerous!” he whispered also.

“Ennis! I can’t do that! Ya’ know me I talk too much!” he whispered again.

“Well, this will be the first time that you’ll learn to shut your mouth!” Ennis said in a rough tone and gave the phone to Jack.

“Hello? Is someone there? I hear whispers!” Junior said on the phone with a little bit of anger.



Junior took a deep breath and pulled all the force she had in her thorax

”HELLOOOO!” Junior yelled with all her strength causing Kurt, Jenny, Francine and Ennis Jr. to cover their ears, but on the other side of the phone, Jack and Ennis opened their eyes wide, frightened of her tone of voice. Was she mad? Did she want to know something they wouldn’t be able to answer?

Jack looked Ennis and gave him the ‘Please don’t do this to me’ look, but Ennis, raising his eyebrow, gave him the ‘Don’t fuck with me look as a response. Finally Jack took the phone.

”Hello, Junior how are you?” Jack said with a little fear, after all she was a Del Mar and only God knows that all the Del Mar’s were ‘special’

”At last, Jack! I thought that you were scared to talk to me!” Junior said with a little of sarcasm in her tone

”Oh, what makes you think that! It ain’t true!” Jack said. ‘God, is she a medium or what? Of course I was scared, if you are like your daddy I better be careful with you!’ Ennis looked at him with curiosity.

”Jack, you don’t to be scared of me,” she pauses and sighed. “I don’t bite! I don’t know what stories my dad may have told you, but I’m pretty innocent and decent, a happy mood girl” she added while her husband Kurt chuckled.

”Is she sure?” Kurt whispered to Jenny who gave a noticeable laugh that made Junior frown at them.

”Well…I know that, but ya’ know things have been kinda busy, ya’know? All the work to put this ranch in shape again keeps me busy,” he said, giving a false laugh. ‘Jesus that doesn’t sound real at all, but I’ll hope she believes it!’.

”Oh, Jack, please! I know that for sure! So tell me Jack, and I want you to tell me the truth! What did my Mamma say to you and daddy?” she said as clear as she can say it.

’I knew it! I knew it! Ya’re as predictable as that father of yers. I knew that the question was coming! But, now the question is - what am I going to say? Jack…think fast, cuz ya’ know that this girl can think fast too’ Jack thought. Ennis could tell just by looking at Jack’s expression that Junior had asked the question.

”Well, Junior, basically I’m goin’ wha yer daddy said, we talked with yer mom and she said that she was sorry for what happened and wished us the best,” Jack sweated every word he said, but it was ok for him because Ennis was giving him courage by holding his hand

’Something is not right here! I know my mom and I know that she is not capable of forgiveness just that easy, I think that there’s something else here!’ Junior thought

“Well, I don’t know what ta say! I’m happy to know that it went well!” She said, looking a Kurt with surprise.

“Yes Junior, I was surprised as well, she took it very well and wished us the best and she even said that we should have a good relationship toge…” Jack was saying when Ennis hit him on his arm.

“Don’t exaggerate, rodeo!” Ennis whispered.

‘But, if I’m wrong? Mebbe my mom changed after all and I’m just overreacting and not thinking that my mom could be such a good person after all’ Junior thought on those two seconds of silence.

“Jack? You were saying something, what happened?” Junior asked after not hearing Jack again on the phone.

“Me? Uh, Yes! Sorry it was yer Daddy’s fault he wanted a…uh…a kiss,” Jack said, looking at Ennis who raised his eyebrow. “Sorry, it was the first thing it came on my mind,” Jack whispered covering the phone so Junior couldn’t listen.

“Too much information Jack!” Junior laughed.

”Ya’ think so? And I’m not even talking about yer dad’s spot on one of his cheeks,” Jack laughed and again he was hit by Ennis.

”OK, Jack, please stop there! That is one of the things about my Dad that I think I don’t wanna know,” Junior said, totally blushing, trying to take in that image of her dad.

”Oh, Jack! Before I forget…uh…How I can say this?...Jack welcome to the family, and please take care of him or you’ll feel the rage of the Del Mar Girls,” she smiled and she heard Jack laughing and saying ‘Ok’ “I’m being serious Jack!” she added

”Ok, I know, and thanks, and don’t worry, I’ll take care good care of yer daddy! There are a lot of things that I’m planning to do with him”

”Jack, please…”

”I know, no further comments,” Jack laughed. “Talk to you soon,” he added and he hung up the phone, looking at Ennis smiling as his partner wondered how it ended.

”She ain’t stupid, cowboy! She was suspectin’, so I started talkin’ about ya’n me and our sex life!” Jack said

”I know! And I think that ya’ went too far!” Ennis replied, but Jack only kissed him saying, “And ya love it, don’t cha?” and Ennis smiled

”Come on, we have work to do,” he added, and both of them disappeared to the barn.

The next morning, Ennis woke up to an empty bed; Jack wasn’t there, somehow he woke up earlier without him noticing. “Mebbe he is downstairs eating,” he thought, and went to take a shower. As he was showering, he recalled the memories of how Jack entered that same shower, naked and as the water was touching his body, Jack started giving him a backrub and kissed his neck, his collar bone and rubbed his chest. Ennis was lost on this thought, every piece of his body that he tried to clean reminded him Jack’s hands, the closeness that their bodies had, and the kisses that he gave to Jack’s hand as he moaned and tried not to ruin the moment. He suddenly started to stroke himself, lost in his own thoughts, letting his body recall that sense of love, passion and sex.

When he came downstairs he found Jack next to the phone with the two mugs on the table. Ennis knew that Jack wanted to talk, and by the look on his face, this was something serious. ‘That’s it, we’re done! He’s gonna dump me,’, but he didn’t have to say it because his mind responded right away. ‘Are ya’ nuts? Jack would never dump you! Grow up, Ennis, stop this stupid fear,’ It seemed that his own self was more conscious about their relationship than Ennis.

”Good morning cowboy!” Jack said, standing up from his chair, hugging Ennis, kissing him tenderly.

”Did you sleep well? Cuz some stupid bastard decided that we should fuck all night, and I wasn’t able to sleep cuz I was really busy, riding, kissing, giving and sucking him,” Jack chuckled, noticing that Ennis was turning red

”So, ya’ going to stay there looking at me, or ya’ going to eat a breakfast! A fucking hour took me to do it!” Jack said full of pride

Ennis walked to the table and to what Jack cooked; it was some type of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, and no matter how he tried to look at it, the food didn’t look eatable. But, taking in consideration that probably Jack did his best effort, he sat down and started his breakfast.

”Hmmmmm…wow…this really tastes good!” he said after eating a few pieces of that breakfast, but he was not lying at all, even though the food didn’t looked well, its taste was different, the food was really good and he was feeling bad for his first thoughts.

”Glad to hear that! I haven’t tasted it myself!” Jack chuckled ‘Now I need to find the way to tell him! While his eating or after the breakfast?’ Jack thought.

”So, Jack, I been wondering…just right now…what you want?” Ennis said, and Jack’s mouth was wide open “Cuz I know you, cowboy! Ya’ ain’t done this if ya’ weren’t gonna to ask me something, so shoot,” he added. Jack jerked his head and tried to say a word, but due to his astonishment, he was unable. Ennis Del Mar was once again a step ahead; he indeed wanted to ask him something, but he didn’t want to bother him.

”Jesus, Ennis! I’m suppose to do things like this because I love you! Not because I want some…thing,” Jack said, trying to fake some anger and not sound too obvious. But, in Ennis’ mind a plot was already setup - if Jack was not willing to tell him what he wanted, his cock would probably do it. Ennis walked straight to him and pushed Jack to the wall, their noses really close and their lips just a few centimeters from a kiss. Ennis started breathing on his ear, caressing Jack’s hair, things that Jack responded to, closing his eyes, trying to avoid an erection, but it was too late, he was already exited and there was nothing he could do, not with Ennis touching him as he was. Little by little, Jack surrendered himself to Ennis, he was torturing his senses, body, so full of lust and love that he was willing to tell truth.

”Damn you, Ennis! I Give up! I’ll tell ya’ the truth!” Jack said as Ennis kissed his neck. But, Ennis didn’t stopped, he took Jack’s arms and lifted them up, holding them with his right hand. “Hmmm…yeah…hmmm…whatever…ya’ll tell me once we’re done,” Ennis replied, his own trick was used against him; he thought that maybe the sex could drive Jack Twist into telling him the truth. However, it also caused him to want it as well. Caresses led to kisses, kisses led to undressing, undressing led them to the most simple and animalistic form of love.

Jack could thought that his luck was going to be the one he had now, I’m not sure what this sentence means… even though he always dreamed of a life with Ennis, he never thought that it could be true, because there was Alma Beers, that cold woman whom he feared, her hate for them was so big that once she tried to shoot him, and her own husband in the process. And even though her assault was reported, instead of going to jail, the police set her free, she lied and they set her free. But, there was something else that was bothering him - Bobby, his son, and Lureen. His worries were increased the moment Bobby called him and told him about his mother’s accident, and even though Bobby stated that he didn’t wanted him to go there, there was this need to be there with his family. In his heart he wanted to close that chapter of his life; he needed to talk with Lureen and they needed to fill out the divorce papers. If he wanted to have a life with Ennis, he needed to divorce Lureen and get the things straight.

Right after they both surrendered themselves to the ecstasy of love, Jack found himself on the floor with Ennis lying on his chest, holding his hand and feeling his warm body and his closeness. He realized that he needed to ask Ennis about it, he needed to let Ennis know that he was going to head to Childress and see his wife, Lureen, for the last time. Jack started caressing Ennis’ hair, and Ennis closed his eyes with a gentle smile that Jack took as a sign that he liked it.




“Ya’ willing to tell me now what ya’ve been struggling to not ask?”

“Think so…just that, well, I don’t know how ya’re going to take it.”

“If ya’ don’t tell me ya’ won’t see my reaction or how I’ll take it.”

“Guess ya’re right on that.”

A big silence followed that manifestation of love for almost ten seconds, Then Jack took a deep breath, and decided to talk. “I wanna go to Childress and see Lureen, need to talk to her about us!” Jack said, but due to his nervousness, he said it so fast that Ennis wasn’t able to understand him.

“Whoa! Little darling, I wasn’t able to hear what’ya just said! I mean, I did, but ya’talked so fast that not even the 20th Century Limited could get a hold your talking!” Ennis said as he sat on his own legs and looked at Jack. But Jack, on the other hand, looked down and took a deep breath, ‘cause after all, sooner or later he had to tell Ennis his plan. So, he took Ennis’ hand and looked at him with a smile.

“I need to go to Childress…Lureen and I need to talk…I need to see my son,” Jack said, thinking that Ennis would get angry. However, he seemed to be wrong; Ennis was just quiet looking at him without saying a word.

“Jack, I thought about that too…I think the same, ya’ should go there, but ya’re not going alone! Hell no! I’m going with you, and I won’t accept a no for answer!” Ennis said, and Jack’s mouth was wide open surprised at his man’s attitude.

“But, Ennis…”

“But nothing, Jack! I won’t let ya’ go from my side! Wherever ya’ gon I’ll be there! I lost ya’ once, Jack! I swear that I won’t let that happen again”

Jack looked at Ennis’ teary eyes, and he knew that no matter how much he could try to convince him, in the end. Ennis would win, that was how Ennis was, a stubborn man that was used to doing what he thought was right, and in this case, going with him to Texas was good for him.

“Alright, we’ll go together.” Jack smiled and Ennis jumped to him and gave him a kiss ‘Like a little girl! I’m acting like a little girl!’, but he didn’t care as long as he could be with Jack, his thoughts and attitudes were nothing to him.

The next morning, they prepared their bags for the trip; they planned to stay there for almost a week while Jack talked with his son and Lureen. Ennis was going to his house and see his daughters and his grandkids, and package his stuff to move im with Jack, destination unknown. Jack was wearing his black cowboy hat, red shirt, a black Levis and his favorite boots; Ennis was wearing his gray hat, his brown shirt, his blue denim jacket and his brown boots. They looked happy, and they knew that this was going to be a trip that neither would forget. And they were right, because, when they were going to Jack's car, another car arrived. It was a blue Cadillac, and a person came out and to Jack's and Ennis’ surprise, it was someone that they would never expected to visit them.

“If both of you think that I’ll let you be happy, then you both are wrong,” a red haired woman said as she pointed her gun at them.

After almost three weeks in the hospital after her accident, Lureen Twist had been finally released from her hell, as she usually refer to it, and was back at her house, and the excellent news for her she was almost recovered, most of memories were back, all of them except the ones that involved her plan against Jack. Some of those memories were blocked, and if she tried to remember, she would end up with a migraine because her brain was not willing to release that information to her. She was looking on her pictures, all of them telling the story of her marriage with Jack and their son Bobby. She smiled looking at the decoration of the house, but knew that it was too fancy for some people.

“There’s nothing better than home.” She smiled, when a dark skin, black haired lady appeared with a broom and, when she looked at her, the yeling started

“Señora Lureen! Señora Lureen! It is verry gud tu si you herre!” the lady said, Lureen recognized that heavy accent

“Maria! Oh, my dear Maria, look at how clean the house is! You did a great job,” Lureen smiled as she went to hug her maid who was surprised to receive such attitude from her.

“Señora Lureen! You are so changed!” Maria laughed at her boss’ new attitude. It was so like Lureen to treat Maria like a stranger; she was hired by Jack, and Lureen didn’t want to have a relationship with her since she thought that maybe Maria knew all the time what Jack used to do.

Lureen laughed when she heard those words from her; maybe she was like that before, but now this was her second chance of changing her past behaviors, and Maria was one of those who suffered her bad temper, and it was time to change that now. She talked with Maria for a while and apologized for all the things that happened, told her that she was going to have 5 weeks of paid vacations, and that she would receive a substantial raise for working all this years in her house. Maria took that as a blessing for her brother, Francisco, was sick and she needed to visit him for a few days to see his children. And now she could stay longer than she expected, and this was good news for her. Lureen knew that it was going to be difficult, but she decided to change her life, she wanted to be a good mother for her son Bobby. She lost many years of his life thanks to her alcoholism, and then those years she spent trying to get them away from her mind thanks to her guilt. She looked at the portraits on the bureau with Bobby pictures - there was Bobby, the baby, Bobby, the youngster, Bobby, the teenager and Bobby, the man. It was true Bobby was a man now, a very young man who was already on his own search in life. A soon to be doctor, and probably soon to be married with Laverne Malone.

“I’m sorry, Bobby” she cried as she held one of his pictures toward her heart.

“What are you sorry about, mom?” Bobby said as he entered the house with some boxes full of medical books. He kept looking at his mother and smiled; she looked different, she looked happy. And that was something that he valued more than anything, his mother happiness, and he wanted to keep it that way.

“Bobby…I was…just…saying that I’m sorry for all…” Lureen was saying, but her son interrupted her

“Mom, we have talked about this already,” he paused. “It’s over! You have to stop feeling guilty for the past,” he added.


Bobby went next to his mother and gave her a hug, and helped her to sit down on the sofa. She hugged him and cried on his arms, letting all her pain go. “Bobby, I’m so sorry…I can’t just forget and pretend what I did never happen! It happened, and that’s why your daddy is not here, because I did evil things and I can forgive myself!” Lureen cried, all those hidden feelings that she had buried through the years were flowing now, letting her soul free of all those feelings that she never thought could be free.

“I ruined my life and I ruined your dad’s life! I held him against his own will! I kept him with me knowing that I lied to him, that I lied to everyone, what I have done can’t be named!” Lureen cried as her son kept hugging her.

“Mom, if you don’t forgive yourself, how do you expect the rest of us to forgive you? It doesn’t make sense, mom! I’ve already told you that it’s over you, are fine and, well, my dad is seeking his happiness,” Bobby said as he caressed his mother’s face.

“I…just want to tell your father how much I’m sorry, Bobby, I need to tell him that!”

“Someday, mom, but not today at least. Come on, you need to rest,” Bobby said as he guided his mother to her room, put her on the bed, covered her with the sheets, turned on her air conditioner, and walked to the kitchen, and found Maria preparing ribs and green salad.

“Maria, mi Madre necesita descansar, Ve que duerma por lo menos dos horas y luego le das su almuerzo, yo tengo salir, son casi las 11:00a.m. y tengo que asistir a una clase a las 11:30a.m.” (Maria, my mother needs to rest! Please check that she sleeps at least two hours, then you give her supper. I need to go, it’s almost 11:00and I have classes at 11:30.)

“As you wish, Niño Bobby!” Maria answered, and kept doing the food and looked at him with a smile on her face that made him wonder what she was thinking. He left for college, but not before picking up his girlfriend - his lousy, but lovely Laverne, the only woman that can drive him crazy and make him feel complete at the same time. They say that there is a thin line between hate and love, and in this case, he crossed the line and he didn’t regret a thing because he enjoyed this new sensation.

“Hello, my love,” Laverne said as she kissed him on his lips in a romantic way. “I thought that you weren’t going to pick me up! I thought that you had forgotten your promise to give me a ride…” She was trying to say when he took her in his arms and kissed her again.

”Shhhh…no more talking, Laverne. Don’t ruin this moment!” Bobby whispered, and Laverne started laughing, “Okay, I got the message! Shut up, Laverne, I wish you always shut me off that way.” She winked at Bobby as she touched his leg.

“Maybe I could do it forever, you know?” Bobby said with a smile

“What you’re trying to say, Robert Twist?” Laverne asked, looking at him with doubt.

“I don’t know…I was just thinking maybe you I someday would be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend," He winked and Laverne smiled, and jumped to him and gave him a kiss.

"I hope that! I hope that," she said as she kissed him

“If both of you think that I’ll let you be happy then you both are wrong!” a red haired woman said as she pointed her gun to them.

"Alma? What you think ya're doin'! Put that gun down!” Ennis yelled as he tried to protect Jack.

“Oh Ennis, you are so romantic, protecting that thing from me!” Alma laughed as she kept holding the gun against them.

“You killed me! You destroyed my life with him! You and him destroyed me! Thanks to both of you, I’m nothing! I had it all, you know! All! I had a loving husband, and I gave him to girls, and we had a happily life, but you know what happened? You destroyed my life! I hate you! You went to him, you took him away from me!” She said crying as she looked at them with hate.

“There he is, Alma, take him! Come on, kill him for taking what was by all rights!” her internal voice said.

“Shut up! This is my moment to let them know!” Alma yelled.

“What are you talkin’ about? Alma. please put that gun down! Let’s talk like normal people.” Ennis said trying to get near Alma, but she shot to the floor. Wait, I thought they were outside?

“I warning you, Ennis, this time you are not talking to a silly girl you can get with stupid poetry! Because that’s how you got her first. Oh yes, with poetry, cheap poetry, let me tell you! No, Ennis, we have to talk and fix this now. One of you is going to die and the other would come with me!” Alma said. This wasn’t the Alma that he knew, her look was different, it was like he was talking to a completely different Alma.

“Alma, let’s talk, I mean, I’m sorry, but I never wanted this to happen,” he said.

“Oh right! You never wanted to kiss him in my house! You never wanted to fuck him and then fuck me! For many years I let you think that I knew nothing, I let you go and fuck him and then fuck me, but not anymore! You are not going to have him! HE won’t have you! If I can’t have you, no one will” she yelled. “Now, one of you will die here! And the other will come with me, and what I’m gonna do with that one? Let me think…kill him also! So, you”, Alma said as she pointed her gun at him, “will feel what happens when someone kills your hopes! You’ll know how I felt when you both destroyed my life!” she laughed.

“Alma, please stop this nonsense! I can’t let you do this! You won’t hurt any of us! I don’t care anymore, I’m not gonna let you destroy my life!”, Ennis and Jack were scared, they knew that Alma was capable of that, and they knew that if they didn’t stop her, one of them would probably die.

“Don’t move!” she yelled as he walked towards her, taking his hat off. “Alma, here I am, I took your life away, but I’m sorry, I’m begging you, forgive me!” he said.

“I said, don’t move”

“He’s not listening, Alma! You should stop him, he’ll come nearby you and take the gun, then kill you! Kill him, Alma”

“Alma, listen to me! I’m not going to let you do this, not again, you once destroyed my life, I won’t let you do it again!” he said as he got closer to her

“I said stop!”


“Alma, please listen…”




“Let me talk, Alma…”


“Ennis, I love you! Why you did this to me?”

“I love you, too, Alma, please listen to us”


“We never wanted this to happen”








“…to do”



She closed her eyes, and her tears followed the path that her previous tears did, and she pulled the trigger of her gun, the same gun that shot her husband a while ago, and watched and listened to that horrible sound, that horrible scream he gave. She heard them now, they yelled, and she opened her eyes to watch how his body was falling to the ground, he was trying to give his hand to her, he was trying to save her. His body fell the floor, and his shirt was painting into red. The other ran to him hold him.



“I’m sorry. I thought that I could…”

“I love you.”

“Me too.”

“I’m fine. don’t worry about me.”

“YOU SEEEEEE! HE LOVES HIM! NOT YOU. HE LOVES HIM! ALMA. COME ON. KILL HIM ALSO!” her internal voice yelled again. Alma couldn’t contain her anger, she was witnessing how much they loved. and that meant that Ennis never really loved her and that he deserved what was happening to him.

“How could you? How could you!” Ennis yelled, “You took it all from me!” he added as he tried to get close to Jack.

“Don’t try us! I don’t mind killing you now! I can do it! We could do it! Now, you are going to come with me?” she looked at him


“What I said! You are coming with me! Get into the car,” she yelled as she opened the driver’s door,

“I’m not going without…” he said

“I SAID ENTER!” she yelled as she pointed at the wounded man, “Enter or I’ll kill him and free him of his suffering!”.

“Go…I promise, I’ll be fine! Don’t let her…” he was trying to talk, caressing his face.

“Ennis, I love you”

“I love you, Jack”

He kissed him and tried to hold his fists, and to not do anything crazy; after all she was armed and she could kill him. Whatever Alma was planning she wanted to do it out of there, and maybe it was a good idea. He could ask for help or escape from her and call the police. He entered the car and started the engine and, as she entered the car, she aimed the gun at his neck.

“If you try something stupid, I’ll blow your brains out!” she said, and the car left ,he Twist ranch, leaving one of them wounded, fulfilling a nightmare that they thought would never be true.

In Ennis' place in Texas, Jenny, Kurt, and Alma Jr. were finishing their little task, pack Ennis Del Mar belongings and label them so he wouldn't have problems when it was his time to take it back. They realized that he was supposed to pick up his stuff soon, he was going to move in with Jack, and it was not correct to keep paying rent for a house that he was not using at all.

Kurt managed with the help of Francine and Ennis Jr. to package Ennis books, (Saddling magazines, and ten books of Wyoming writers given on his birthdays). More than just the packaging books was enjoyable; it was that his siblings and their joy to see the images of horses and saddles that indeed showed him that they were the grandchildren of Ennis Del Mar. What he didn't realize was that in less than 40 minutes, he was reading the books to his kids, forgetting all the work that he have to do.

"So, what does the lady did?" Ennis Jr. asked his dad, exited with one of the story his dad was reading.

"Yeah, Daddy, tell us!" Francine replied.

"Well, let me see...The lady walked into the door with her heart full of joy - there it was her man...I mean...Her son, the most important person in her life," Kurt said. He was reading a book about a woman that lost her loved one, but since he considered that his kids would ask him lot of questions about. it he was changing the story for them.

"Aha! I wanted to find you three this way! You should be packing not reading! Kurt. aren't you the adult here?" Junior asked as she entered the living room with the box of dishes that she just finished packing.

"Well...yeah I'm the adult, but...I mean, I have the right to read them, no?" Kurt said as he was trying to think a way to get out of his dilemma.

"I guess. So, what are you reading to them?" Junior asked and Kurt looked at her and showed her the book he was reading to them.

"YOU are reading them that!!!!" She yelled.

"Yes. it is amazing, talks about a girl, and her son and how she looks everywhere to find him!" Francine said, exited.

"Uh?" Junior said, and saw Kurt's face, he had an innocent smile.

"What I was supposed to do? I did my own version of a PG-6 story!" He said as Junior turned red.

"Oh, Kurt, I'm so sorry!" she said as she went next to him and gave him a kiss.

"Ewwwww! Could you please stop doing that in front of us?" their kids said as Junior and Kurt laughed, when they heard a scream coming from Ennis’ room. Kurt and Junior ran as fast they could to see what happened, and they found Jenny on the floor, she was shivering and crying, in front of her was a picture of Ennis and them in the floor the frame was broken into pieces.

"Jenny, what happened? Why are you screaming?" Junior said as she tried to reach her sister.

"Dad! Oh my lord! Junior our dad...he is in danger...I can feel it! There’s something wrong! I was looking at… and then I felt like dad was going to die! Junior, Daddy is in danger!" Jenny said, scared as her sister hugged her, trying to comfort her.

"Jenny, please calm down! It's ok...our dad is ok, nothing is going to happen!" Junior said, but she couldn't stop worrying as well, after all Jenny's omens sometimes were right.

"I can't our dad! Our dad!" Jenny cried repeatedly.

"Is Grandpa going to die?" Francine asked with her eyes full of tears.

"I don't want him to die," Ennis Jr. replied.

"He is not going to die! Ennis, Francine, he is going to be ok?" Kurt said as he hugged his children.

"He is going to be ok! Would he?" Junior and Kurt asked at the same time.

Not far from them, Bobby was with Laverne in the college’s library trying to read some of the human nervous system, and how it worked. Laverne went to get some coffee for them so they could keep studying; they had to deliver a 20 page essay about it, and they still didn’t have enough information.

“Here, have some coffee. It’s mocha flavored, your favorite,” Laverne said as she handed the cup to Bobby.

“Thanks, I just need to finish this essay, and you should do it also,” Bobby said.

“Oh Bobby, you seemed to not know what I do! I already did it!” She laughed.

But, you told me that you haven’t done it” Bobby replied.

“I told you I haven’t finished it! I just need to make the presentation paper and that’s all!” she started laughing.

“Sometimes Laverne…I want to kill you! I’m breaking my head here trying to get a resume for you, also!” he said angry.

“That’so sweet of you, but I don’t need it,” Laverne said as she smiled at him, and Bobby just went to drink his coffee when he felt that something was been pulling away from his side, he felt that they were tearing apart his heart.

“Oh, My G’d! Something happened to my dad!”

As he was driving the car, he couldn’t stop thinking about him, and how he abandoned him in the house bleeding to death thanks to the shot that Alma gave him. He once again lost him and again it was thanks to Alma, his anger was playing with his mind, he suddenly found the courage to try to fight Alma. He increased the speed of the car and hoping that his plan would work.

“Alma, you have no right to do what you did!” he said angry, but at the same time in grief “Ya’ did something against the law!”

“Yes, I did and I don’t care! When you got nothing…you have nothing!” she said as she looked at him.

“Besides, you took all from me! My daughters, my husband! Everything…The day I saw you kissing, I lost everything!” Alma replied, the anger heavy in her tone.

'If only I could try to make her get rid of that gun, but What for? I won't be able to go back! I won't be able to save him! The next curve is near to a cliff why would happen if I...' His mind was a mess, He wasn't sure if could work, he saw the sign that told him to drive slow, but he increased the speed, knowing that there was a cliff on the next curve, and he wanted to end this for once.

You are going too fast, lower your speed!” She said.

“No!” he answered

“I’ll shot you!” She replied, trying to threaten him.

“Do it! You’ll die with me then, because you know, Alma, I’m tired of this! You took it all, you took my life! You said we destroyed your life, it was really you that destroyed ours!” he said. “You could have told us what you saw, but you never said anything! You kept quiet! Because you wanted revenge!” he added.

Alma saw the sign that was telling them that a dangerous curve was getting closer. her heart started going fast; this was not in her plan, she didn’t wanted to die, at least not like this.

“Stop the car!” she yelled.


“For G’d sake, stop the car, you’ll kill us!” she cried as she saw that they were getting closer to the curve, showing the cliff

“Now you care about G’d? Now you care about getting killed? No, Alma! This ends here!” He yelled as he went to full speed and straight to the cliff.

“Nooooooooo!” she yelled, but it was too late, the car was rolling all the way down the cliff. With every hit, she felt her life was leaving her body, she heard a gunshot again, but this time she was the one that got shot, by accident, and by her own gun. Once the car reached the end of the cliff, she realized that he was either unconscious or dead, ‘cause he wasn’t moving, his head resting on the airbags, and he was bleeding like her. She climbed out of the car, her eyes full of tears and spitting blood. Now she understood, all bad things she had done. She was dying, she was leaving the world, but she did not anything.

“I did what I thought was correct,” she said as she realized that her body was not responding anymore, “I’m sorry, Ennis, but you led me to this…you led us to this, you led us to our death. You forced me to hide the truth and the lie behind the postcard,” she said as she gathered the strength to raise her hand and try to reach the first star in the sky, letting her haunted spirit flee her body to an unknown destiny.

“I love you, Ennis, you always be mine,” she said, and her hand fell, leaving a crashed car with a victim of her hate, a wounded person on the farm victim of her jealousy - the only crime - love. Two people had been shot, but three souls had been killed. They were killed thanks to the wrong decisions they made. Sometimes in life we face opportunities that only come once, and if you have them again, you’ll probably have to pay a price for the mistake. Sometimes you we win, sometimes we don’t, and if we can’t fix it, we have to stand it.

The End

Author Notes: I know that for some of you the ending was not what you expected. I really wanted to apologize for that, but as much I tried to think about a happy ending I wasn’t able to find one. Not with Alma alive at least, besides Ennis and Jack she was the major victim of this story, her love for Ennis changed from love to obsession not letting her think clearly, awakening her dark side that poisoned her soul and convinced her to do all the things she did. Alma Beers was the product of a wrong decision, and I don’t want to blame Ennis, but if he had chosen to go after Jack after that summer they spent on Brokeback mountain, maybe Alma’s life would have been different.

Chapter Update

OK I have to admit it! I know that I haven’t post the last Chapter but It is not my fault! The person that checks my chapters haven’t had the time to check it for me! But I do have it finish I just want some more patience! Because it should be post soon, but I’ll give you a little tease this is my next story!! Please forgive me! I'll try to see when my beta can finish the chapter.

Promises to the Wind

Title: Promises to the Wind

Author: Valandil Eluch

Pairing: Ennis/Jack, Lureen/Jack, Lureen/OTC, Alma/Ennis, Alma/OTC

Rating: R

Summary: After turning 19 and finishing his Bachelor in Graphic Designing, Ennis Del Mar decides to go back to his parent’s property to help his brother Kenneth and to escape from his suffocating life in the city, the Brokeback Mountain Resort have a legend: it can change people’s life. What Ennis don’t know is that this place would indeed change his life the day he meets Jack Twist a Californian rich boy who is trying to find a place to work after his parents kicked him out of their house. Both would find what a real friendship is and they would learn that sometimes there are secrets that must be hidden. Eight years will pass and in the 2006, and a twenty six years old married guy would face an old crush when his six years old daughter introduce him to her Art craft teacher. Now those feelings he thought were buried are calling him upon again......

Would he be able to fight against this feeling? Or will he let his instincts go and have the courage he didn't had before?

Promises were made then, Promises are made now, and now the question is which of them he would stick to....

Here's the second part of the chapter, I hope you like it! comments are really appreciated!

Ennis was getting in the truck when he noticed a pay phone next to the store. His first thought was to call his daughters when he got back to the ranch, but then realized that was impossible because they didn’t have a phone.

“Don’t know why I haven’t gotten a stupid phone there yet. There’s no way to get in touch with the girls.” Ennis looked at the phone harder, he never thought that was necessary for him to have a phone on his house in Texas, he was never there, but now he realized that after all it was necessary. And since Jenny was there and probably Junior was there now it would have been a good deal to have one just right now.

Ennis suddenly remembered that there was a post office nearby and he could send them a telegram or maybe a postcard, but a postcard took longer and he wanted them to get the message as soon as possible. He started the truck and headed towards the post office.

He got to the post office and sat in his truck trying to figure out what to say in the telegram. He figured he should give the girls Jack’s number, when he suddenly remembered…

‘Shit! Jack!’ Ennis cursed under his breath. ‘Well he’s probably still sleepin’…he’s one lazy sonofabitch.’

When he arrived at the Post Office he was greeted by a nice old lady with black half moon spectacles behind the front desk. He found her glasses funny, placed low on her big, arched nose. Ennis thought she looked just like his first grade teacher, Mrs. Henderson, and was probably just as old. She pushed her spectacles up on her nose and looked him up and down.

“There somethin’ I can help you with?” She asked him, old voice wavering and cracking. Ennis was silent.

“Sir? I asked if I could help you?”

“Oh! Yeah, I wanna send a Telegram to Texas.” Ennis said.

“How many words?” The lady asked.

“What?” Ennis said

“How many words? We charge per word. I need to know how many words so I can tell you the price.” The lady smiled at him.

“Well, heck, I don’t know. I just wanna send my girls a message!” Ennis replied rubbing his head.

The woman smiled kindly. “You can tell me your message and I’ll type it up for you. We’ll figure it out from there.”

Ennis smiled. “How about this: Jack and I are in Lightning Flat, talked with yer mom and it went ok. Hope you’re ok! Call us at 307-596-2236. Talk to you soon.”

The old woman pushed her glasses back up her nose and leaned over her typewriter. “Jack and I are in Lightning Flat …that’s six, wait, no seven words…talked with yer mom and it went ok …eight words… hope you’re ok…three words…call us at 307-596-2236, six words…Talk to you soon… four words! So that’s…” The woman paused to count. “Twenty-eight words! That’s a pretty long telegram, you sure you don’t want to summarize it?” the old lady asked Ennis.

“No thanks, that’s fine! How much will it be?” he asked

“Well where are you sending it?” The lady smiled at Ennis.

“Oh right! I never told you where!” He chuckled and the lady smiled again. “To Childress, Texas” he added.

“Childress, eh? That’s a nice place! You know my sister lived in Childress! She married a nice man there name of Charles Humphrey, though she died a few years ago.”

“Mr. Charles? Are you Mrs. Rachel, Mrs. Eve’s older sister?” Ennis snapped. “That’s why you look so familiar!” The old woman’s face lit up in surprise. Ennis continued. “She used to talk about you a lot. She really loved you, but was unable to reach you when you moved out!” Ennis smiled sadly and looked down the floor, he remembered Mrs. Eva Humphrey his old boss’ wife; she was one of the nicest people he’d met.

“I know… and I can’t tell you how much I regret that. I never went to her funeral. I thought she was upset with me because I left my husband!” She pulled a locket out from her purse and opened it. She showed Ennis a picture of two young girls, both of them blue eyed with curvy blonde hair and freckles all over their noses and cheeks.

Ennis looked at the photo, then back at the old woman. “No ma’am, Mrs. Eve wasn’t upset at all. She was proud of you, told me she knew he wasn’t the right man fer you. She said she didn’t want to ruin yer happiness.” Ennis placed his hands over the feeble old woman’s. “You’re the spittin’ image of her!”

The woman looked up, tears in her eyes. “When…when she died, did she suffer?”

Ennis shook his head. “She said she regretted never having a second chance to beat you at chess.” The lady smiled.

“Well, son,” she wiped tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. “You’re the first person in all these years that’s made me feel human. And you know what? I won’t be chargin’ you a dime for this telegram! Besides I need to be sendin’ a telegram to my brother in law, need to meet my nephews and nieces!” The lady turned to send the telegraphs, but stopped and turned back.

“By the way son, what’s your name?”

He smiled. “Ennis Del Mar, ma’am.” The lady nodded and went to the back room to send the telegram to Childress. How funny was life? Who knew he’d find his Ex-boss’ sister in law at a dinky little post office. Some small world.

After talking to Mrs. Rachel for a while longer, Ennis realized a few hours had passed. Jack was probably worried about him, so he tipped his hat and said goodbye to the old woman, then went to the truck and drove back to the ranch as fast as he could.

“Jack’s gonna kill me!” Ennis said as he sped down the road that would lead him back to his lover.

When Ennis arrived at the ranch, he noticed there was someone sitting on the stairs, black hat covering his eyes, practically sleeping on his feet. Ennis knew it was Jack and that he’d probably been waiting for him. As soon he parked the truck and placed his boot on the ground, the man with the black hat, who was indeed Jack, went straight to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Somethin’ wrong?” Ennis hugged Jack just as tightly, then suddenly, was thrown to the ground by a punch to the face.

“Son of a bitch!” Jack’s voice was angry and loud. “You nearly killed me! I’ve been worryin’ ‘bout you, sittin’ out here for four hours! You left five hours ago! What took ya so long?” Ennis stood, patting the dust off his hat and pants.

“Ennis why didn’t you call? You don’t know how worried I’ve been! Thought you were dead by the side a’ the road, bit by a snake, mauled by a bear, who knows!” Jack’s voice was way beyond yelling; he was practically foaming at the mouth. Ennis remained silent.

“You got nothin’ to say? Cat got yer tongue?”

“You done?” Ennis said, calm as possible. Jack raised his eyebrows. “My turn to talk now.” Ennis said, stepping closer to Jack, looking him directly in the eye. Jack could see Ennis was angry and when Ennis pushed him into the truck’s door, he thought he was going to get a punch as well. But then, Jack was totally thrown off guard when Ennis pressed his body against his body, reached his lips and kissed him so hard Jack was unable to think. As much as Jack was enjoying the kiss he was still angry, he tried to push Ennis away, but Ennis had a good grip on him and he wasn’t able to do it. With the lust and the frustration moving up and down his body, Jack tried to push him away one more time, but this time Ennis reacted differently. He grabbed Jack by the wrists and pinned both his arms above his head. Jack opened his eyes and saw that Ennis was grinning evilly. As much he wanted to have those lips and that tongue in his own mouth, he was still upset. He didn’t know why, but he was. Ennis leaned in to kiss him again, but Jack moved his face to the left. Ennis raised an eyebrow and then let go of Jack, opened the door to the truck, and started unloading the groceries.

“If you wanna know, I was at the Post Office. Was sendin’ a telegram to Jenny and Junior.” Ennis passed Jack, who was looking to the ground settling his hat back on his head. He watched Ennis enter the house and then come back out to get more bags. Jack followed him and grabbed his arm, gently.

“Leave me the fuck alone!” Ennis said pushing Jack’s hand away roughly and Jack stumbled backwards, surprised by the intensity of his anger.

“Have better things to do than listen to yer whinin’!” Ennis left Jack outside, wringing his hands. Jack knew he’d started this. He walked inside the house and went to the kitchen. He took his hat and placed it on his chest, held it there. He lowered his head, but kept his eyes locked directly on Ennis as a gesture of forgiveness. Ennis was ignoring him, putting the food in the cabinets and fridge.

“If you expect me to forgive you with that fuckin’ attitude, then I need to tell ya, it ain’t working for shit!” Ennis kept his back to Jack.

“I’m sorry” Jack said in a low tone, he noticed that Ennis’ ears were red, which was a conformation that he was indeed angry. Ennis said nothing.

“En…Please don’t act like a three year old!” Jack said, immediately realizing that he shouldn’t have said that. It was too late, though, Ennis turned around, jaw clenched, eyes narrowed. Without a word, he pushed Jack out of his way, throwing him up against the wall and walked out the door. Jack wasn’t able to speak for several minutes. All he heard was the bang as Ennis slammed the door against the doorpost.

Junior and Jenny were in the kitchen when they heard someone knocking on the door. They were going to answer it until Kurt, Junior’s Husband, got up.

“Is this the Del Mar residence?” the messenger asked and Kurt nodded.

“Telegram for Alma and Jennifer Del Mar! Sign here, please…” he added and Kurt signed for the telegram.

“Who was it Kurt?” Junior yelled from the kitchen as she cut carrots for the stew.

“It’s a telegram from Wyoming, from yer dad!” Kurt yelled back. He heard an ‘Ouch’ from the kitchen followed by a loud ruckus. When he got to the kitchen he saw Junior and Jenny running toward him at full speed. Suddenly he was on the floor and the telegram was in Junior’s hands.

“Give it to me! I wanna read it!” Jenny spat, trying to seize the telegram, but Alma raised her hand above her shorter sister.

“No! Dad sent it to us! I wanna read it too!” Junior said and ran away from her sister.

“I said I wanna read it!” Jenny screamed and jumped over her sister. They both fell on the floor and after a second of shock, started laughing like kids. Kurt stood (after regaining his senses) watching them without a clue.

He felt a tug on his pant leg. “Daddy, aren’t those two the ones that told us runnin’ all over the house and playin’ ain’t allowed cuz it’s not mature?” Francine asked.

“Well I guess yer mom isn’t very mature after all!” Kurt chucked watching his wife and his sister in law fighting for the telegram

“Good! Mature people are boring.” Ennis Jr. smirked and laughed.

“Hope we never have to grow up and act all mature.” Francine added and her father just laughed.

“Ok I’ give up!” Jenny gasped. But as soon as Junior let down her defenses, Jenny was up again and snatched the paper from her sister’s hands. “Aha!!! I knew I had quick reflexes like daddy!” she laughed.

“Ok. Read the damn telegram then!” Junior’s voice was angry, but she settled herself down to listen.

“Jack and I are in Lightning Flat, talked with yer mom and it went ok. Hope you’re ok! Call us at 307-596-2236. Talk to you soon.” Jenny read.

“Oh my lord! He has a phone!” Junior said and snatched the paper from her sister, grabbed Ennis Jr. and Francine’s hands, and went straight outside to the car.

“Alma!” Kurt yelled after his quickly retreating wife.

“Wait for me! I read the message!” Jenny pushed past Kurt, right on the heels of her sister.

Alma shoveled the kids in the back seat and then climbed behind the wheel.

“Alma you’re not goin’ anywhere without us!” Kurt was trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, he’s my Daddy too!” Jenny crossed her arms.

“Ok! Hurry up then! I wanna call Daddy! We need to know what to do with all his stuff!” Alma started the car and Kurt and Jenny hopped inside.

As she thought it would be Ennis and Jack lied to the police. They told them that it was all an accident and they set her free, it was perfect. Even though she’d destroyed their lives, those two still helped her and saved her from rotting in jail. She hadn’t wanted to kill Monroe, but he’d been too damn close to him. However, killing Monroe actually wasn’t a bad idea. He was a pain in her side, just a stupid puppy for her to control as she wished. And now Alma was in her house, drinking coffee, lost deep in her own thoughts, trying to figure out what to do with those two queers that had ruined her life.

“My dear Alma, sounds to me like you’re not goin’ to try and get yer revenge…”

Alma stared into the cup of coffee and there was her reflection, telling her what was a disgrace she was, and how she should have killed him the first moment she found out.

“What makes you think I’m goin’ to let this go? I’m not! Just hafta think of a better way to finish it…” Alma took the cup and went to the sink. She was reflected once again in the metal of the kitchen sink and as always thoughts of self hate surfaced. She hated everything about herself, her red brownish hair, her green eyes, her pale skin—theses were the things that disgusted her the most. Most times, she thought she was talking to someone else, but the truth was she talking with her dark side, the dark side that wanted to get rid of him, get rid of the man that destroyed her life.

She stared into the sink, talking to the reflection.

“Is that so? That’s a pretty good idea, Alma! I’ll bet he’ll suffer for the rest of his life…” she laughed.

“And I’ll be enjoyin’ every moment of it! That nasty man will get what he deserves.” Alma replied and then in unison her voices spoke: “If you can’t have him…no one can…”

She turned around and found the little boy she’d had, Monroe, staring at her. She’d named him that because her father wanted a Junior, but she hated his name. He’d walked into the kitchen without her noticing, was trying to pour milk into a glass, but he was shaking too hard.

“Need to drink something?” she asked raising her eyebrows. Her son looked up at her and she noticed he was frightened. He’d probably heard her.

“You alright?” Monroe avoided her glare.

“I’m fine mom, just worried ‘bout Dad!” he answered finally.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” She paused. “I wanted to tell ya how sorry I am ‘bout what happened.” She tried her best to make her voice convincing.

“You don’t need to say anythin’. I just wanted to know why ya missed the shot. I know you wanted to kill him…” Alma’s eyes went wide.

“What did you just say?” She cut her son off in the middle of his sentence.

Monroe’s mouth trembled. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! Mom, I’m sorry!” Alma turned angry eyes on the boy, squeezed her first, but didn’t do anything. It was her son, after all and she wasn’t going to hurt him for speaking the truth.

“Come on! We’re gonna go see yer dady!” She grabbed the boy by the wrist and dragged him towards the door. Little Monroe was terrified, his mother had shot his father and he wasn’t sure what her limits were. His heart was beating fast as they stepped outside, not knowing what to do or say to avoid her anger.

“Damnit, I’m not gonna do anythin’ to ya!” She pushed him towards the car; she could sense his fear. She crossed her arms

“Monroe, listen to yer Mama, please? What happened was an accident; it didn’t have anything to do with yer daddy.” Monroe Jr. lowered his head. Filled with anger and frustration she pushed him aside and opened the car door.

“Get in! You’re bein’ stupid you know that?” The boy scrambled in the car and she slammed the door behind him, nearly catching his leg.

“He’s scared” her other voice whispered.

“Shut up! This don’t have anythin’ to do with you!” Alma yelled, climbing in the car, putting it on reverse and pulling out of the driveway.

When they arrived at the hospital Monroe Jr. got out of the car nearly crying and ran ahead of Alma to his daddy’s room.

“It was yer fault!” Alma said to herself. “See what you did to him?”

“Me? It ain’t my fault! You were the one that told him you’d kill him if he said anythin’. That was all yer doin’.”

Alma walked down the corridors, looking at one white wall and then another, everyone looking at her, watching her, whispering about what she did—or so she thought.

“Why’s the hospital always have to be so white?” She walked to the reception area anger and frustration awash all over her body. Anger because she wasn’t able to accomplish her goal and get rid of him, frustration because that meant all her work, all her plans were in vain.

She walked up to a nurse behind the reception desk with a nametag that read, “Cassidy”. Alma looked her up and down, something about the woman familiar. Then she realized she’d seen her a few years before with Ennis and Alma Jr. She was Ennis’ last victim, his old girlfriend.

“You’re Alma, the Ex-Wife, right?” Cassie asked. Alma squeezed her fist but smiled to the nurse.

“Yes… I was his wife…you were hisgirlfriend years back, weren’t you?” Alma asked, sarcasm thick on the word ‘girlfriend’.

“Yeah, I used to date Ennis.” She paused. “I need to tell you…” Alma interrupted the woman.

“Stop right there! If you’re gonna start in with the old, ‘You were evil to that poor man’ I’m gonna slap you and tell you to mind yer own business! I don’t wanna hear your stupid, one-sided opinion on this!” Alma said and then brushed past the reception desk, walking to Monroe’s room, and leaving Cassie with her mouth half open.

“Alma, thought you’d never come.” Monroe’s voice was weak, and his arm was around his son next to him, the boy’s eyes filled with fear at the sight of his mother.

“Monroe, you know you’re my husband no matter what happens!” She looked down at her son. She couldn’t worry about him at the moment; her thoughts were preoccupied with Jack and Ennis.

“Thanks Alma, I know you’re sorry ‘bout what happened.” Monroe smiled. Alma rolled her eyes, and then put on another fake bright grin.

“Ofcourse I’m sorry, Monroe! But don’t worry, I promise this won’t ever happen again!” She grabbed his hand tightly. ‘Won’t happen again because this time I will not miss!’ Alma leaned down and kissed her husband’s forehead.

Ennis was riding his horse through the hills and went to the place where he and Jack had their ‘Spiritual Wedding’; however, this was not a happy moment. He was feeling vulnerable because of Jack; he knew all this was his fault. He didn’t think about calling Jack and telling him where he was, at that moment he was only thinking about his dearest daughters, his little darlings. But it seemed that Jack had forgotten this fact about his daughters, and had gotten upset just because he’d wanted to talk to them. In Ennis’ mind, Jack was being unreasonable. Ennis dismounted and sat under the tree, looked out over the hills, taken by the green pasture and orange sky, thinking on his daughters and Jack. He sighed, he wanted to cry for Jack and how he didn’t understand that he needed his daughters. He looked up at the tree, leaves beautiful and green. He heard that somewhere in the Middle East there was a tree in the middle of the dessert that grew, but how, no one knew. It was a mystery how it survived and got its water, but no matter what the people thought, it still stood. And that’s what his relationship with Jack was like; he knew people thought they were wrong, but it was right for them.

He got lost in his own thoughts as he stared up at the tree and then past it to the sky. He stretched out on the grass and looked for the early star, but it was still too bright. Ennis thought that maybe he’d been a little hard with Jack, but he’d call him a child and that had pissed him off royally.

“Christ Ennis why didn’t you stop to think a’ him?” He hit himself on the forehead. As much as Ennis wanted to be upset with Jack he just wasn’t able to, it was impossible to be angry with him for too long. Ennis closed his eyes and soon he fell asleep, the breeze caressing his skin.

‘I love you, Jack fuckin’ Twist!’ Ennis murmured in his dreams, not knowing someone else had heard the comment as well.

While Ennis slept on the grass Jack was looking for him everywhere, the need to apologize heavy on his shoulders. He had to tell Ennis how sorry he was, had to tell him it was his fault, that he was troubled because of his conversation with Bobby, that he loved him. But how? Knowing Ennis, he’d still be angry as hell. Jack continued his search.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult. I know how you think! ” He rubbed his head. ‘If I was Ennis, where would I go?’ Jack went to the stables and saw that one of the horses had been taken out.

“Fuck! Why didn’t I think of that before? I know where you are, you son of bitch!” He quickly saddled his horse and rode to that place where they’d shared their special moment. As he neared the tree, he saw Ennis’ horse, but for some reason, didn’t see him. When he arrived he realized that he couldn’t see Ennis because he was lying out on the grass sleeping. Jack sighed. There was the man he deeply loved, sleeping on the grass like a child, whispering that he loved him. Jack could hardly contain himself. He wanted to kiss him, wanted to love him, wanted to apologize for all the things he shouldn’t have said. As he neared his sleeping figure, he noticed how peaceful he looked and then wondered again why he always screwed things up. Jack sat down next to him, keeping some distance, just in case Ennis was still upset.

He looked down at Ennis’ left hand and saw his ring, the ring that meant so much, the ring he’d had for nearly 15 years and had given to Ennis in that exact spot, the spot where they’d shared their love and married their souls forever. He was distracted from his thoughts by a noise: Ennis awakening from his dream. Jack smiled and then noticed that Ennis was smiling at him as well. Then suddenly, he looked away. Neither of them moved. They sat there in the grass looking out at green fields.

The silence between them was overwhelmed by the sound of their souls; each calling out to the other, each saying how much they loved the other. Jack opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Tears started welling in Jack’s eyes, and he pulled his hat down so Ennis wouldn’t notice, but it was too late.

‘You see that, ya bastard? He’s cryin’ cuz of you! Come on, Ennis, talk!’ His pride prevented him from saying anything.

Jack opened his mouth, his heart beating fast. ‘Why is it so hard to apologize?’ he thought. He was trying to find the courage and the words, but he couldn’t hold back any longer, three words escaped his mouth and broke the silence between them.

“I love you!” Ennis raised his eyebrows.

“And I know I do and say things without thinkin’, but it’s cuz I’m scared a’ loosin’ you!”

“Good way of showin’ it!” Ennis said. ‘Stupid! Why do ya have to go n’ increase the fire?’ he told himself but it seemed like Jack hadn’t heard what he’d said.

“And thinkin’ of life without you is like thinkin’ ‘bout life without my heart! Because if ya’re not with me, I’m lost!” He turned towards Ennis.

“Bobby called, said Lureen had an accident.” Jack paused. “She lost her memory and the doctor’s don’t know if it’ll come back…” He sighed. “I was scared after I hung up and I had a feelin’, a bad omen about you, and then you didn’t come home! The time passed and I thought that maybe I’d lost you. Ennis, I thought you were dead and I was scared! When you stepped out with that smile I was angry and happy and I couldn’t control myself! What I’m tryin’ to say is…” he paused again, taking in a breath. “I’m sorry Ennis; I’m sorry fer hurtin’ ya. I’m sorry for calling you a kid!” Jack couldn’t hold the tears back any longer, all the emotion he’d been holding in, just leaked out like a faucet.

“I’m just scared Ennis! I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you! Ennis I love ya, and I can’t stand a life with ya, not now! Not anymore…” he cried.

Ennis heard his apology and he saw him crying, and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Jack, hugged and caressed his back, smelled his hair. Without a word, without a sound, he squeezed Jack and then made him look at him. He kissed Jack’s lips, salty from his tears.

“I love you too!” he whispered. “And I need to apologize too, I thought you were sleepin’, never thought about you wakin’ up before I got back. I was selfish, and I’m sorry ‘bout what happened to Lureen, I had no idea. But you don’t need to be scared for me. I’m not going nowhere, Jack. I’m stayin’ right here with you.” Ennis kissed Jack’s lips and down his chin, and neck, showing a tenderness that proved his love.

“Come here…” Ennis pulled Jack down with him, one arm across his body and his head on his shoulder. Together, they watched the sun go down, and when the first star appeared, they made a wish. Because it was said that if you wish on the first star it would be granted, and that’s all they wanted.

A/N if any of you didn’t knew the song lyrics I used on the beginning of the chapter is A Love that will never grow old by Emmylou Harris . Another thing that I wanted you to know is that the next chapter is last chapter of The Lie behind the Postcard

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Note: This chapter was too long, so I divided in two A Love that will Never Grow Old (A)and A Love that will Never Grow Old (B)I hope to post the second part soon

Ennis and Jack were still at Lightning flat on what they considered their “Honeymoon” . Their Sunrise Wedding had been about a week ago, and for them, their new life was more than a paradise; Ennis was always fixing something around the house, but Jack was happy just to have his company. Jack admitted that it was a pretty old house and needed a lot of help if they were going to get back to business. But as happy as Jack was to have Ennis help him fix up his old place, most of the time they were distracted from what they should have been doing by constant wrestling fights that always ended withpassionate kisses and wild, sex.

The night before, Jack and Ennis had been trying to put a new wooden floor down in the living room, (which they accomplished after a lot of fighting and cursing) and once they finished they celebrated with a nice, hot shower. It was later that night when Jack started having doubts about their relationship. The whole thing was too perfect to be true. Finally he was with Ennis like he’d always wanted—he was trying to build a life with him! However, there was a little voice inside him telling him that this was not going to last very long. He woke up in the morning to make breakfast, (it was his turn) and he turned on the radio. There, plain as day, was that song he’d listened to years before after driving all the way to Wyoming only to have his heart broken and be sent back from where he came after only five minutes. Jack poured some coffee and then sat down in a chair and listened to the music. It was eerie how well it applied. For every verse of the song he could remember a phrase either he’d said or Ennis had said (including those that he told him after their reencounter).

Go to sleep, may your sweet dreams come true
Just lay back in my arms for one more night
I've this crazy old notion that calls me sometimes
Saying this one's the love of your life.

“Old Brokeback got us good, didn’t it?”

Cause I know a love that will never grow old
And I know a love that will never grow old.

“Ya’ know it could be like this, just like this always”

When you wake up the world may have changed
But trust in me, I'll never falter or fail
Just the smile in your eyes, it can light up the night,
And your laughter's like wind in my sails.

“For how long?”

“Long we can ride it; ain’t no reins on this one”

Cause I know a love that will never grow old
And I know a love that will never grow old.

“I wish I knew how to quit you!”

Lean on me, let our hearts beat in time,
Feel strength from the hands that have held you so long.
Who cares where we go on this rugged old road
In a world that may say that we're wrong.

“Jack, I swear...”

Cause I know a love that will never grow old
And I know a love that will never grow old.

“Tell you what…truth is, sometimes I miss you so bad I can hardly stand it...”

Listening to the song stirred some deep emotion, full of memories of all the pain, all the tears, all the disappointment over the years, but at the same time it brought a great amount of happiness; he had his life with Ennis now and all the rest was in the past. Indeed their lives were changing, but their love hadn’t changed at all, like the song said, it would never grow old. Jack listened to the music. Once upon a time, he’d thought this would never happen; the last time they’d seen each other at the lake in 1982, Jack had been just about ready to give up on Ennis, but later, alone and miserable about their situation, he’d realized that he’d never be able to quit Ennis. In all his years, John Charles Twist Jr., as he hated to be called, had never felt anything as strong as his feelings towards Ennis. Without that man he couldn’t breathe; Ennis was his everything—his soul mate. All his dreams were with him, all his thoughts were for him; for Jack, Ennis Del Mar was all he needed to exist.

The song ended and another started. Jack smiled. It was weird, but for some reason Jack could relate almost every song they played on the radio to his relationship with Ennis. He laughed at the thought that their love could be told in a country song (though knowing how people are that would never actually happen). He looked at his watch, saw that it was almost 8:00 am and still no sign of Ennis. Jack figured he was still sleeping and smiled to himself. It seemed that he’d been draining the man all the way. Gone were the days of high altitude fucks once or twice a year; now they had farm fucks every day at anytime, and even though Ennis wasn’t complaining, Jack was feeling guilty because he felt like he was wearing the poor man out. He went back into their room and was surprised to find that Ennis wasn’t in bed as he’d thought.

“That son of a bitch! Woke up and left without me noticin’!” He took a look around the room and was startled when he felt arms wrap around him from behind.

“Mornin’ cowboy…Was expectin’ you to come in here sooner!” Ennis chuckled and kissed Jack’s neck.

“So you were waitin’ for me to come up here and find an empty bed? You tryin’ to tease me?” Jack said with a grin on his face.

“Tease? Never. But I was tryin’ to fool ya. Wanted to see the look on yer face when you didn’t find me and thought I wasn’t in the house.”

“Well I think yer missin’ out on somethin’ special, cuz ya can’t see my face from back there.”

Ennis laughed and turned Jack around. “There we go.”

“My expression worth the trouble?”

“Hmm…guess so. It’s pretty funny lookin’.”

“Hey now!” Jack laughed. He ran his hands up Ennis’ arms and over his back. “You want some breakfast?”

Ennis grinned wickedly. “Think I already got my breakfast, now that yer here…” Jack’s eyes widened in surprise at Ennis’ behavior, but wasn’t given much time to think about it because Ennis suddenly lifted Jack up and managed to throw him onto the bed.

Jack hit the mattress and lifted his head to look at Ennis. “Damn, boy. You been workin’ out? I’m not the lightest thing on God’s green earth.”

Ennis smiled and landed on the bed next to Jack, started undressing him. “Guess it’s all the work I put inta gettin’ you off.”


Ennis pulled Jack’s shirt off. “Yep. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.” They both laughed as they finished undressing each other and shared their love one more time.

By the time they got downstairs to the kitchen it was almost 11:00 am. They realized instead of breakfast, they’d be better off having lunch, so Jack grabbed some steaks from the fridge and got the rest of the ingredients he needed from the cabinets and pantry. Jack decided to make roasted steak, which was a recipe that he’d learned from Lureen. They worked together and their meal was done in no time. They talked and laughed over lunch, and realized that the food tasted even better because they’d made it together. After they finished their lunch they went outside to start painting the barn—something they’d both been dreading but had planned to do that day. Crimson Red was the color Jack selected and both of them agreed that that was a good color for a barn to be.

“En… I really like how this is lookin’. Damn, makes me feel like I’m ten years old again!” Jack wiped sweat from his forehead. “God, I remember back in the day I used to come out here to hide from my Daddy when he wanted to beat me” Jack chuckled then continued.

“And this is where me and …” Jack trailed off suddenly then continued painting. Ennis stopped what he was doing to look at the man.

“Where you and who did what?”

Jack kept his eyes on his painting. “Nothin’.”

“Come on Jack, I wanna know!” Ennis waited for a response, but Jack just shook his head.

“Don’tcha trust me?” Ennis found it a little amusing that Jack was embarrassed to say whatever he was trying to hide. He smirked. “I swear I won’t get mad no matter what you say!” Ennis lied.

“You sure?” Jack asked and Ennis nodded. Jack set his paint roller down. “This is where I lost my virginity! Happy now?” Jack’s words came out in a rush and Ennis barely caught what he said.

“With…?” Ennis still wasn’t satisfied.

“Ennis!” Jack said in an angry tone.

“I wanna know.”

“Ok! Ya really wanna know?” Jack sighed. “I lost my virginity with Billy Mason; he used to help my daddy on the ranch. He was 5 years older than me and I was, what, 16 when it happened? I was drunk; it was my birthday and I’d been drinking a few beers out here so my Mamma and Daddy wouldn’t find me. Billy, he came and asked fer one, so I handed him a bottle and, one thing led to another, we started wrestling and, well, you know how the rest went…” Jack looked to the floor, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

“No I don’t know how the rest went…but I’d like to know.” Ennis’ voice was low. Jack didn’t know if he was angry or if he was curious, so he sighed and kept talking.

“We started wrestlin’. I still can’t remember how, but we ended up…you know touching. The next thing I know, we were naked. Then he placed my head down by his dick and asked me to do it. At first I refused—it seemed too weird. Finally, I did it. Then he was kissin’ me and he got onto all fours and asked me to, you know, take him. I obliged him, then he did the same to me. When we were finished, he left me in there, in the barn, drunk and naked. The next mornin’ my daddy found me in the barn, figured I’d gotten drunk and stripped down, which was partially true. He whipped me fer it, but he never knew the truth. Billy Mason quit workin’ on the ranch a couple days later and up n’ moved out to Canada. I never saw him again, but he changed my life.” Jack smiled, caught up in some old memory. Ennis was silent.

“Ennis?” Jack suddenly realized that Ennis was unusually silent and was getting a little worried.

“Well that certainly was interestin’.” Ennis shook his head. “I mean, I thought I was the first man you’d ever been with!” Ennis crossed his arms. Jack looked to the floor.

“Were there any more?” Ennis asked. Jack sensed a little anger in his tone. He raised three fingers, but of course he was not counting those men he did after Ennis, or those men he paid off when he was in Mexico.

“Three more? Why didn’t you tell me before?” Ennis looked at Jack, eyes fierce with anger.

“I thought if I told ya I was with four other men before you, you’d never talk to me again! Besides with that ‘you know I ain’t queer’, I couldn’t go and say, ‘Oh yes Ennis, I’m queer. I’ve had four other men!’” Jack’s voice was equally angry now; he was waving his arms around and yelling.

“You’re right, but that ain’t even the point! I was never with anybody till I was with you!”

“I know baby, but why does this really matter? I’m with you now! You’re the one I love—the only one I’ve ever loved! I don’t see why you’re actin’ like this! Besides, none a’ them were even that good! You’re the only that rockets me outta this world, whenever I’m with you I shoot right to the stars!” Ennis turned his back.

“Ennis? Come on you’re bein’ a child! You’re too old fer this!”

Ennis turned, raised his eyebrow, and said, “Now I’m old, huh! This is what I‘ve been missin’? Not only was I not the first, but now I’m old? You’re no help!” Ennis turned to walk outside the barn. After all it was Jack’s idea to paint inside the barn since he thought it was a good idea.

Jack had to think quick to try and stop Ennis, then suddenly ran and placed himself between Ennis and the door.

Ennis stopped. “Get out a’ the way; I need to go inside so I can eat somethin’.” He avoided Jack with his eyes.

Jack didn’t move, though. Ennis tried to pass by him anyway, but Jack grabbed him before he could get away and kissed him hard on the mouth. Ennis, against his wishes, felt his anger start to dissolve. He relaxed his body, opened his mouth, and felt Jack’s tongue caress his. Suddenly Jack broke the kiss and dropped to his knees, unzipped Ennis’ pants and took out his hardening cock. He teased Ennis for a minute, bringing it just up to his mouth, and then pulling back, then all at once slipping it into his mouth. Jack’s teeth touched the head of Ennis’ penis and he let out a loud moan, all his anger now gone. If Jack had been with other men before him, it only trained him to be a better lover.

Ennis played with Jack’s hair and had to hold back a yell when Jack took Ennis all the way into his mouth, going deep to the back of his throat. Ennis was totally lost and he couldn’t contain himself any longer. With a moan, Ennis released into Jack’s mouth. Jack pulled back, wiped his mouth, then pulled Ennis’ pants all the way down. He stood and kissed Ennis firmly on the mouth, and without saying a word, he turned Ennis over and kissed the back of his neck, gently coaxing him to bend over. Ennis was rearing to go for another round. He heard Jack unzip his pants, and then he felt him softly entering him. There was pain, but there was more pleasure—the feeling of Jack inside him, loving him, taking him, was all that he would ever need. Ennis grabbed the wooden rail in front of him and squeezed it hard. He moaned and bucked his hips till he felt his muscles tense and released again, Jack following moments after. Jack kissed a trail down Ennis’ back, keeping their bodies locked.

“Do ya think I ever did this with them?” Jack murmured between kisses. “This is only for you, because I love you.”

Jack started to pull out. “Wait, Jack. Stop. Just don’t move yet.”

“You sure?” Jack chuckled.

They were still for a few minutes while Jack smelled Ennis’ hair and kissed his collar bone, kissed Ennis’ lips and placed his hand on Ennis hips.

“You ready for a second round” Jack said breaking the silence of the caresses.

“That’s what I want, rodeo! That’s what I want.” Jack kissed his back again and then started loving him again.

When they finished, they got dressed and finished painting the barn. They didn’t talk about Jack’s previous relationships again, and if they ever did get back to the subject, Jack now knew how to ease Ennis’ mind.

When they went back to the house Ennis sat in the living room and read a cookbook Jack had bought. One recipe caught his eye: Golden chicken strips in a dijon sauce, but they didn’t had the proper ingredients to make it. Ennis went to the bedroom and found Jack taking a nap. He left a note on the kitchen table saying: ‘I went to buy some groceries, took your truck, be back in a little bit’

As Ennis walked outside the ranch to the truck, he looked down at his hand. When he saw the ring that Jack put on his finger he had to smile. Looking down at the thin band of metal, he remembered one time they’d taken a trip to the Sierra Madres, one of the most common places for their”Fishing Trips”.

It was April 1979, the year he first heard All That You Dream, a song by Linda Ronstadt, on the truck’s radio. They were supposed to meet at their usual place on the side of the road about a mile out of the Madres, and this time he was late because he’d been looking for a present to give Alma Jr. for her birthday. He’d been looking for weeks but nothing in his town was cheap or good enough for his daughter. He wanted to buy her something she’d remember all her life; he wanted his gift to be perfect. He’d gone to several different stores and libraries looking and now he was late, and wishing he’d taken care of gift shopping sooner (it was so hard to get time to do little things while working on the ranch). The gift wasn’t really what was occupying his mind though. It had been nearly six months since he’d last seen Jack. The last time they’d seen each other they’d argued fiercely—Jack’s crazy ideas about living together, something Ennis was neither willing to accept nor do—they’d ended on opposite sides of the road; nothing ended, nothing started, nothing resolved . Finally Ennis got Jack’s postcard in the mail asking to meet in April for two weeks. As always Ennis replied with his usual “You Bet” knowing that he really wanted to apologize, but also knowing he’d never say so.
Ennis was desperate after the two hours of driving; he couldn’t get his truck to drive fast enough. The six months of distance were definitely taking effect, he’d been missing Jack’s skin, his tempting lips, his baby blue eyes, his hands—He loved how their hands looked intertwined while having sex, loved his ass (could stare at it for hours, though would never let Jack catch him doing so), loved the feel of his chest underneath his head when they’d lay in each other’s arms after sex. Ennis felt his dick start to harden. He needed Jack, he wanted him worse than anything, he desired him.
“Stop it, Del Mar! You wanna have an accident?” Ennis shook his head, trying harder than anything to push thoughts of sex with Jack away for the time being. He smiled as he approached a road sign that said he was close to the Sierra Madres, close to Jack.
“Jesus! Finally! Thought I’d never get here!” He turned his truck onto the road he needed. As he neared the meeting place, an image of Jack entered his mind. Jack was greeting him with a big smile, walking towards him with open arms. Then, he was kissing Jack; their mouths were one and Jack was caressing him, undressing him, loving him.
“Stop it I said!” Ennis put his foot on the brake. “What’s goin’ on with me? If I keep lettin’ my imagination get away with me I’ll crash into somethin’! Come on; let’s try to focus. You’re only ‘bout 40 minutes from him! You can wait till then, can’t you?” Ennis buried his face in his hands. He waited five minutes before turning the car on again.
When he arrived he found Jack’s Ford on the side of the road. There were no signs of Jack. Ennis got out of his truck and looked around, scratching his head. As much he searched he couldn’t find Jack.
“Where the hell are ya Jack? Where’d you go, huh?”
Finally, after 30 minutes of searching for Jack, he heard a rustling noise coming from the woods. Ennis got closer to get a better look, and then a man came stalking out of the brush. It was Jack and he was wringing his hands, trying to get a large amount of blood off them. Ennis felt his pulse quicken and ran over to look at him. Ennis took Jack’s hand, and with his scarf he gently cleaned the blood off.
“Ennis?” were the only words that came from Jack’s lips. He raised his hand and caressed Ennis’ face.
“I know. Was lookin’ for a gift for Junior…took longer than I thought.” He wiped the last smudge of blood off Jack’s hands. “There, all done! You wont bleed no more little Darlin’” Ennis smiled at Jack.

“Now what happened, why are ya bleedin’?” Ennis asked.

“Hmm…well I’d been waitin’ for you a while, and I started drinkin’ whiskey, and since you weren’t comin’ I went into the forest to piss. I was pretty upset and punched the tree forgettin’ I still had the bottle in my hand.” Jack laughed “Didn’t hurt that much! Just a shame to lose so much good whiskey,” he added.

Ennis looked at him, a little embarrassed for his lateness, but with a small grin. In that look, that moment when their eyes were locked, many truths passed between them—their mouths might never speak the truth, but their eyes couldn’t lie, couldn’t hide the emotion. Time seemed to stop while they were there together, then Ennis brought his mouth slowly to Jack’s lips until they met, Jack’s mouth opening to his tongue, responding with the sweetest kiss.

“Glad you came.” Jack smiled. ‘Not that smile!’ Ennis thought. Every time Jack smiled like that, he wasn’t able to control himself.

“Shall we go then?” Jack asked—faces still close enough to kiss. They parted, hesitantly, went to their trucks, and started what would be their usual week of romance.

As always, the week went past far too fast and Ennis didn’t want it to end, but knew he couldn’t hide out in the mountains forever, knew he had to pack his stuff, hit the road, and go back to work, go back to his personal hell.

“I figure I’ll be goin’ to visit my folks…like I usually do…” Jack sighed. ‘And tell ‘em how one day I’m gonna bring you up there…which never seems to happen…’

“Jack… I need yer help. You think you can help me out?”
Ennis kept his eyes on the ground, like he was ashamed of asking for a favor.

“Course I can help ya Ennis! Whatcha need?” Jack smiled wide, full of false hope. ‘He’s goin’ to ask me to ranch up with him…he’s goin’ to ask me!’ Jack pushed the idea from his mind—he knew Ennis wasn’t ready to settle down with him, at least not now.

“Know how I told you ‘bout Junior’s 15th birthday? Well, I’m tryin’ to find her a gift...so I thought…I thought…” He paused “I though maybe you could help me pick out a good gift for her.” He raised his eyes to find Jack smiling like a crazy kid.

“You want me to help ya? To pick out a gift for yer daughter?” Jack cleared his throat; he felt emotion well up. ‘Not what I thought but at least it’s a start.’ Ennis nodded and Jack gave him a bear hug. He pulled back.

“What were you thinkin’?” Jack asked and by the expression on Ennis’ face he knew the answer. “You don’t have any idea, do ya?” Jack raised his eyebrows and Ennis nodded sadly.

“Was thinkin’ ‘bout buyin’ a ring…but I don’t know. Saved two hundred dollars for it.” Ennis answered.

“Well I remember seeing’ a jewelry store ‘bout two hours from here. If ya want, we can go there.” Jack replied and Ennis smiled. Ennis walked to his blue Chevrolet and Jack went to his own Ford. They drove into a small town and found an old Jewelry stored called, Silver & Stein Jewelry. They both parked their trucks and entered the store. It was a musty old place, probably not frequented much in this small town, with threadbare rug carpets and overly bright halogen lamps that seemed to accentuate its age. The two started looking at the rings, though all the glass display cases were somewhat cloudy with age. To Ennis, all the rings looked pretty much the same; he couldn’t understand why they all had different prices.

“There!” Ennis spotted a 14 k white gold ring with an emerald flower on it. Jack walked over to examine the ring.

“Sure looks good! You think Junior would like it?”

Ennis nodded. “I’m sure of it.” Ennis looked up at the old man sitting near the front at the cash register. “Sir, can you tell me how much this costs?” The man, probably in his 70s walked towards them. He was a fairly short man, and was wearing a black hat, not a cowboy hat, and had a black suit and a long beard. Ennis figured the man was Jewish.

“Hallo! N’ velcome, my name is Yitzhak Stein… You vant to buy some’ting?” The old man had a funny accent, Ennis couldn’t quite place it, had never heard it before.

“Uh, yeah, how much does this here ring cost?” Ennis asked.

“Ah!” The man pointed to the ceiling with his finger as though he’d just had a brilliant idea. “Zis ring is vun of our masterpieces! Made of vite gold. It cost tree hundred and fifty dollar!” Ennis gulped. Jack, feeling Ennis’ disappointment, lowered his head and opened his wallet.

‘Hello! I got $1,000.00 in here! Why’d I take this out? Oh right! Was gonna buy a new horse for my daddy!’ Jack looked back up; the old man was telling some sort of story. ‘Sure I could find a horse fer under a thousand…sure spendin’ a little now wouldn’t hurt…’

“Thank ya, kindly sir. Let’s go, Jack.” Ennis turned and left the store.

Jack hesitated a moment then turned back to the old man. “I’ll be right back.” The old gentleman just raised his eyebrow.

“These people are verrückt!” he said.

“Ennis what happened? You could’ve gotten him to come down on the price!” Jack walked out of the jewelry store towards Ennis standing by his truck.

“No Jack! I don’t want to have to bring the price down! I wanted to buy somethin’ with no discount, clean, for the first time in my sorry fuckin’ life!” Ennis crossed his arms. Jack was silent momentarily, then reached out and put his arm on Ennis’.

“If ya want I can give you some cash.” Jack kept his voice soft, soothing, like he was calming a spooked horse.

“Damnit, did you miss what I just said? I wanna do this on my own!” Ennis said, voice angry.

“Then at least let me go back in there and talk to him, okay?” Jack walked back into the jewelry store, not even waiting for a response. Ennis waited for a few minutes, saw both of them looking at him and talking. Then the man and Jack disappeared into a room in the back. Ennis waited another five or ten minutes, and finally Jack came out the door, smiling.

“He agreed to sell ya the ring for $200 even! I talked him down” Ennis looked at Jack a little upset, after all he didn’t wanted to buy with a discount, but he realized that Jack tried to help him and he couldn’t blame him for trying. He smiled and gave Jack a hug.

“Thanks Jack. I don’t know what to say…” They entered the store and Ennis paid the two hundred dollars. The old man was laughing, and when he came out he looked at the men ring’s section and saw an 18k gold ring that looked just like the one his parents had when they were still alive, but that couldn’t be true their rings were buried with them.

“Look Jack that ring is just like the one my dad used to have!” Ennis said and he smiled at Jack and like a kid with his new toy went to his car, while Jack was looking at the ring and looked at the man who nodded as he looked at him.

“Jack fuckin’ Twist. Thanks to you I’m becomin’ a sentimental man!” Ennis sighed.

Ennis went to the car and started his short trip to “Anne and Carl’s General Store” which was located about 3 miles from their ranch. Ennis turned on the radio. Ennis loved Jack’s truck; it was faster and newer than his old Chevrolet, which he left in Texas. Ennis enjoyed the breeze that was caressing his face, and thought about those old times when he and Jack were up on Brokeback Mountain.

As he neared the store he passed a field and running through the grass was a beautiful horse, brown with a black mane. Ennis thought it was a mustang, though it wasn’t very usual to have wild horses around the area. Ennis smiled. He parked the truck in the parking lot and then walked to the store. He picked up a shopping basket and went looking for the items on his list.

“Who’d believe Ennis Del Mar would be grocery shoppin’, lookin’ fer fancy food to cook,” he said laughing. It was true he hadn’t done this often; his grocery shopping involved buying cans of chili and bringing home Burger King. And now here he was planning a nice dinner for him and Jack—he liked the idea; it was something he used to do when they were on Brokeback.

As he walked up and down the corridors he noticed that the cashier lady was smiling at him, the man at the meat counter frowned at him and turned away, the woman at the deli made a noise of disgust as he passed while the man next to her giggled under his breath.

‘What in the name of God is goin’ on here?’ he thought. ‘Why are they lookin’ at me like that? I don’t think I smell, took a bath. Is there a hole in my pants or somethin’, my fly down?’

He mentally checked off the items on his list till he was completely finished; all the food he needed and also some household goods that they’d been running low on. As he stood at check out, paying for his things the woman at the register sighed.

“You’re that fella livin’ on the Twist ranch with Jack Twist right?” The woman giggled and Ennis raised his eyebrows. He looked at the girl’s badge; saw her name was ‘Rose’.

“Yes, Rose. I’m the fella livin’ in that ranch right now.” Ennis’ tone was cold as he counted out the cash to pay.

“You know, I never thought Jack was the kind a’ man to fake his own death! I mean, imagine what he did to be with you! He actually faked his death so his folks wouldn’t know he was leaving his wife and kids for a man!”

The girl’s comment thoroughly pissed Ennis off. It was obvious she didn’t know shit about what she was saying, probably got the word from the latest town gossip. Jack faked his own death, abandoned his wife and kid, and went to live a disgraceful life with a man—it was pure bullshit to his ears.

“’Scuse me, Rose? That’s yer name right?” Ennis said and the girl nodded “I don’t think you should be talkin’ ‘bout things you don’t understand.” He paused “I’m goin’ to try and be as polite as possible considerin’ how angry I am, and tell you to mind yer own business.” He wasn’t willing to explain anything else to that girl.

As he came out of the store he realized everyone was still staring at him. He rolled his eyes and walked back to the Ford, placed his supplies in the bed of the truck. As he got behind the wheel, he muttered to himself, “Jack fuckin’ Twist. Imagine how it would have been if we’d escaped like you wanted to that time.” He chuckled, thinking as he drove back to the ranch. They’d been upgrading everything on Jack’s house because they wanted to be more comfortable, however did they really want to stay in Wyoming? With the type of close-minded people around, Ennis thought it might not have been the best idea. Besides, his daughter was moving to Colorado and it would probably be easier if they moved out as well. But he didn’t actually have that much money saved, only $5,678.65 in a local Childress bank (which was actually the highest savings account he’d had in a while). He got the money after selling his trailer, truck, and one of his old horses, but it actually wasn’t that much. Ennis needed another option, but it didn’t even cross his mind how much money Jack had; nearly $ 250,000.00 saved in the bank and then another $2,000,000.00 from his divorce since the Newsome business was one of the most successful Farm Equipment companies in Texas.

Jack woke staring up at the ceiling, big smile on his face. Finally his life was getting on the right path, and if he’d been having any doubts they were certainly gone. He got up and stripped the bed of its sheets so he could wash them—they were thick with the smell of sweat and semen. He stuffed the sheets in the washing machine and went to the kitchen. He found Ennis’s note.

Jack smiled. “Who’d believe this? Cookin’ fer me again! Feels like when we were herdin’ sheep!” He set the note down when the phone rang.

“Hello, Twist Ranch. This is Jack speakin’, how may I help ya?” Jack wished to say ‘Del Mar and Twist Ranch’ but something told him not to do it.

“Dad? That you? It’s me, Bobby!” His son had to yell since there was a bit of a bad connection.

“Bobby? How are ya son? How’s everythin’ up there!” He asked, happy to hear from this son since he hadn’t talked to him for nearly three weeks. He had no idea what happened to Lureen.

“Not too good, Dad! Listen, we need to talk! I don’t know if you want to know, but I’m gonna tell you anyway! It’s Mom…” Bobby paused trying to find the courage to say it.

“Yer Mom? What happened to Lureen?” Jack had felt worried when he answered the phone, thought something might of happened to Bobby, but he never imagined it would be about Lureen.

“Dad, I don’t know how to explain this…” Bobby took in a deep breath. “It’s my fault! We fought and I pushed her and there was the desk...” Jack had a hard time understanding what Bobby was saying, the connection was still bad and it sounded like he might have been crying.

“Bobby, calm down, please! I can’t understand a word you’re sayin’!” Jack was getting nervous.

“I can’t calm down! My mama, daddy! My mama! And it was my fault! I pushed her!” Bobby yelled into the phone. Jack heard a loud thudding noise and then realized Bobby had dropped the phone.

“Bobby? Bobby! You there? Answer me! Son!” He shouted into the receiver but there was no response. Jack was more nervous than ever, he needed to know what was happening with his family. Jack stayed on the line, and after a couple minutes he heard a rustle as the phone was picked up again and then there was faint breathing. He waited for Bobby to continue.

“Dad, I don’t know how’ta begin… After you and Ennis left, she came home and I confronted her. I asked her why she did all this, and she tried to explain it to me but I didn’t let her! She tried to hug me and I pushed her away and the second time I used more force…and…she hit the desk. You know, the white bureau you bought in Oklahoma? She hit her head…” Jack could barely breath. Lureen had had an accident, and somehow he felt like it was entirely his fault.

“Bobby, calm down, son. Tell me the rest now, slowly.” Jack knew Bobby was nervous and feeling guilty, but he needed to know what had happened.

“Dad I feel bad…mama…she lost her memory….” Bobby told his father all the things that happened after he’d left Laverne’s house that day (leaving out what had happened between him and Laverne). Bobby would pause momentarily while he was re-telling, hearing many colorful swear words from his dad.

“So that’s what happened.” Bobby let out a breath. “Mama’s still at the hospital. They told me she’s recoverin’, but I still have my doubts.”

Jack was silent for a moment. “Son, I don’t know what to say…I feel bad ‘bout what happened to yer mother…” Jack was telling the truth, he did feel bad for what happened to Lureen. Deep down, he still loved her, not as deeply or as truly as he loved Ennis, but love nonetheless. And now hearing she’d had an accident and lost her memory…well, it could be considered some sort of divine justice, but he’d never wished her anything bad…at least not that bad.

“Listen Bobby, you want me to come back to Texas? I can come for support, after all, yer mama and I are still married…” Jack sighed when he realized the truth: he was still married to Lureen, even though he had recently “married” Ennis.

‘So now I’m practicin’ bigamy with two wives…well not two wives, one wife and one husband.’ He tried to find something funny about the whole situation but his thought didn’t make him laugh at all. He looked through the window at his new barn, his new fence, and all the things him and Ennis had being doing on the ranch since they’d arrived.

Bobby heard the sad tone of voice his father had and he knew he was upset. Bobby was a little let down by his father’s reaction, not that he’d wanted him to be happy about it, but Bobby had secretly been hoping that Jack would show some sort of smugness about it all, so that then he could feel okay putting some of the blame on him, taking away some of his own guilt. But hearing his father’s voice and knowing he was really sorry about Lureen only reaffirmed that his father was one of a kind. Lureen had ruined Jack’s life and forced him to live a fake marriage because she couldn’t let him go. She’d almost gotten him killed and yet he was still worried about her. Bobby didn’t understand, but Jack was actually happy all of this happened, if it hadn’t Ennis and him would still be going on fishing trips and suffering through their lives. So in a certain way Lureen did them a favor, she saved them from their lonely lives.

“Dad, yourr place is there with Ennis. You don’t need to come here. Stay there please, I don’t want to be a nuisance!” Bobby was feeling great pain over the whole situation, he really needed his father to be with him, but he knew that Jack’s place was with Ennis Del Mar.

“Besides, Mama says she doesn’t wanna see you,” he lied. “I guess she actually remembers that you two wanted a divorce, so we had her lawyer get the paperwork all arranged and give you your part of the business.” Bobby added, he knew that Lureen wanted to see his dad, but he wasn’t willing to have her suffer, or to have his dad suffer for that matter.

“You sure you don’t need me there?” Jack asked. He knew Bobby was lying, probably trying to protect his mother. He looked out the window again wondering where Ennis was and why he hadn’t come back yet.

“I’m sure, Dad! Stay there, we can all manage fine without ya.” Bobby frowned, pulled the phone away from his mouth so Jack wouldn’t hear the way his breathing had become heavy. He held back the tears that were trying to fall, held back what he really wanted to say. ‘Dad please come, I need ya here to tell me that everythin’ will be ok.’ Bobby took in a deep breath. He needed to show his father that from now on he was going to manage his own life and that he didn’t need him there to save his ass all the time.

“Bobby...I’m worried about yer mom, now. I think it would be best if I did come down, make sure she’s okay.” It was weird, but Jack was feeling guilty, as if he was the one that had pushed Lureen. He’d married her knowing that he didn’t loved her, took her to his bed and made her his wife wishing the whole time that it was Ennis. He lied to her about all those fishing trips, lied to her about his business trips and the times he’d been down to Mexico. Now all those things, all his guilt, was killing him.

‘How could I say she was unfair to me when I was never honest with her to begin with? I’ve been such an asshole! Married her knowin’ I loved Ennis…’ Jack looked out at the cloudless blue sky and felt he knew what to do. He’d wait for Ennis and talk to him, then go back to Childress for a few days.

“You still there, Dad? Dad!” Jack hadn’t said a word for nearly three minutes.

“Oh! Yeah...Sorry! Guess I was just lost in my own thoughts…” Jack paused again momentarily. “Well, I guess I’ll let you go now. You probably need to be visitin’ with yer Mama, right?” Jack kept looking outside. ‘Where in the name of God are ya, Ennis?’

“Right, I should go. Talk to ya soon, Dad” Bobby hung up the phone.

When Jack heard the ‘click’ on the end of the line, he placed the phone back on the wall and walked outside. He took a deep breath and nodded his head. He needed the fresh air to ease his mind, needed to think on something else. He was used to doing things without thinking of the consequences. Jack knew he had the life he’d always wanted now, but the price was extremely high. He was the cause for everything that had happened, the only one that could be blamed. He the one that took Ennis’ hand and placed it on his dick, he was the one that initiated the sex, he was the one that contacted Ennis after four years, he’d always planned their meetings. It had always been him, Jack Twist. He was to blame, or at least that was what he thought.

“It’s my fault…” Jack sat down hard on the log next to the barn, attempted to light his cigarette, but his hands were shaking too badly.

“Damn smoke! You won’t fix anythin’!” He threw the cigarette into the grass. He took in a deep breath, trying to deal with his frustration, his guilt, but it was impossible. So he’d made mistakes, so he’d hurt people, he still deserved a good life, right? All he’d ever wanted was to love and be loved by Ennis. Jack felt a tight pain in his chest, he breathed in deeper.

“Where the hell is Ennis?”

The closest store was about 30 minutes away and Ennis had been gone for at least a couple of hours, there was no excuse for him to be so late. Jack couldn’t do anything about it though, Ennis had taken his truck and that was that. He decided to wait outside, so he could see the truck drive up when he came back.

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The ambulance arrived in less than ten minutes. The paramedics immediately brought out the First Aid kit, started trying to resuscitate the man who’s name they were told was, “Monroe”. After they felt he was stable enough for the ambulance, they pulled out the stretcher, loaded him in and sent him to the Riverton Memorial Hospital. He was conscious, claimed it had been an accident the whole way. Everyone in the neighborhood was surprised by what happened. Did Alma shoot Monroe? Or was it really an accident as the couple had claimed?

Since Jack had called 911 and it was a gunshot wound, the case was referred to the police. Sergeant Owens and Captain Goldberg, who were on patrol near Alma’s house, answered the call.

“Looks like we got a 10-71 on our hands, you up for it, Lisa?”

Sgt. Owens smiled and nodded. “I’m up for it if yer up for it, probably just an accident anyway, no big deal.”

“For a rookie and a woman, you got pretty big balls.”

“Thank you sir, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

When they arrived on the scene, they began taking the necessary notes for the case. Ennis and Jack were told to wait in the living room while Alma was interrogated in the kitchen. Captain Goldberg was more experienced than Sergeant Owens was more experienced that Sergeant Owens who had recently graduated from the academy and only been on the force for five months. About ten minutes later of Captain Goldberg and Sergeant Owens’ arrival the Criminal Science Investigator Allan Gallaway arrived, he was the one dusting for fingerprints to find out if it was indeed Alma who pulled the trigger.

“Please listen to me, it was an accident!” Alma cried to Sergeant Owens. Her tears flowed like streams from her eyes.

“I was talkin’ to Ennis ‘bout how I wanted to get rid of this gun. I have children, and you always hear those stories ‘bout the way kids get into trouble with guns around the house!” It sounded like she was having trouble breathing.

“When I took it out from the drawer, it fell from my hands and...And…I shot Monroe!” Alma’s body was racked with sobs and she buried her face in her hands.

“It was an accident, I swear!”

“Alma? Hush now, Alma?” Sgt. Owens tried to soothe the bawling woman, but she had to be firm because she needed to make sure she understood.

“Mrs. Richardson? Ok, we heard your part of the story, now we just need to corroborate it with Ennis’ and Mr. Twist’s versions.”

Sgt. Owens was weary. Even though she’d known Alma for a little while, something inside her, call it her “police instincts”, were telling her Alma was lying.

While Alma and Sgt. Owens were in the kitchen, Ennis and Jack were sitting the sofa waiting for their turn for the interrogation, but what they were going to say? Should they tell the truth, send Alma to jail? Or should they lie, and keep the woman who had done tomuch damage to them. Did?

“Ennis, What the fuck are we goin’ to do?” Jack whispered.

“Don’t know. Alma was my wife…shit, I just don’t know.” Ennis rubbed his chin. He was more troubled than Jack had ever seen him.

“Ennis you’re gonna forgive her after all of this?”

Ennis tried to ignore the angry look on Jack’s face.

“I know, I know, you’re right, but she’s still Jenny and Junior’s mother” Ennis looked to the floor. He was feeling totally confused—no matter how cruel and judgmental Alma had been with him, she was still his daughters’ mother. This was not a simple decision for him: a part of him wanted to tell the truth, tell the police what had really happened, how Alma was guilty. But there was another part that was telling him to lie—he couldn’t bare thinking about his daughters having to visit their mother in prison.

“Guess ya have a point there.” Jack couldn’t blame Ennis; he knew how hard this was for him.

Their conversation was interrupted then when Alma came out the kitchen followed by Sergeant Owens and Captain Goldberg. She went straight to Ennis and fell into his arms, crying.

“Oh Ennis I’m so scared! They don’t believe it was an accident, I’m sure!”

She whispered into Ennis’ ear, making sure no one else could hear. “Say it was an accident fer yer daughters, please! I regret all the things I did to ya, please don’t let me go to jail!”

Alma released Ennis then walked over to Jack. She hesitantly hugged him. “There. He’s yers now. I’m sorry I ruined yer life, please don’t ruin mine!” Her voice was cool but pleading, barely above a whisper.

“Mrs. Richardson, can you please follow me to the patrol car, we’ll go to the station first.” Captain Goldberg escorted the teary eyed woman outside. She gave Jack and Ennis one final pleading look before she stepped out the door.

Sgt. Owens turned towards the two men standing in front of her. ‘What a shame they’re gay,’ she thought. ‘They’re both so cute.’

“Mr. Del Mar, Mr. Twist I need to get your statements. We can do it down at the station, or if you prefer we can do it now, get it over and done with.”

The two men looked each other. Ennis nodded and Jack placed his hand on Ennis’s knee.

“Ya sure?” Jack asked Ennis and he nodded.

“Ok who’s going first?” Sergeant Owens asked

“I’ll go first!” Ennis entered the kitchen and gave his version of the events. 20 minutes later Jack entered and did the same.

In a Bungalow in Childress, Texas, Jenny Del Mar prepared dinner for Francine and Ennis, her sister’s kids. She was worried about everything up in Wyoming. The idea of her father confronting her mother about his relationship with Jack was something she never thought could happen, but it had happened and there was no way it could be erased. She was worried about her dad, but she was also worried about her mom, because no matter what she did, Alma would always be the woman who’d loved and raised her.

“Almost ready.” She checked to make sure what she was cooking on the stove wasn’t burning.

Jenny was aware of the problem her mother had; she knew Alma suffered from schizophrenia. It was many years ago when she’d first found it out, after Alma miscarriage a baby. Jenny had found her mother talking to the mirror, hugging herself, and chanting “it’s his fault, it’s his fault”. She’s told Monroe what she’d seen, and he’d taken Alma to the doctor. They’d gone to therapy every week after that, like clockwork, but she’d never told her father.

She stood, staring at the roasted chicken she’d just taken out and placed on top of the oven.

“I wish I knew why you did this, mama.”

She went to the living room to check on Ennis and Francine and found them playing quietly, not causing any trouble. She just raised her eyebrows knowing those two little rascals, as she usually called them, were planning their next adventure. She didn’t have a proof of it, though, so she let them play and went back to the kitchen.

“I just hope that you don’t do anythin’ stupid, Dad.” Jenny looked out the window that faced the front drive and saw that the familiar white Chevrolet pulled into the drive. She smiled and ran into the living room.

“Ennis, Francine guess who just got home?”

“Mommy and Daddy?” Their voices rang out in unison.

Jenny didn’t even have time to answer, before the two young children were out the door to greet their parents. Before Alma Jr. was completely out of the car she was tackled by her two kids—one hanging on her neck laughing, one pulling on her pant leg crying.

“Mommy we missed ya lots!” Alma tried to soothe little Ennis’ bawling by rubbing his gold crowned head. Francine jumped from her arms into her fathers so she could stoop down easier.

“Ennis we were only gone for a few days.” Her son’s tears were infectious, though and soon Alma Jr. was crying as well.

“I missed you too! My little darlin’s.” She stooped down and wrapped Ennis in her arms.

“Can’t breathe mommy!” Ennis said then chuckled and added, “me like it!”

“Did’ya bring us anythin’?” Francine gave her dad an innocent smile.

“Francine, we were there for work! We didn’t have time to shop for souvenirs!” Francine’s hopeful face immediately turned pouty.

“But…come to think of it, I may just have a little somethin’ here for ya…hmmm, let me see…” He fished around in his pockets, came up with nothing and then reached behind his little girls ear and “magically” pulled a piece of candy out of thin air.

“Tada!” He held the sweet out to the smiling girl, who was then frantic with kisses and ‘thank you Daddy’s.

Jenny walked out to meet her sister after all the mayhem had settled down. “How did it go?”

“Well” Junior paused, “We weren’t sure at first…but…he got it! Kurt got the job!” Both Jenny and Alma Jr. started jumping up and down as though they were two teenage girls again.

“Great! So does this mean you’ll be moving out then?” Jenny’s tone turned suddenly sad.

Junior smiled, squeezed her baby sister’s shoulder. “Yeah, but we’ll keep in touch! I don’t want us to end up like Daddy and Uncle KE, siblings should stick together no matter what.”

Jenny wrapped her arms around Alma Jr., trapping her in a big hug and then whispered. “You promise?”

“I promise!” Junior whispered back, then kissed Jenny’s cheek.

“So, where’s Ennis?” Kurt saw no sign of the weathered cowboy, and was beginning to wonder why he hadn’t come out to greet them also.

“Well, um, about that. There’s, um, something I need to tell you…Daddy and Jack…went to…” It was so unbelievable she found the words hard to say.

Junior frowned, figuring out what her sister was trying to say, but hoping she was wrong. “Do you mean, they went to go see Mama?”

Jenny nodded, Junior sighed. She sent a silent prayer up to heaven that nothing bad would happen, not realizing the situation that had just gone down.

“Alma, don’t worry ‘bout them. They’re grown men, and God knows your Dad can handle himself. Nothing bad will happen, you’ll see.”

Kurt smiled and kissed his wife. Both they’re kids responded with immediate, ‘yucks’.

“Dr. Jenkins do ya think she’s gonna make it?”

The doctor was looking over some of the patient’s vital signs on his clipboard, trying not to let the young blue-eyed man’s pleas bother him.

“Well, it depends on the way she does tonight. You know how severe the contusion was. She may stay in this coma for a few days or for the rest of her life.”

Dr. Jenkins looked up from his clipboard when he didn’t hear a response and saw that tears were making their way down the young man’s face.

“Robert, now listen to me. You can’t blame yourself for something that wasn’t your fault!” Dr. Jenkins put his arm around the boy’s shoulder, a poor excuse for comfort, but all he could do.

“But it is my fault! I should’ve listened to her instead of makin’ me deaf to her cryin’” Bobby cried

“Shhh…hush now. There’s nothin’ you can do about that right now. Your just gonna have to be strong for your mom, now.” Dr. Jenkins grabbed the young man by the shoulders and looked him in the eye, made sure he understood him.

“You can either stand here cryin’, or you can be strong by her side. It’s your choice.” He added.

Bobby took a deep breath and looked down. He understood what Dr. Jenkins was saying and the truth hit him hard. The old Robert Twist wouldn’t be standing around crying like a girl, feeling bad for himself while his mother laid helpless in her hotel bed. That was the old Robert Twist, though. He was different now, different because he was weighed down and thick with guilt about what had happened. He tried to listen to Dr. Jenkins’ words that it was just an accident, that it wasn’t his fault, but some how it just didn’t make him feel any better.

“Oh my gawd! Bobby I came as fas’ as I could!” A pretty young blonde came running in through the doors and into Bobby’s arms.

“Laverne? What’re ya’ doin’ here?” He was surprised to see her, but held her to his chest, desperate for some comfort.

“Supportin’ you! Why else would I be here? I couldn’t just leave ya here alone!”

“But....” Laverne placed her fingers on his lips, shushing him.

“Bobby ya’ don’t hafta go through this alone. Not as long as I’m here!” Laverne smiled up at him, and Bobby found himself temporarily lost in her green eyes.

“Besides you’re just worried I’m upset by what happened at my house.” She added coyly.

Bobby nodded. “Kinda. I never realized that my daddy and Ennis would appear at the party.” Laverne was silent. She pulled away from Bobby, looked him in the eyes earnestly.

“So you’ve known about them?” Bobby nodded. She gave him an angry look, but then it evaporated and she smiled.

“Probably didn’t think I was goin’ to take it that easy, right? Heck, I’m a little surprised myself.” She paused and looked down. “But, well, he is yer dad and if I want to be with you mebbe I should accept yer family too.” Laverne smiled again and winked at Bobby.

“Now, why haven’t I ever seen the beautiful girl ya are, before?” Bobby caressed Laverne’s cheek.

“Oh that’s easy! I’ve just never managed to shut myself up!” she chuckled making Bobby chuckle as well.

“Thanks, I needed a laugh” Bobby said and he looked to his mother’s bed.

“Don’t worry! I got plenty a’ good one liners just waitin’ ta be told!”

The two of them chuckled again and then looked out the window in the small hospital room. The dry Texas landscape stretched to the horizon, as far as the eye could see, and yet, it still wasn’t as beautiful as Wyoming. Though anyone born in the Texas panhandle surely loved the beauty of their native land.

Bobby was nervous as hell. He felt like a kid, sweating and mumbling. He wanted to reach out and grab Laverne’s hand but he didn’t know how to do it. He knew what he wanted, but wasn’t sure about Laverne, though she was certainly friendly enough with him. He thought about how his parents had met; it was Lureen, his mom, that had approached his dad. Jack always told him that if he ever liked a girl he should have the courage to approach to her. Bobby sighed. At that moment history was repeating itself. Laverne was the one that had come to him and now he was afraid of going any further.

He took a deep breath and then interlaced his left hand with Laverne’s. She looked up at him, whispered his name. He just smiled. He liked this girl, he wasn’t in love with her, but simply “liking her” could be the beginning of something good. For a few brief moments, he forgot he was at the hospital; there was only Bobby and Laverne. His brain stopped working and instincts took over. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and then brought his lips to hers, knowing that was what they’d both wanted for so long.

Bobby was surprised he never thought that he would have the courage for kissing her, however, his other side was ashamed because he thought he’d misinterpreted her feelings. He stepped back and rubbed his face where her hand had left a welt. He’d wanted to kiss her and she’d kissed him back, and now he didn’t know what the hell was going on.

“You men need to learn to read between the lines!” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly.

While both of them were kissing, caught up in their own little world, Lureen, who’d been in a coma, opened her eyes. She looked around the large white room, confused by her surroundings, then noticed that she was in bed attached to cables. There was a sharp pain in the back of her head to boot.

“Where am I?” She looked to the kissing couple for an answer.

“Mom?” Bobby pulled away from Laverne in surprise. He realized that it really hadn’t been his imagination and took a step towards Lureen’s bed.
“Mom, oh my God!” Suddenly all the emptiness he’d been feeling turned to utter joy—his mother had woken from her coma. He ran to her bed and gently grabbed her by the shoulders, not wanting to hurt her. He gave her a smile as tears ran down his face.

“I’m so happy yer awake!” He took her hands in his but, to his shock, Lureen snatched her hands away. Her face was pale and she was looking very scared and nervous. She looked into Bobby’s blue eyes and found something familiar in them.

“Do I know ya?” Lureen asked, voice soft.

“Mom, ya don’t recognize me? It’s Bobby! Yer son!” The idea of his mother not knowing who he was made a sharp pain shoot through his heart.

“My son? I have a son?” She tried to remember but thinking too hard just made her head pound.

“My head hurts.” Lureen closed her eyes and let her head fall into her hands.

“Mom! Mom!” He didn’t want to lose her again. “You’ve got a son. I’m yer son Robert J. Twist Newsome and Yer name’s Lureen Newsome! You and daddy got a business together, a Farm Equipment business!”

He was trying to give her as much information as he could, forgetting that he’d learned in school that amnesic patients had to remember things by themselves. His mother stared at him blankly.

“Yer daddy?” Lureen whispered the words. It seemed like something was coming back to her but it wasn’t a pleasant thought.

“Yer husband and mine are havin’ an affair! They’ve been seein’ each other since 1967. You know all them huntin’ and fishin’ trips they go on together? Well, no one ever caught any fish or any elk, they only said that to hide the fact they go and have se...se...x, go and do nasty things to each other”

“My husband ain’t no queer! It can’t be! He’s with me; we do things together! We...”

“Well during these past few years I’ve been doin’ some investigatin’. You know how they’re always sendin’ each other postcard? And did you also know that when someone dies the post office returns a postcard to the sender with deceased stamped on it if their families don’t want the mail? See what I’m getting’ at?”

As those phrases ran through her mind, she felt a deep guilt but she couldn’t figure out why.

“Yes Mrs. Twist! Yer husband’s name’s Jack Twist.” When Laverne said his name, Lureen’s eyes went wide and her breathing started coming in hitches and tears began to fall stream down her cheeks.

“Jack! Oh Jack, I’m so sorry!” Lureen’s chest felt tight with sadness, and she her body was wracked with sobs. She didn’t know what she’d done to him, but she knew that she’d caused much pain and suffering.

The next week Lureen was subject to a series of different tests that were trying to determine the severity of her amnesia and how long it would take her to get her memory back. Dr. Jenkins, who had a big admiration, Robert Twist was one his best students in his Medicine for Bobby, contacted a specialist named Dr. Gyllenger to check out Lureen’s case. After faxing all the analysis papers to his office in New York, Dr. Jenkins called to get his opinion.
“Well due to the trauma she suffered, her amnesia shouldn’t be that severe. Besides the analysis shows the injuries are healing quickly thanks to her treatment” Dr. Jenkins listened to his colleague’s distant voice.

“I understand that Jake, but I need to know how much time you think she’ll need.”

“You know as much as I that these things can’t be rushed! I can’t say for sure of course, but my estimation would be at the most two months” Gyllenger said.

“Thanks Jake. I appreciate your help!”

“Not a Problem Frank. Now I hope you’ll excuse me, I’m expected home in thirty mintues.”

“Understandable. Talk to you soon I hope.”

Both doctors hung up the phone. Dr. Jenkins smiled. It may have not been a definite answer, but it was better than nothing, and now at least Bobby would have some hope about his mother’s situation. He left his office and walked towards Lureen’s room. He was going to talk to Bobby and inform him that the odds were good his mother would regain her memory soon.

“Thanks for stayin’ with me Bobby.” Lureen’s son stayed with her in the hospital all the time—he ate breakfast and supper in the cafeteria but he slept by her side in a chair every night.

“Ya don’t hafta thank me for anythin’! You’re my momma and I luv ya. I wanna take care of ya’!” Bobby smiled softly down at the woman lying in the hospital bed. All the anger he’d felt when he’d found out what his mother did to his dad was gone. He loved his mother and no matter what she did, she would always be the one that gave birth to him.

“I’m sorry fer what I did to yer Daddy.” Tears welled in Lureen’s eyes. She could nearly remember something terrible between her and her husband and Ennis and Alma. She remembered what she did but the whole story was still a little fuzzy. The troubled memory never left her alone for very long, though.

“Momma, don’t worry. Everthin’s all right now. And I can guarantee ya that daddy’s forgiven ya already!” Bobby wrapped his mother into a tight bear hug, desperate to comfort her.

“I can remember parts of what happened with yer daddy… and, and…it won’t leave me alone.” Hot tears streamed down her cheeks. “I feel so bad, the guilt’s like a weight on my chest…I can’t…Jesus…”

Bobby wiped away his mother’s tears and hugged her tighter.

“Momma don’t think on it too much. Your jest torturin’ yourself thinkin’ on the things ya’ did when ya were blind with yer hate! Please, just forget about it…”

“I’ll try Bobby! I promise I’ll try!” She pulled away and Bobby handed her some Kleenex to wipe her face and nose with. He stood and walked over to the window.

Bobby was worried about Lureen. She’d changed a lot since the accident; she’d gotten more emotional and was becoming a warmer person. He wasn’t complaining about that, but she wasn’t the same woman that had raised him, and it troubled him. What worried him the most was that he was starting to like this version better than the old.

Dr. Jenkins entered the room and interrupted Bobby’s thoughts.

“Bobby can I talk with you for a second?”


Bobby followed the doctor he’d come to admire outside. Jenkins told him everything Dr. Gyllenger had told him. At first Bobby was blinded with happiness, but then he was worried again, upset that his mother would have to face her memories completely, and that he might lose this new version of his mom. But he loved her no matter what, and he’d be there to support her through the hard times to come.

“Are you ok Bobby?” Dr. Jenkins asked. He was concerned by the expression on Bobby’s face.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Bobby paused. “It’s just that I was thinkin’ on somethin’”

Bobby thought it was a good idea to avoid the truth of the situation; in fact the only people that knew what was really happening were the Malones and his Mexican maid, Maria. But he didn’t know if he could trust the man he’d come to think of as his mentor. Bobby knew that Dr. Jenkins’ religious beliefs considered homosexuality an abomination and he wasn’t sure how religious he was, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and not tell him anything.

“Bobby is there something you ain’t telling me?” Dr. Jenkins asked.

“No, I told ya’ everythin’! I wish I could tell ya’ more but I can’t.” Bobby lied. He’d started feeling bad about all the people he’d lied to about the true nature of Lureen’s accident.

While Dr. Jenkins and Bobby were talking, Lureen was looking at a family album Bobby had brought her. Inside she found a lot of pictures that were taken when she used to be a barrel racer. She smiled at all of the faded pictures of the young girl she had once been—she looked fabulous and above all happy (now she hardly knew how she was feeling). There was one picture of her in an expensive looking red riding outfit and a matching red hat standing next to a man in a blue jean shirt and an old black hat—she noticed he had his arm around her. The man in the picture looked almost exactly like Bobby and she suddenly realized that this was Jack, her husband. In the past few days she’d gotten several flash backs, several recurring memories, but Jack hadn’t ever had a face.

Now she was starring at him and she began to realize why she’d fallen for him years before. He was extremely handsome and his blue eyes were spellbinding, keeping her from tearing her gaze away. Lureen smiled when she understood that at one time she’d loved this man, and she also knew she’d probably looked at that picture many times before—the na?ve girl playing wife she’d been. This time was different, though, this time she was looking at the picture like a stranger would, and she saw something different about his eyes—some deep sadness well masked with his broad smile, like he was incomplete. She now could see that though she looked happy and in love in the picture, Jack’s expression couldn’t have been more different. He looked like he was condemning himself to make a life with her.

Suddenly she had a flash back, a sudden regained memory of all the times she’d looked at that picture and shown it to her friends saying, “It’s wonderful cuz we look so in love.” She felt her chest tighten and tears slid down her cheeks because now she understood that it had all been a lie, they’d never been in love. Lureen flipped the page over and found a picture of herself, Jack, and Bobby when he probably was 7 months. They were smiling like a young couple with a new baby should, but now she saw the dark sadness that lurked just beyond those blue eyes. She turned a few more pages and found a picture of Bobby when he was 9 months. Now Jack’s eyes were different, not the same sad wells of blue like they had been before, but genuinely happy, like he’d found what he was missing. Then she found another picture of him looking at a postcard.

“Honey what’re ya lookin’ at? Did ya get somethin’ in the mail?” She walked into the living room, Bobby (still a toddler) hanging from her hip.
“Yeah, got a postcard from Ennis. Confirmin’ will be huntin’ this September” he answered.

“So soon? You just went fishin’ a month ago! And now you’re tellin’ me that in three months you’ll be headin’ off again?” She set Bobby down, who immediately started crying.

“Well,” Jack paused, scratched his head. “Huntin’ season starts in September! I can’t miss an opportunity to get me a Big Elk!” Jack smiled.

Lureen frowned, picked Bobby up again, to ease his tears. “As long as you promise that you’ll take me n’ Bobby on a trip sometime.”

“It’s a deal.”

With that memory, came the memory of what she’d planned with Alma, and her silent tears turned to sobs. Her guilt was eating her alive, and she couldn’t take it.

“Mrs. Twist, you ok?” Laverne asked tentatively as she entered the room with a box of chocolates

“My mom sent you this box of Cadbury’s. I told her it wasn’t necessary but she insisted!” Laverne said turning red from embarrassment because of catching Lureen at a weak moment.

Lureen wiped her eyes, calmed her aching heart. “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m fine. Tell your mama, I appreciate the gesture!” Lureen opened the box and started eating the sticky chocolates, more to be decent than from actual hunger.

Laverne sat down in a chair near Lureen’s bed. “Oh Mrs. Twist, I’m really happy you’re recovering so fast! I’m sure you’ll be back in business in no time!” she smiled.

“Working again would be nice.” She took another bite of a chocolate. “Thank’s for your concern again, honey…damn, you know, these are pretty good chocolates.”

“Seems like the old Mrs. Twist is comin’ back!” Laverne said and then both of them erupted in laughter.

“What’s so funny? Should I be laughin’ too?” Bobby entered the room looking perplexed as to why the two were laughing together.

“Nope! It was a joke for girls only!” Lureen said with a wide grin on her face.

A week before…

After talking with the police officer, Ennis and Jack went back to Lightning Flat to visit the graves of Jack’s parents. Ennis knew how important this was for Jack, so he didn’t try to discourage him. Jack had told hundreds of stories about the things his dad had done to him, how he abused him verbally and physically—he still had a couple of the scars to prove it. Of course Jack resented his dad, but mostly he was insecure about their relationship, he had no way of knowing if he’d ever loved him. Hesitantly, Ennis told Jack about his last talk with Twist Sr. and Jack felt like he’d been punched in the gut when he heard his father refused to let Ennis spread his ashes on Brokeback—felt like he wanted to spit on the old man’s grave when he saw it, but there was a deeper, more complex emotion below his anger. John C. Twist had wanted Jack to be next to him in the family plot… maybe that was all the love the man could give to his son, a place to lie cold and dead.

They drove one more time down that lonely road that took them to the Twist family plot, to his parent’s graves. When they pulled into the cemetery and got out the truck, Jack was pale and shaking. He hadn’t been to the family plot in a while and he was starting to feel a little guilty. He hadn’t been there when his uncle Harold died of Lung Cancer or when his Aunt Marie died of pneumonia--all his family members were dead; there were no more Twists alive except for Jack and Bobby. They continued walking through the headstones, when finally he saw a stone with the name John C. Twist etched carefully on the front. He walked closer to it and then saw his mother’s grave next to it. Jack was suddenly overcome with grief. His parents had died thinking that his son was killed for being a ‘queer’. Jack knelt by his daddy’s grave and read, ‘Here rests John C. Twist, a man that worked hard for his earnings, the best bull rider in Wyoming, a loving husband, and a proud Father’. Those last words ‘proud father’ were the ones that hit him like a shot to the heart. His father had been proud of him…how could this be? All the years of disapproval, of mean actions, and meaner words…proud? Jack thought about all the times he’d told his daddy how one day he was going to bring Ennis Del Mar to the ranch and how his father had never said ‘no’, only, ‘As long as he can do some ard work…’ Could it be that somehow Twist Sr. had been all right with Jack’s lifestyle? It was too late now to ever know. Jack felt tears start to well in his eyes and then there was a warm hand on his back, giving him support and comfort.

“Ennis, I get it now…” Jack’s voice was low, but Ennis still heard him.

“You do?”

Jack stood and turned, faced the man he loved.

“You lied for Alma cuz a’ Jenny and Junior. You didn’t want them to visit their mama in jail…” Jack reached out a hand and ran his fingers through Ennis’ hair.

Ennis looked down. “You know me too well, Twist. Yep, it was for them…only for them.” He paused, embarrassed by this deep admission. “You feelin’ better now?”

“Yeah.” Jack took a deep breath. “I think my Daddy loved me…he just wanted the best fer me. What he didn’t realize was that the best thing for me was you.” Jack pressed his lips to Ennis’, felt warm when arms encircled his body. Ennis parted the kiss after a second.

“Jesus, we should go! We can’t kiss in a graveyard! Seems sacrilegious…” Ennis chuckled

“Since when you been so concerned ‘bout religion, cowboy?” Jack smiled softly, then grabbed Ennis’ hand and walked back to the car.

They returned to Jack’s ranch later that afternoon. Ennis went straight to the kitchen and started dinner, while Jack set the table. Ennis made some Idaho spuds (the kind that comes in a box), Better Most Beans, which he found in one of the cabinets—the smell brought old memories of the mountains sailing back to him—and some chicken that they bought at the store on their way home. He made a simple chicken dish, pan-fried, like Alma used to make when she was too tired from working to make much else.

Jack walked into the kitchen when he was done setting the table, settled in real close, and wrapped his arms around his man.

“Damn that food smells good! Can’t believe my Ennis can make such savory gourmet cuisine! This is Fuckin’-amazin’!” Jack said laughing.

“Just fer that you’re not gettin’ any a’ this fine cookin’… that is unless ya convince me…” Ennis smirked and then Jack’s hands were sliding down the front of his stomach, unbuckling his jeans and rubbing his groin through his pants.

Ennis took in a sharp breath then turned around, stalling Jack’s hands. “Easy cowboy! We need some fuel first! Then, well, then who knows…” Ennis said winking on his last statement.

“Oh, that so? Well I guess as long as there’s a little dessert waitin’, then I may be able to eat patiently. They laughed then went to the table and started eating. They ate quickly, not necessarily rushed, but not leisurely either—each too excited about getting to dessert. Once they were done Jack, who couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed Ennis’ hand and pulled him to his side, knocking the table and causing all the dishes to fall to the floor.

“Easy Jack! Jesus! You’re causin’ a mess!” Ennis’s voice was rough, but he was smiling—a little motivated by Jack’s rash behavior.

“I don’t care ‘bout the fuckin’ mess. I just want me some a’ this sweet stuff here…” Jack immediately started kissing Ennis, pressing him against the table, rubbing his body up against his.

The next morning Jack woke up to watch the sunrise—the ring he was going to give Ennis safe in his pockt. He ran into their room, jumped on the bed and woke Ennis up, shaking him playfully by the shoulder.

“Ennis wake up! I wanna show ya somethin’” Ennis pulled away.

“Let me sleep! I’m drained from all the fuckin’ we did last night.”

“What? Is that your lame ass excuse? Ok, fine then! Sleep to your hearts desire. I’ll go outside and wring it out by myself!” Jack walked towards the door, but Ennis jumped out of bed the minute Jack’s comment reached his ears.

“Damnit, I just can’t say no to ya!” Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack and kissed his neck gently. “Good mornin’ little darlin’!”

Jack smiled at Ennis’ response and then grabbed his hand. “Follow me, come on!”

Jack led Ennis out to their already saddled horses and they rode out to a hill on the edge of the Twist property. They could see the entire ranch from the hill, the plains and the distant mountains, and the river that ran across the west end of the property. Ennis looked around, his eyes stopping at a tree where the initials, ‘E.D. and J.T 4 ever’ had been carved. Ennis smiled. He knew who’d done that and he knew what it meant.

“What you wanna do here?” Ennis asked, truly curious.

Jack turned to Ennis, eyes shining. “I want you to be with me, that’s all.” He looked down, sorting his thoughts, then met his eyes once again.

“Ennis, I love ya so much, I can hardly stand it sometimes. That’s why I, John Charles Twist, am makin’ a vow of love. A vow of companionship, of fidelity in all the ways a man can be. Ennis Del Mar, I want ya to be with me fer the rest of my life no matter what happens. I’ll be by yer side till I’m dead, and hell even after that! By the way, I’m hopin’ that won’t be fer a while…” They both chuckled, but then Jack got serious and continued. “With this ring I give myself to you as a partner, a lover…a husband…”

Jack had a hard time finishing the little speech he’d been practicing. He was nervous and emotional—this was all he’d wanted for twenty years. He fished the ring from his pocket and grabbed Ennis’ hand—placed his ring on Ennis’ finger. Ennis’ eyes were teary and he was completely unable to speak. He hadn’t been expecting anything like this, just figured Jack wanted an outdoor fuck, but this was so much better. The sun rose, it’s bright rays foretelling their wonderful future together. Jack squeezed his hand.

“All right, Ennis! I said my vows, not it’s yer turn.”

Ennis froze, tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. He swallowed hard.

“Uh, okay…it’s just, I was so surprised by this! I dunno what to say!” Ennis said rubbing his head.

“Just say what’ya feel right now!” Jack looked at him hopefully.

Ennis sighed. “Jack Fuckin’ Twist, why you always doin’ this to me?” He laughed.

“Okay, here goes… When I first met you, when we was up on Brokeback, I was scared, more n’ anythin’…scared cuz you made me feel different than anyone else ever had…you listened to me and laughed when I said something funny…treated me like you cared that I was alive…I never forgot that, never forgot how you were a friend to me. I know I did a lot a’ stupid things, made a lot a’ mistakes…and I never realized how of a hold you got on me till I thought you were dead…you can’t know what kinda bad time I went through, hell…I don’t even want you to know…” Ennis stopped for a minute, like the words had gotten caught in his throat. “Jack you’re the only person I’ve ever really loved…and I just want ya with me forever. I promise to take care a’ ya, and be with ya through good times and bad, though God knows we already had our share a bad. I promise to love ya and be yer companion, and with this ring I give ya my heart, which ya already had, but I guess it’s bought time I said it, right? Any way, so there, I made a vow of love to ya, and now here I am, your husband.” Ennis placed the ring on Jack’s hand and noticed Jack was crying and smiling at the same time.

“Jesus Ennis, I think that’s more words then you’ve ever said!” Jack chuckled. The sun continued to rise and they came together, wrapping their arms around each other, locking their lips. The sun’s rays touched them—nature’s acceptance, all they might ever get, but all they would ever need.

“Damn, that was amazin’. Feel so close to ya right now…” The cool grass soothed Ennis’ naked body, the feel of Jack on top of him brought him near the brink of sleep.

“I’ve always been close to ya.” Jack kissed Ennis’s chin. “That’s why I wanted to marry ya, wanted to have some sort of symbolic ceremony, since we can’t ever have a real one.”

“So it was because ya wanted our sex to be legal, huh.” Ennis replied and Jack laughed, Ennis hugged Jack tighter to his chest, the sun now bright in the sky.

“This is like a dream!” Ennis whispered.

“A dream that came true!” Jack replied.

“Yeah, but this time it’s stayin’ like this!” Ennis kissed Jack, ran his hands down his back to cup his ass.

“Let’s have our honeymoon again!” they both said and started laughing.

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“And ya’ know what this man over there is the love of my life and I don’t care if ya’ think I’m queer or not!” he said and he grabbed Ennis and kissed him in front off a speechless Lureen. “Let’s get out o’ here” Jack said. Ennis and him left the house, went back to their car and left Lureen on the floor crying, she was destroyed and ashamed, soon all Childress would know that her husband cheated on her…with another man. She grabbed her purse, ran to her car, to her house. She had to let Alma know what was happening, that there was fire over the ranch and that they were together, their love was a force of nature that was unstoppable.

Ennis was driving, Jack seating next to him. They drove for almost two hours. Jack was happy and really proud of Ennis because he admitted his feelings in front of all of them, but Ennis was quiet and looking at the road, and if anyone could see him they would think he was horrified. He was sweating cold and he was really pale, unable to believe what he just did, telling his boss that he was in love with a man and that they were lovers. He admitted to the world that he was a queer.

They were on the main road when Ennis stepped his feet on the break and he hit the rudder “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ennis said while he hit the rudder.

“En..What ya’re doin’? What happened?” Jack asked worried at Ennis’s attitude.

“What’ve we done Jack? What we did?” he said burying his face on his hands, Jack placed his left hand on Ennis’s arm and tried to talk but he could not find the right words.

“Well, Me thinks we confronted Lureen?” he was grinning a little but was not really sure if that was what he should have done.

“Cut it out Jack! This is no game! Ya shouldn’t be smilin’!” Ennis answered angrily and looking at Jack.

“What? Ennis! What fuck is going on with you? It was yer idea! Ya’ convinced me to go there! I thought ya’ wanted to do that!” Jack said raising his voice to Ennis.

“I know! But Jack I didn’t think that it would happened I gesh’ I thought ya’ would convinced me to not do it!” Ennis said rubbing his nape with his hands.

“I’m not sure if it was a good idea! Now Randall, Lashawn and Laverne know ‘bout us!” He added.

“Wait a minute! That is the fuckin’ problem! Ennis Del Mar is scared because his boss knows he screws with me!” he said yelling.

“That is not the problem Jack! The problem is that they can tell other people and they will tell other people!” Ennis said moving his arms around.

“That is the problem? Ya’re scared that other people know this? Fuck! Ennis what happened with what ya’ told me in Brokeback? What ya’ told me at our place?” Jack said he notices a little grin on Ennis face when he made a reference his folks’ house as ‘their place’ but Jack was still upset, he felt that Ennis was once again backing out and he was not willing to go back to being “fishin’ buddies” again. He wanted Ennis all to himself and he was not going to have him just for a couple of high altitude fucks once a twice a year. He wanted a 24/7 Ennis so this was not open for discussion in his mind.

“Jack! Please listen…I know what I said but … I’m scared!” Ennis said “Don’t wanna get us killed! Doin’ this in a wrong place can get us…” Jack interrupted him.

“Get us killed? Ennis please don’t start with this bullshit again I’m tired of this ‘I don’t want you to be dead’ speech! We can defend ourselves… besides we are no longer in 1967! Christ, Ennis we are in 1990, things are different now! People fight for their rights! We deserve our happiness we’re not doin’ anything wrong! We just love each other and that is what we should care about!” Jack said looking at Ennis, but looked at the road when he said ‘we just love each other’ he just added “Damn you Ennis!”

Ennis was looking at Jack, he knew he’d hurt him, but what could he do now? It was not his fault, he was just scared, he knew he loved Jack but it was just that, because he loved him he didn’t want to loose him, could not stand to loose him again. And telling his boss about their relationship frightened him, they could tell the whole world about them and they could hunt…That’s all he could think about…but then looking at Jack his blue eyes that were fighting tears, he thought that maybe all of what they have done so far was maybe worth it, he didn’t want to loose Jack again. He grabbed Jack’s left hand and laced their fingers together. He looked at Jack and smiled, but Jack just looked away.

“Jack?” he said in a low voice, trying to sound regretful.

“What?” Jack answered taking his hand from Ennis.

“I’m sorry!” Ennis mumbled trying to fight for the words to come out from his mouth but they were not getting out easily.

“What’?” Jack asked knowing that he heard Ennis apologizing.

“I’m sorry Jack! I think that I let my fears control me but I can’t stand having to spend a minute without ya’ and if I have to kill the whole world for that I’ll do it” Ennis said looking at Jack who at that point left the car, Ennis followed him out.

“Ennis what ya’ want from me? Ya’re expectin’ me to be a saint and forgive ya’ every time ya’ get scared and hurt my feelings? Fuck! It ain’t fair Ennis! How come ya’ have to be the one that is always scared? Ya’ don’t think I’m scared too? I am Ennis! But I just don’t let me drive by them! I want you and I don’t care what everybody else thinks!” Jack said while he leaned on the car’s door.

“Jack I know but…” Ennis said and he leaned next to Jack looking at the sky, Jack took from his coat a cigarette and lighted it up and started smoking.

“Ya’ know friend, I’m wonderin’ when ya’re goin’ to realize that my feelin’ for ya’ is stronger than any other fear?” Jack said looking at Ennis who looked at him.

“I gesh’ that I already know that Jack” Ennis replied trying to get closer to Jack.

“Weird way of showin’ Ennis….weird way!” Jack replied during this whole mess he never thought about the possible problems they would face. As long as Ennis was with him he was ok and he thought that Ennis had realized it too, but Ennis was still afraid.

“Jack I swear that I’m sorry! I told ya’ me was not thinkin’ sometimes still difficult to me to accept that…” he was trying to say but Jack interrupted him.

“That ya’re a queer?” Jack replied in an angry tone.

“That I love ya’ rodeo! I don’t care being called queer I mean yes I care but if ya’re with me I’m able to stand it!” he said as he caressed Jack’s cheek, Jack just looked at him and rolled his eyes “Come ‘ere” was all he said and he gave Ennis a hug. As he felt Ennis’ warm body next to him, he started thinking about all the things Ennis’ had gone through since he was a kid and his dad showing him Earl’s dead body, the day they saw themselves on that graveyard. He understood that it was not easy for Ennis to let this happen so easy, because how would he have done if he had been raised thinking that this was wrong? How could you think you are right when everybody else thinks you are nasty? How could this be good if you loose too many things in exchange of this? Jack knew that Ennis loved him but he was always the one that faced the ‘Real World’ he was the one that got divorced, he was the one that paid child support for almost 20 years, he was the one people used to watch (they looked at Jack too, but he didn’t care) and then he always returned to him. So how Jack could be angry with Ennis after all he had.

“Damn you Ennis! Look at what we have now it is real, not an illusion! I’m real, you are real our feelings are real! We don’t have Brokeback Mountain anymore because we have us right now” Jack said as he hugged Ennis.

“Whatcha’re sayin’?” Ennis asked unable to look Jack and ashamed of himself.

“That we are no longer living upon Brokeback illusions! This is no longer a one shot thing! And ‘this thing’ as used to call have a name and it is Love! Brokeback is our illusion our paradise all what we did there was because we were under Brokeback’s spell! When we faced the real world we both doubted it was going to continue...well ya’ did me was sure of what me was feelin’ for ya’ and now what we have here is this feelings we share and the live we want to live!” Jack said to Ennis barely containing his tears. Ennis looked at him, all what Jack felt was true; he thought he was the only one that felt that but Jack felt it too. He seized Jack’s face and placed his lips onto Jack’s lips and kissed him slowly.

“What’s that for?” Jack asked

“For bein’ here with me” Ennis answered and he gave Jack another kiss.

“Beside I don’t need excuses to kiss y’a” He added and he saw a grin in Jack and that comfort him.

“Well Ennis it is good we stopped here...Because, we have to pick yer stuff at yer house!” Jack said.

“Oh ya’re right! I still have my things in the house I rent!” Ennis said

“Well let’s go there ya’re gonna pack because we’re going to Lightning Flat!” Jack added.

“Sir Jack sir!” Ennis said trying to make a joke, but Jack just rolled his eyes.

“Ennis ...no more military jokes!” Jack said “Now let’s go to yer house! We haven’t ...ya know “ with an evil smile “ there...yet” he added.

Lureen hurried to get to her house, she had to call Alma and tell her everything, she was frantic. She didn’t understand how Ennis and Jack got together and what they were going to do. She couldn’t contain her tears, she was going to lose everything, including half of her money and properties, but it was that or jail as Jack said they committed a crime and they could go to jail. She was also worried about her image and how the Newsome name would face a scandal! Her husband left her for another man and he claims she tried to kill them. Lureen tried to calm down and avoided being seen anyone.

When she arrived at her house, she could not open the door she was shaking so much, even dropped the keys on the floor four times, she managed to get in, looked for her phone but was unable to find it.

“Maria! Where is the damn phone?” she yelled to her Mexican maid.

“It is next to the television on the living room!” the maid yelled with her normal accent.

Lureen just looked for a bottle of whiskey and started drinking then looked for the phone “Where it is? Where it is?” she told herself twice looking for it. By the time she found it she was already half drunk and half scared, yet she managed to call Alma and when Alma answered the phone it all began…or ended.

“ Alma! We are in trouble! They found’ve out! They know it all now! They are together! We are in trouble!” she yelled at Alma…Lureen was hysterical.

“Hold on, Lureen! What ya’re talkin’ about? Who knows what?” Alma asked, but Lureen was just screeching, and yelling, unable to control herself.

“Lureen, please, calm down! I don’t know what ya’re talkin’ about!” Alma yelled down the phone. Lureen, who managed to stop crying, took a deep breath and said.

“Alma, Jack and Ennis were here! Somehow they found out the truth and came here... It was horrible, Jack, yelling at me…” Lureen was on the verge of tears again, and she stood frozen. She had never expected this to happen.

“But...How...When?” she asked, trying to pull from her mouth a whole sentence, but no words coming.

“How the Hell should I know?” Lureen yelled back. “I just know that all the things we did are now the things that can get us into jail!” she said, scared, and Alma heard that Lureen’s phone fall down and she was trying to find the phone, swearing.

“Damn ya’, Alma! This was your idea, if I go to jail, ya’ll come with me!” Lureen kept saying.

At the other hand of the line, Alma was not paying attention to any of the things Lureen was saying. As clear as if they were in front of her, Alma saw Ennis and Jack sharing one of those disgusting moments, hugging, kissing, and doing it to each other. She squeezed the phone angrily and threw a vase against the wall.

“Noooo! This can’t be, the plan was perfect!” she yelled, while throwing anything she could get her hands on against the wall. Her family heard all that noise, rushed to her room and saw her hands covered in blood. Her eyes full of frustration anger and hatred. She was breathing heavily.

“Now, bitch, ya’re gonna listen to me; if ya’ open that mouth of yours, ya’ll not see the next day,” she yelled as she hang up the phone to Lureen who was breathing fast and tried to calm herself down.

“She just threatened me! Alma threatened me! She is goin’ to kill me!” Lureen cried, walking from left to right until she looked back and saw Bobby, her son, looking at her. He was crying shaking his head ‘He hates me’ she thought and she was right her son was hating his mother for what she have done to his daddy.

“Why?” Bobby said looking at her. She could see the hate in his eyes...burning her body “Why?” he asked once more, but she didn’t answer. “I said Why?” he yelled to her.

“Bobby! Son! Listen, yer momma can explain it’s just… listin’ to me” Lureen said with teary eyes, her son had never yelled at her and the look in his blue eyes was destroying her soul.

“No mom! No i’m not gonna listen to anything! Ya’ did something that can’t be named! Even if my dad was yer husband! Ya’ had no right to do that! Ya’ almost got him killed!” Bobby said in rage, trying to breathe but was almost unable to.

“Bobby, What was I supposed to do? Sit down and let them fool us? I lov’d yer daddy so much and he didn’t lov’ me…never! I was thinkin’ about us when I did that!” She said crying, trying to hug her son.

“Getaway from me! Ya’re a monster! Ya’re not my mom!” Bobby cried as he pushed his mother away from him.

“Bobby please listen to me! I’m yer mommy and I love ya’! please understand me!” she said and she tried to hug her son once more time but he pushed her away again using so much force that she ended up hitting her head on the edge of the desk next to her.

LaShawn was at her house really pale she just witnessed something that she never expected that her foreman; Ennis Del Mar; was in a sentimental relationship with Jack Twist, her daughter’s father in law, and that she will witness how they were saying to Lureen she and other person can go to jail. She didn’t understood who where the others but this was really entertaining for her.

“This would be the best gossip ever! I’ll need to call Hannah and tell here everything! This is just so sweet!” Lashawn said as she was going to pick her phone and call Hannah, Childress’s Lady of Gossip.

“Ya’re not gonna call no one Lashawn Malone!” her daughter yelled at her as she took the phone from her hands. “This is no gossip ya’re gonna spread on town! This dies here and ya’ll not tell anyone! This is the family of my boyfriend! Ya’ understood it my boyfriend!” she added looking straight to her mother’s eyes.

“Randall! Look at his girl she believes with right to give me orders!” Lashawn said to her husband who was looking to the window he was lost on the image of his field but it was not because it was beautiful it was because he felt that his hopes were shattered one more time.

“Jack Twist” he mumbled only to himself, he was angry and exhausted at the same time, on one occasion Jack and him were involved sexually and Jack told him that they would stop being together because he was in love with someone else. So Randall didn’t said anything just let him go and have his life and then when he thought that he could have second chance with his new foreman because he felt his “vibe” now it results that he was Jack Twist’s Lover and the reason of why Jack broke with him. Randall was angry but there was nothing that he could do.

“Randall! I’m talkin’ to ya’!” Lashawn yelled Randall looked at her raised his eyebrow went to the phone and the slammed the phone against the wall destroying it completely.

“Ya’ll not call anyone! This dies here!” He said on a serious tone and LaShawn, with her eyes wide open, got scared and stood quiet while Laverne was grinning and hugged her dad.

“Thank you daddy!” she told him.

“I won’t tell anyone but know I guess we should hire a new foreman!” LaShawn said and again she was under the eyes of her husband and her daughter and their sights were not that happy.

“Listen to this LaShawn! If Ennis wants to keep workin’ here he can do it! I don’t give a shit if he is with Jack Twist or not! This place hasn’t being this better! So go now to yer room and read some of yer stupid magazines and forget what ya saw, heard! Go it?” Randall said angry to her; LaShawn look at them with her eyes teary and ran to her room and slammed the door she started crying loud and her cry became louder and louder because no one was going to her room to check her out.

“Thanks daddy!” Laverne said as she gave a hug to her father who just smiled at her.

“Don’t worry dear I’ll make yer mother not to tell a word!” he said smiling and then it was when the kitchen's phone ranged

“Hello?...Bobby is it ya? Bobby please calm down! ...Oh Lord Bobby! I’ll be there on a second wait fer me!” Laverne said as she ran and took her purse jump through the door and entered in her car and went straight to the Twist’s ranch.

Ennis and Jack drove for about 45 minutes before arriving to a white bungalow with a stable and a red fence, Jack liked the place it was a really big house for Ennis and he noticed that it have the privacy Ennis always liked. As they arrived there he noticed that there was a grin on Ennis face and he had no idea of why and he didn’t thought in asking either. Ennis was first to get down from he car he looked everywhere to see if his house was in shape.

“Rentin’ it fer $150.00 per month!” He said smiling as he opened the door “It was a mess when I got it! But I put it in shape!” He added, Jack just sighted when he heard that he thought in all those times he asked Ennis to help him to put in shape his folks place, but later cut that idea from his head since Ennis was with him now.

Ennis showed him his house which was pretty big since he didn’t had too many furniture Jack was amazed for that since he thought that Ennis was earning good money with Randall he could at least bought some furniture for his place.

“Ennis why ya’ don’t have enough furniture?” he was rubbing his head and in a loud voice to make Ennis come since he was on the bedroom.

“Becaus’ mebbe i didn’t need them! I mean what was the point? Me only lived here and i wasn’t most of the time here! So it was not necessary! And when ya’ got nothin’, ya need nothin’” Ennis said with a suitcase on his hand Jack gave two winks before saying a word he understood the last statement and went straight to Ennis and gave him a hug from the bag he closed his eyes and kiss Ennis’s left ear.

“Ya’ have me now! Ya’ are better now!” he said as he felt Ennis warmth and his particular odor that he always loved. Ennis grabbed Jack’s arm and sighted “Ya’re right i’m with ya’...I’m with ya!” Ennis said

Jack went to the bed room and saw three suitcases on the bed he went to Ennis drawers and took his underwear out and put them one by one on the case not without smelling them, something he learned from Ennis, who always used to do that, and then it was the turn of the socks, then his Levi’s and all done. The only thing he was missing was Ennis shirts but when he looked the closet he almost fainted there they were their shirts as one skin Ennis’ shirt was covering his and next to them a Brokeback postcard Jack couldn’t contain his tears and went took the shirts looking at the blood stained on it he was really shocked he knew Ennis have them but he was not expecting to find them.

“Took them from yer room” Ennis said, he was watching Jack for while now and didn’t say a word.

“I know that yer daughter told me” Jack answered still holding the shirts.

“Wanted somethin’ to remember ya’! I didn’t wanted to let ya’ go but, didn’t say a shit! Was crazy so after the fight when you took your shirt off took it and put it on my stuff and bring it with me! I had it since then! I remember all the times I hold them and smell trying to remember ya’!” Jack said as he hugged the shirts.

“When I found them I did the same!” Ennis said as he walked towards Jack and he gave him a hug then he caressed his chin and kissed him gently.

“Jack, I love ya’! Just want to tell ya’ this! There are no reins on this one and i’m not gonna let ya’ go out of my sights!” Ennis Said as he gave Jack a very romantic kiss.

Jack gently placed the shirts on the desk next to him as Ennis kissed him, he managed to unbuttoned Ennis’ shirt let it fell in the floor, Ennis unbuckled Jack’s belt and opened his shirt he kissed Jack’s neck and he squeezed up his body towards Jack’s. Their belts and their pants fell into the floor and there was no longer two persons on the room instead of that was only one soul. Every caress, every kiss every movement of their bodies was synchronized and was exploring each other’s feelings. Jack moaned when kissed his nipples, Ennis moaned when Jack kissed his middle, as theirs bodies were explored they were falling into a state of ecstasy and love. Their hips were together as one as Jack plunged his nails into Ennis back who moaned in pleasure they were looking to each other they were loving each other. When the sun left the scene and the moon was called upon, Both of them were naked on the floor covered only by a white sheet their bodies sweated and their eyes closed they were exhausted for all their shared love.

Ennis was dreaming on those old days when they both owned the world and when nothing seemed to be wrong those days in which he gave himself to Jack on Brokeback Mountain on that tent his first time sex, his first and only love. He recalled all those moments they shared together there as well their ‘Fishing’ trips all of them seemed to be one dream for him a dream inside a dream until everything changed he saw Lureen, K.E. and Alma laughing in front of him they all had tire irons and all of them were hitting Jack, he tried to scream but he was unable, he tried to run but he was frozen. When he was able to run the only person left there was Alma and she was laughing and looking at him while she said “Ya’ never went fishin’ ya’ lied to me Ennis ya’ and him ...he needed to die” Ennis woke up and verified that Jack was next to him and he was sleeping.

Ennis knew that this dreams would haunt him until he do something and he knew he had to face Alma, besides he need to know the reasons of why she did that to them what caused her to do that evil plan and if they were not married. He needed that answered but he was not sure if he was going to be strong enough to drive to Riverton and confront Alma, she was no daemon (or at least he thought) and she was not going to kill them. She was a human being as him and probably was really hurt after finding her note on the fishing line but that was like almost 12 years before all of this happened. He walked and went to his back yard and looked at the starts and sighted.

“Is there somethin’ interestin’ up there in heaven?” Jack asked yawning and grinning he used those words before on their first ‘fishing’ trip.

“No...What is interesting is next to me I was just thinkin’ to go to Riverton” he said without looking to Jack he knew that this would be sort of a trouble for them.

“Fer wha?” Jack asked raising an eyebrow knowing the answer already, Ennis pulled a cigarette and lighted up and started smoking he look down to the floor and then to the sky and didn’t said a word.

“Common Ennis! I thought we have gone over this already!” Jack said trying to not sound angry.

“I want to see Alma!” he said and looked at Jack who was surprised for that comment. “I want to know why she did this!” he added Jack just sighted and placed his arms on Ennis neck and look at him with a smile.

“Do you think this is what you really want?” He asked

“Yes I do ... but not now we need to think what to say” he said

“Right I just remember you are not good on words! Like we really need them” he said smiling at Ennis

“Shut up and let me kiss you” Ennis replied

It was almost 5:00 am when Ennis heard a noise on the front of his house he made quick movement and jumped from his bed leaving a sleeping Jack went to his closet and pull out his shotgun he went to his front door and he opened quickly pointing the shotgun to the strangers on his door.

“Grand Daddy!” two little kids screamed and ran to gave him a big hug to each of his legs Ennis took a deep breathe and sighted as he lowered down his gun.

“Ennis, Francine! What ya’re doin’ here?” he said as he placed the shotgun on a safe place next to his door.

“Well they kept askin’ for his grand father so I thought It was a good idea to bring them here!...Daddy” a female voice he look up and he saw a blonde girl in her mid twenties green eyes, same as her mother, that was smiling to him but at the same time she was trying to not cry but it was late she was crying and he ran towards Ennis and gave him a big hug.

“Jenny!” Ennis said hugging his daughter “What’ya doin’ here?” he added.

“Daddy I need to see ya’! Junior and Kurt told us that ya’ had an accident that ya’re ok now but I couldn’t wait any longer on Riverton without knowing how ya’ were!” Jenny answered.

Ennis just sighted he almost killed his daughter and grandkids he tried to walk but his two grandkids were hanging on his legs and the were not willing to get down.

“And where are Kurt and Junior?” Ennis asked as he managed to lift with his tow grand kids on one hand each and walk

“Granddaddy I need pens!” said Francine smiling at Ennis “Not now Fran” he answered as Ennis Jr. started poking his twin sister and Ennis gave his grand son a look that Ennis Jr. stopped poking his sister.

“Junior and Kurt ...well dad they are at Denver they are doing to something that had to be with a lawyer I don’t know!” Jenny said looking to the sky, Ennis knew what it was Junior told him that they were planning to move to Denver since Kurt got a job offer with pretty good salary and that they were thinking in moving out but they need to talk with the lawyer of the company first.

“I see, it is good to see ya’ here Junior! Me was sleepin’ when ya’ arrived ya’ shall have called!” he said placing his Grandkids on the table.

“Daddy, ya’ don’t have a telephone!” Jenny answered laughing and looking to the house and that there was no furniture “Ya’ need more furniture” she added Ennis just looked up and rolled his eyes “What’s the matter with everyone and that I don’t have furniture! It is my place ya’ know! I decide what to have and not to have!” he said rubbing his nape Jenny looked at him surprised but she laughed for the comment.

Ennis Jr. and Francine found a big box and started playing that it was a castle and that Francine was a princess and Ennis a Knight.

“What ya’ gave to them?” Ennis said looking at them “They should be sleepin’ at this time!” he added.

“Well I gave them some coffee” Jenny mumbled but her father heard her and looked at her serious “I need to stay awake and with them talking I was not sleepin’! Try to fall asleep with those two singing King of the Road or one million li’l Indians!” she said shaking her head but Ennis just laughed.

While Ennis was playing with the kids Jenny started walking through the house like if she was looking for something, which she was, until she reached Ennis’ room and she felt a lot of curiosity to look through, even though she knew the whole story of what happened she never had the chance to see who really he was and how he looked like. And as a kid when is doing something that doesn’t want to be caught she slowly move her head into the room and saw him that brown hair, pale skin, half naked man sleeping half covered by the sheets. ‘He’s really handsome! Daddy had better taste than me’ she thought she had the feeling that she needed to see him face to face when she felt a hand on her left arm. Jenny felt like a piece of ice touched her body and at the same time she felt an electrical shot as well she gave a big scream and jumped into the room. Jack woke up scared and jumped from the bed leaving his naked body totally visible to Jenny.

“Who ya’re?” Jack asked scared and angry covering his noble parts. Jenny was frozen unable to say a word she was blushed and pale she have just received the biggest scare of her life.

“Lady, Who are ya?” Jack asked trying to get the sheets to cover him and Jenny was not saying a word when both of them listened a laugh from the door. It was Ennis that was laughing for both reactions he didn’t expected none of them. “Well rodeo she’s Jenny, my second daughter, ya’ know her! Ya’ met her when I got divorced and Jenny this is Jack and well ya’ have know more of him than I was expecting” he said laughing really hard.

“What’s fuckin’ funny? Yer daughter just scared me to dead and ya’re just laughing!” Jack said angry already covered by the sheets.

“I gesh’ that curiosity killed some cats today!” he grinned “and ya’ were oversleeping! I was just goin’ to tell her to wait until ya’ wake up but she reacted like that” he added still unable to contain his laugher.

“I’m sorry” said Jenny putting her hands on her face to not see anything but she already saw enough “I didn’t want this to happen! Ya’ scared me daddy!” she said to Ennis who was still laughing.

“Stop Laughing!” Said Jack he was getting angry “Jenny, dear can you go out please I need to get dressed! Ennis ya’ think ya can help yer daughter?” he added trying to pull some jeans to get dressed.

“Sure I can rodeo!” Ennis answered and he grabbed Jenny’s arm and she followed him to the living room.

“He’s handsome! And he loves ya’!” She said without looking to her father.

“Yeah and how ya’ figured that out?” Ennis asked.

“The way he looks at ya’! Even angry his eyes are full of love for ya’!” she replied “Daddy did you and him...you know” she added looking to the floor.

“Jenny, if ya’re asking what I’m thinking I think is only between us! Not wantin’ to be rude but none of yer business!” he said.

“It’s ok daddy! It’s ok!” she answered looking at him and smiling.

It took exactly about 10 minutes to Jack to get dressed mostly because it was 5:45 am and he was used to know to wake up at 8:00 am so this was too early for him. Once he was ready he came out of the room and without thinking he gave a kiss to Ennis on his mouth then he realized that Jenny, Ennis Jr. and Francine were looking at him.

“Oh hi little folks! I’m ... I’m Jack” he said blushed looking to Ennis who just turned his eyes to other place

Jack was getting frustrated he didn’t knew how to explain them his relationship with Ennis he tried to say something but he was unable to.

“Ennis can you help me with this?” Jack asked Ennis who raised his eyebrow and said “Well rodeo ya’ get into this alone ya’ shall get out by yerself”

Ennis just kept his mouth shut as Jack tried to manage to explain them that saying that they were friends ‘special friends’ that care about each other and they shared a pretty good friendship. Whether they understood it or not Jack was not willing to say more since Ennis just looked at him, trying to not laugh, Jack was showing an obvious anger since Ennis didn’t moved a finger to help him.

“Thanks” Jack said looking to Ennis and went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee. “Fer what? Ya’ did a pretty good job with them” Ennis said as he entered to the kitchen “Me was hopin’ ya’ to talk them since they are now yer family!” he added Jack blinked twice for that last comment ‘my family’ he thought that word was on his head and he gave a small smile to Ennis.

At 8:00 am for some weird reason the kids fell asleep and Jenny placed them on the second room when she came back she look at her dad and Jack that were in a deep conversation. She entered o the kitchen and they stopped talking.

“Daddy ya’re goin’ to see mama right?” Jenny asked and she watched that Ennis and Jack open their eyes really big as they were busted from their plan.

“How did’ya knew that?” Ennis asked he was surprised of his daughter’s intelligence.

“Feminine Intuition I guess... I don’t know the thing is that is why I cam here! I think that I won’t try to stop ya’ fer me is better for ya’ to let her know her plan didn’t work I love my mother but this thing was just not fair!” Jenny said Ennis just look at her daughter and noticed how hard she was shaking but he knew that she was trying to adjust to the fact that his dad loved a man and that her mother was able to do this kind of things. She told them that she was going to stay at Ennis’ place for a few days since she thought she wanted to sneak around the town and see what was interesting in Texas. To Ennis the idea sounded quite right he didn’t wanted neither Jenny nor his grandkids near Alma at least when he confronts her. Meanwhile Jack tried to convince himself that what they were going to do was correct since he didn’t wanted to have another scene with Jack like the one he had about a week ago. When it was 11:00 am it was Jack the one that was not sure if this was the correct thing but he entered to the car not before receiving his first hug and kiss from Jenny who whispered to him “Take care of him!” “I will” he answered and entered to his car and waited for Ennis to enter he watched Jenny and Ennis talking, the he gave her a hug and he went to the car.

“Ya’re eady for this?” Ennis asked Jack

“No” Jack answered.

“Good! Let’s get goin’ then” Ennis said holding Jack’s hand and they went to road Destination Riverton.

Alma, Monroe and their son arrived at the restaurant and went all together to eat their food. When they saw a red truck going on the road, Alma thought she recognized the driver, but it was moving too fast to be sure. They arrived to the restaurant and have the most unpleasant dinner they could ever had everybody was asking her about her daughters and about Ennis. She couldn’t take it any longer and told Monroe she was sick and she need to go home and he just paid the bill and they went back to the car but their son told them he was going to one of his friends house to practice for the play he was participating.

“I guess that we’ll be goin’ home alone!” Monroe said smiling to Alma who just faked a smile to him and entered to the car as they went back home she opened her eyes when she watched a red Chevy in her in front of her house and there were two men smoking on the door.

“E...E...En...Ennis!” Alma Said in front of her house there were Ennis Del Mar, her ex-husband, and Jack Twist waiting for her she started shaking but not for fear it was for anger all those years of rage were coming back to her she had them at her house and they had the shameless to appear in there together.

‘They are here! They are here Alma! It is the end of yer days they’ll kill you!” her internal voice said

“ Monroe, please go to visit yer mom! I’ll need to talk to Ennis myself” Alma said to Monroe “ Alma I can’t leave ya’ with them!” he answered.

“I want ya’ to go there I can handle myself!” she said smiling to him caressing his cheek but Monroe was no dumb and he knew something was hidden so he told her he was going to stay no matter she say no at the end she was forced to agreed. They arrived home and she came down the car and acted as nothing happened and entered through the door she noticed that Jack held Ennis’ right arm, who tried to walk toward her but he didn’t did it after all, “Coward” she thought ‘Yes he is’ her internal voice said. Monroe followed her and they entered the house and left the door open. Ennis looked at Jack his face was almost red he had never felt so much anger in his life.

“Did she just ignore us?” Ennis asked Jack raising his eyebrow Jack nodded agreeing with Ennis when Alma came out of her house and look at them angry.

“If ya’re expectin’ me to invite ya’ to enter won’t happen! I’m waitin’ fer ya to enter!” She said and she entered to her house again.

“No Alma, I don’t trust ya’ any longer! What would guarantee me that ya’ don’t hav’ a gun ther’!” Ennis said pointing at her house.

“Common Ennis! I’m no monster! Just enter please I don’t want show outside! I just want a civil conversation!” Alma said smiling trying to not show her anger but it was noticeable.

“Ennis I think she’s right!” Jack said Ennis looked at Jack then look at Alma then back to Jack and nodded and both of them entered the house. Last time Ennis was there was on Thanksgiving back on the 70’s when Alma told him about his fishing line.

“Please sit down!” Alma Said pointing her sofa Jack and Ennis sat down on the sofa and breathed even though it was a beautiful house they were feeling that weird feeling already.

“So Who’s the woman?” Alma said trying to provoke them “I mean Ennis ya’ changed me for that thing! I don’t see nothin’ sexy on him and I can tell he’s no better than me there!” she added looking directly to Ennis who just squeezed his fist and he tried to manage his anger.

“ Alma, ya’ didn’t came here to discuss who’s better here ya’ on him” Ennis said and the anger was visible in the way he was breathing.

“I think that ya’ want me to apologize to say I’m sorry Ennis for ruining yer life! And ya’ know what ya’ won’t!” She yelled “Ya’ won’t because ya’ ruined my life! I loved ya’ Ennis and ya’ changed me for him! Man a Nasty man ya’ n’ him cause me to threw up!” she added

“Ya’ have no right to say that! Not afte’ ya’ did to us!” Jack said as he raised himself from the chair he didn’t expect it but Alma was really quick to slap him. Ennis look at her and he was going to do something but Jack just make him the stop sign and

“Ya’ don’t have no right! No right to talk to me! Not afte’ all this years! Ya’ stole him from me! It was mine I got him first and ya’ just somehow managed to took him from my sights!” she yelled at Jack she was going to hit him again but Monroe held her from her hips as he was walking backward.

“ Alma please calm yerself down ya’ can hurt yer heart” Monroe said to her

“The hell with my heart it was destroyed the day I saw those to fags kissing on 1967!” She yelled to Monroe, but Jack was the one affected he looked at Ennis who nodded they look each other with the ‘she saw us look’ Jack got pale.

“Yes I saw you! Kissing like a men and woman! The same way I used to kiss ya’!” She yelled at Ennis trying to hit him but Monroe tried to hold her trying to calm her but she was not listening.

“Kill him Alma! There he is he is the reason ya’re stuck with this situation! Kill him Alma! Kill him!” her internal voice yelled, Alma watched him and she squeezed his hands and yelled “I hate you!”

“I heard enough of ya’ Alma! Ya’ didnpt have the right to do what ya’ did to me! If ya’ saw me kissing Jack on 1967 why ya’ didn’t told me!” Ennis yelled at her.

“Because…” she yelled starting to cry.

“Because of what?” Ennis yelled back.

“Don’t you dare to say it Alma! Don’t” Her internal voice said

“Because I love ya’!” she yelled “I thought that mebbe if ya’ saw how good woman I was ya’ would come back to me! But that never happened!” she said crying.

“ Alma…” Ennis said all his pain and anger were now changed by guilty and shame he hurt Alma, he always thought in him and not in Alma Jack looked at him and try to comfort him with his eyes.

“Yes Ennis! So ya’ asked me why I did this? Revenge I wanted ya’ to feel how I felt before! Empty and lost because of ya’ Ennis! It is because of ya’ I’m like this!” she yelled and the rage on her eyes was something that Ennis and Jack couldn’t forget.

“I had to do it! Ya’ were immoral with that disgusting beast!” she said pointing to Jack

“I love Jack! I always did and I won’t let ya’ insult him!” He yelled without thinking by his anger but what he said was true and Alma eyes were filled of tears and Monroe let Alma go as she felt on the floor.

“Ya’ always love him? What about me? Ya’ never loved me! I was nothing than a fuck for ya’!” she cried hitting the floor.

“The shotgun Alma! Go and pick the shotgun!” her internal voice yelled at her

“Alma I ….” Ennis tried to say but his words were not coming.

“Ennis no…” Said Jack moving his head “ Alma I never took Ennis from ya’! He was never yers! And ya’ knew it from the beginnin’ Ennis wasn’t mine either! Ennis didn’t knew what love was until we met! And ya’ say that you love him like some kind of victim here! When you are not! Ya’ planned this from the beginning Don’t ya’? make Ennis feel guilty!” Jack said looking at Alma who started laughing in a crazy way.

“How clever ya’ re fag! Yes ya’re right I don’t care a shit now! I wanted to make both of yer life miserable! Because that is what ya’ deserve! Ya’ dirty pieces of shit! Hell is not even a pain for ya’!” she yelled.

“ Alma? What happened to ya’ ?” Ennis asked he was sad for Alma that innocent and pretty good girl he met was no longer that she was a bitter, frustrated and disturbed woman.

“What happened? Ya’ is what happened! Ya’ think that is good the life yer havin’ when it isn’t ya’re are just as crazy as me!” she yelled at him laughing

“I’m stuck here! With this imitation of man that is not even the half of hung as you!” she yelled pointing at Monroe whose eyes were wide open and filled with tears.

“ Alma..” Monroe tried to say “shut up ya’ don’t know how much I hat you Monroe all those days were in me! I felt that was going to threw up! Ya’re not a man ya’re a mice!” she yelled at Monroe who just looked at Alma trying to not cry.

“ Alma shut up! Ya’ don’t know what ya’re sayin’!” Ennis yelled at Alma but she didn’t listen.

“I hate ya’! and I hate ya’ and all of ya’!” She said as he pointed at them she look at the floor like she was listening to someone, she nodded and say “I, will! I will!” ran in to the desk open a drawer and pulled the shotgun and started laughing.

“ Alma pull that fuckin’ gun down!” Ennis yelled trying to get near Ennis.

“Ya´re scared Ennis? Scared of me? Ya’ better I am crazy ya’ know!” she said laughing and pointing Jack.

“ Alma!” Ennis said while Alma said “bang, bang!”

“ Monroe! Does it have bullets?” Jack yelled at Monroe

“Yes it have! I put them yesterday! Alma put that gun down!” he said but Alma kept laughing and the she look at him and smiled, it was the perfect moment and the pertect time, she pull the trigger and a shot was heard and one of them well in the floor.

“Oh no my carpet!” Alma said.

“Oh fuck Monroe!” Jack yelled as he tried to held Monroe how as spitting blood from his mouth “ Alma!” he said as Alma was laughing and then suddenly started crying

“ Monroe I’m sorry! She told me to shot! She told me to shot!” she said throwing the shotgun as Ennis grab her from the back.

“I’m sorry Monroe!” she yelled at him who smiled at her “It’s ok Alma! I understand” and he closed his eyes, while Jack went to the telephone to call 911

The days passed, the daylight and night over their bodies; this was not just sex, this was love. Many times Ennis woke up and looked to his side to be sure that he was there. A small smile was drawn on his face; next to him was Jack, with his eyes closed dreaming. “To damn cute,” Ennis thought as he hypnotized himself with Jack’s innocent gesture to him. Even sleeping, Jack hugged Ennis as though he never wanted to let him from his sights. Ennis hugged him back and put Jack’s head on his chest and rubbed his head. Jack was still asleep and he did not know what was crossing Ennis’ mind.

Ennis couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to them. In his mind, everything was a mess. He didn’t understand what exactly caused Alma and Lureen to put in action this horrible plan and keep the men apart from each other. “I was not married with ya’ Alma!” Ennis thought, trying to find an answer for it. In his mind, Alma didn’t have the right to do that to them, since they were no longer married. He could understand Lureen, because Jack was being unfaithful to her with him, but Alma: she was a mystery to him. Ennis though that since they planned all this mess, they should know now that the men were together again, against their plans, however he needed to find a way to do it. He spent almost two hours thinking on that and in that time he kept Jack under his arms and the more he thought the more he was raged with desire to kill them both.

“Ennis...what are ya’ thinkin’? It is almost 4:00 a.m., ye better sleep! Junior and Kurt...” he said, yawning and with his eyes half open, “will pick us up today at 12:00 p.m.” he added, rubbing his face with his left hand. “Ennis did’ya listen me? ENNIS!” he said in an angry tone. Ennis was looking around the tent but he was in another place; he was not with him in that moment. “Uh rodeo ya’re awake! I was just thinking!” he said as he smiled at Jack who looked at him and blinked twice, smiling at Ennis who just kissed his forehead. “I was thinking about us! We have a lot of things to face now! We especially have to face those who did this to us!” Ennis answered as he looked at Jack seriously. “Ennis I know that and I didn’t forget it, but I think that it will happen in its own time. Not now. Not here,” Jack said, caressing Ennis’ cheek. Ennis fell comforted by Jack’s caress, it was evident that Jack Fucking Twist was in love with him and he loved Jack as well. Ennis kissed Jack on his lips and they both fell asleep in that tent. It was going to be their last night on Brokeback Mountain and this time, they would leave it together and not on separate roads.

Jack and Ennis woke up again around eight, both of them were smiling. They opened their eyes just at the same time and stared at each other for one hour. No words were needed; they knew what they were saying to each other. Ennis caressed a tear of joy that had dropped from Jack’s eyes. Ennis just hugged him hard.

“Six years! Six damn years! Rodeo ya’ didn’t know how much I wished for this,” he told Jack as he hugged him even harder.

“When I realized ya’was dead I almost died! I called Lureen and she told me the story. I went to yer parents house and yer daddy made me feel so bad when he told me ya were going to live with a neighbor up there with them and get a split with Lureen! Then in yer room, I found the shirt I thought lost up here! Ya’ took it and kept it! That is when I realized I was a stupid. I spent 20 years pushing you out because I was afraid of us getting killed! And then ya’ died and I realized that I never told ya’ I love ya’ or let ya’ be with me! I fuckin’ hurt, Jack. I realized I made a lot of mistakes with ya’! I felt I had killed the Jack I love! Ya’ never knew but before I left in my truck after our last meeting, I saw yer face! Ya’ were frustrated and I realized that I was the reason. That’s why I send ya’ the postcard to ……to….be sure If ya’ wanted to be with me again! I was so damn afraid ya’d respond and tell me ya’ wouldn’t come back! Jack, I know it’s stupid but I tried to protect us! Protect you and me from the rest of the world! I wasn’t ready to realize I love a man either! When I thought ya’ were dead I realized that I love ya’! That I love Jack Twist, the man, Jack Twist, my soul mate!” Ennis said through tears. He was telling Jack what he always wished to say and had retained himself from saying.

Jack was just looking at Ennis as he opened himself up, telling him all the feelings Jack knew were there. But since Ennis never told him his real feelings, he had always managed to understand him, he always knew about this, but he just wanted to hear it from Ennis. He felt he needed it. He just placed his hand on Ennis’ face and gently pressed his lips against his. He kissed those lips with so much tenderness and love that he even tried to not cry of doing this. Ennis was crying already and he needed to be strong. Even he knew Ennis was dying, but he was already in that same place before, years ago. He knew he loved Ennis right after that night on Brokeback when Ennis came back and they had their first kiss. To Jack, there was nothing better than Ennis, it was true he had affairs with other men, but none of them could compare to what he felt for Ennis. They were just lust and one time sex, except for Randall, but Ennis was constant; Ennis was his doom and his happiness. One moment with him was more than enough to let him pass the rest of the day. And they were now, after almost twenty six years, fulfilling the dream he always had – to be with Ennis for the rest of his live.

“En... guess ya’ know how much I wish for this!” Jack said as he stared at Ennis brown eyes. ‘Beautiful,’ he thought. He could loose himself in Ennis’ eyes for hours before and now he would have that for the rest of his life.

“I do Jack,” Ennis said, looking at Jack’s blue eyes. He had the same feeling about Jack’s eyes also. For the first time in his life, Ennis was not scared or worried about what other persons thought. ‘People be damned,’ he thought. Now for him what was more important was Jack and his feeling of necessity to be with him. Jack was all he needed and he always knew this, but the fact he was a coward was what almost destroyed his happiness.

“So Ennis, after this where will we go?” Jack asked. He realized that they never talked about that; they had spent almost two weeks up there and they never thought about where would they live or go.

“Dunno Jack! But as long ya’re with me that’s ok!” Ennis said, smiling at Jack and he suddenly bit his lips raised, his eyebrows, trying to think where to go. “I gesh that we can go to Texas! I’m renting a house there. It’s pretty comfortable: two rooms…” Ennis said, describing the house. Jack just rolled his eyes and said to Ennis “We don’t need two rooms, Ennis! Besides I don’t want to go to Texas! I don’t want to see Lureen, at least not now!”

“What’ya just say? Not now? Jack, that bitch destroyed our lives!” Ennis said in an angry tone, restraining himself from starting a fight.

“I know, but we aren’t ready!” he answered Ennis as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Ready? Rodeo, I don’t understand that last statement ya’ made!” Ennis answered, looking at Jack. He didn’t understand what was meant by that comment. Jack just sighed and looked to the sky, trying to find the correct words to explain everything to Ennis.

“Listen Ennis, we have to think of how to approach both of them! I mean Alma and Lureen. We need an explanation of why they lied to us instead of confronting us! We need to be clear minded to do that! And I know ya’ Ennis, ya’ are the kind who would head up to my …I mean her house and kill her without explanation!” he managed to say, but it was hard since he didn’t want to sound rude to Ennis.

“But that is what they deserve! Rodeo, ya’ know what they did to us right? So why are ya’ gonna ask me to not kill them?” Ennis replied angrily and he turned around, showing Jack his back; all Jack could do was sigh. Jack looked at him and with his fingers counted from one to five, it was when Ennis turned back.

“Ya’re to good to them! We should kill them and then bury their bodies on their yards! They destroyed our lives! I was nothin’ without ya’, Jack, I was nothing! And now ya’ tell me that I have to think of how to approach them!” Ennis yelled at Jack – it wasn’t something he wanted to do, but anger was taking him over. Even though he knew Jack was right, he wanted to kill Alma, Lureen and K.E. (someone he didn’t even want to mention) for destroying his happiness. Jack just gave Ennis a hug and rubbed his back.

“Ennis if I say something ya’ promise not to kill me?” Jack asked, looking at Ennis who raised his eyebrow and nodded. “Well. I thank them!” as soon he said that, he watched the expression on Ennis’ face change completely. He opened his mouth when Jack kept talking: “If it wasn’t for them, none of us would have being strong enough to make the decision we just made!” he said to Ennis. He closed his eyes, expecting to be hit by Ennis. But he just received a kiss, something he didn’t even think could be a possibility.

“Damn you Jack! How come ya’ always find a good part in everything?” Ennis questioned as he watched the sky, “But I guess ya’re right, I would have never made the decision to be honest and tell ya’ how I felt!” Ennis smiled and looked into Jack’s eyes. “Damn Rodeo, how come yer eyes make me want to kiss you until ya’ can’t breath?” he chuckled.

“Well what I can say? I’m too damn cute!” Jack replied and they both laughed and kissed one more time.

Junior, Kurt and Bobby were in a restaurant eating and talking about their parents. They hadn’t got any news about them since they left them on Brokeback. Bobby was a bit scared, mostly because he didn’t know how Ennis would react to this situation and every time he asked, Junior always answered, “I don’t know, my daddy is not the same as before.” So Bobby was really worried about his dad. He was not ready to be an orphan.

“Well, it is almost 11:00 a.m. We better go and pick them up,” Kurt said, putting the money on the bar as Junior picked up her purse and Bobby finished his coffee. They went out of the restaurant and to Kurt’s car. They drove all the way to Brokeback and waited, but 12:00 p.m. passed and no one appeared. They looked at each other, worried, then it was 1:00 p.m. and still no sign of them.

“Oh Lord yer dad killed my dad!” said Bobby, so scared that he was unable to think clearly.

“What’ya talkin’ about? My Daddy would never kill yer daddy!” Junior replied angrily. It was then that Kurt raised his hand and pointed in front of them. Bobby and Junior turned back and saw two men on their horses coming down the hill of the mountain. One of them was singing ‘Water Walking Jesus’. Bobby sighed, he knew that it was his daddy and that he was alive. They still needed at least 10 minutes to finish coming down.

Junior and Kurt were amazed to see Ennis’ face; he was full of life, he was happy, he was complete. Junior ran towards her father as soon as he was able to be reached. She was so exited to see her father like this and not the way he was as she had grown up. Ennis was smiling as he looked at them and Jack, well there is no expression to say what he was feeling at that moment. Ennis saw his daughter running towards him and he quickly jumped off of the horse and gave her a big hug as both of them cried; Ennis more so than Junior.

“Thank you Junior! Ya’ gave me back my life!” Ennis cried, as he hugged her really hard. Junior, who was crying, buried her face in her father’s arms.

“Daddy ya’ don’t have any reason to thank me! I didn’t do anything! I just tried to give you back the happiness you deserved,” Junior cried as they both looked at each other and smiled. Ennis mumbled, “Thank you darling.” Junior cleaned his tears and gave him another warm hug.

“Dad, ya’ deserve to be happy! Leave the past behind and look at the future - your future,” Junior said. The words hit Ennis like a shot straight to his heart. He knew what she meant by this and to whom she was referring. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Junior, who raised an eyebrow too. Even though neither of them was saying a word, they were already talking with their eyes.

“Oh Jesus!” Kurt said, when he saw that scene. He’d already seen it before, Junior and Ennis were cut from the same cloth and they could talk without saying word.

“What is happening to them?” Bobby asked as he watched that scene, Jack walked directly to his son and gave him a hug, “Bobby it worked! Ennis and I are going to be ... What are you watching?” He asked and looked back. He got it at once.

“Last time I saw this was when Ennis’ sister committed suicide! Ennis wouldn’t cry for her and Junior looked at him; they both broke into tears! I know it sounds weird, but they can talk without words!” Kurt said as they kept watching them.

“I know Ennis and I can do that too,” Jack said.

“Well it is all clear daddy?” Junior asked, smiling. Ennis nodded, only Jack noticed how Ennis crossed his fingers as he was looking at his daughter.

“Yes it is Junior,” Ennis answered and he looked to Jack, who just raised his eyebrow like he was telling Ennis that he saw what he did. Ennis walked over to shake Kurt’s hand, who gave him a hug back. “It is good to see you happy Ennis,” Kurt said. Ennis looked at Jack and saw a younger version of Jack, who was smiling at him.

“Oh I know ya’! I ran away from you on the graveyard!” Ennis said laughing.

“Yes sir, I am …” Bobby was going to introduce himself when Ennis interrupted him “Ya’ are Bobby! The same as yer father, like two drops of water.” Bobby smiled and looked down, ashamed.

“Sir I’m sorry that I scared ya’ in the graveyard,” Bobby said.

“No worries son! It’s ok, let’s just say I was a little surprised! Not often do ya’ find out that the person ya’ lo……love is alive,” Ennis said. Jack noticed that he had some troubles saying ‘love’. He thought he wasn’t going to say it, but he did and he was happy - that was a big step for Ennis.

“Yes sir!” Bobby smiled when Ennis looked seriously at him and said, “Please, call me Ennis, I guess that we should call each other by our names! We’ll be seein’ a lot of each other now; we can even say that we are related! Ya’ already know what I feel for yer dad and I’m not ashamed, now, so please call me Ennis.” Bobby laughed as Jack just opened his mouth; this Ennis was a lot different from the one he knew. “Ok then sir…I mean Ennis,” Bobby said as Ennis gave him a big hug.

“Well, we all know each other!” Junior said, smiling, proud of her father’s new attitude. Ennis went to Jack’s side and both the men helped Kurt to put their things in Jack’s car.

“So, where will you be goin’?” Kurt asked Ennis and Jack, who just chuckled as they look each other.

“Ya’ know that is the one million dollar question!” Ennis said, rubbing his face.

“Yeah! We talked a lot about that! But we decided that in the end we should go to my daddy’s place, after all it is mine now!” Jack said, as he held Ennis’ hand and smiled at him.

“So we are goin’ to Lightning Flats,” said Bobby, smiling. When he saw Ennis and Jack faces he realized they were surprised.

“Bobby...” Jack started saying. “Ya’ don’t need to say it! Ya’ were not thinkin’ of takin’ me there, right?” Bobby said, hoping for them to say no.

“Actually no, yer daddy and I didn’t think of taking ya’ with us!” Ennis said in a serious tone.

“What? Bu...but dad! Where am I supposed to stay?” Bobby asked.

“Bobby I guess ya’ will return to Childress! Yer mamma will already be worried about ya,’” Jack said and Ennis mumbled something, but he didn’t hear them.

“Sure enough!” said Bobby and entered to his car, angry.

“Emmm...Bobby,” Jack said to his son.

“What?” he responded in an angry tone, Jack sighed and took a deep breath. “Ya’ know, we’ll be goin’ in this car, I guess ya’ can return to Childress on airplane, can’t ya’?”

“This is my car! Ya’ gave it to me! Ya’ dump me from yer trip and now ya’ take my car! Ain’t fair dad! Ain’t fair!” Bobby said as he stepped out of the car.

“Bobby please listen...” Jack tried to talk. “Don’t worry dad, I’m fine. I was expectin’ this, I’m just jealous, that is all! I’ve been with ya’ and now I have to get used to Ennis,” said Bobby, looking at the sky. “I’ll go by airplane to Childress, Kurt can take me to the airport. After all, I have credit card; I can pay for my own ticket,” he said as he got into Kurt’s car.

Kurt looked at Alma and chuckled; he knew she was jealous also, but she was not going to show them that since she wanted them to be happy now.

Kurt entered his car and looked at Bobby, he was still in bad mood, so Kurt looked at him and talked to him.

“Bobby, right? Listen, yer Dad needs to be with Ennis. Ya’ know that they have a lot to talk about. I know ya’re jealous, we all are! But we need to let them be! Besides, ot would be a couple of days and ya’ need to go back home before yer’ momma suspects something.”

Bobby looked at Ennis and saw his eyes full of happiness and love for his father, then looked at his father and saw his old daddy - the one he remembered full of life and happiness.

“Well, ya’re right! I’m bein’ selfish! They need to be together; after all, I have that damn dinner I have to assist with in a couple of weeks!” said Bobby.

Junior went to Jack, gave him a hug and smiled at him, “Please take care of my daddy,” she said. He responded, “I’ll take care of him as I would my own life!”

She entered the car and sat next to Kurt. She looked out the opposite side of the window and started crying; she didn’t want to leave her father, but she was sure that he would be better and most of all, he would be happy and she needed to let him be happy with Jack.

Ennis and Jack watched as their son and daughter left in the car. Ennis looked down and then he felt Jack’s hand on his arm and he looked at him, smiling.

“Time to go cowboy! We need to go home!” Jack said, as he looked at him and smiled.

“Just one thing before going!” Ennis said with an evil smile and he gave a big kiss to Jack.

“Whoa Ennis! Someone could see us kissing,” Jack said, surprised.

“So who cares! We are grown enough to defend ourselves,” Ennis said, Jack smiled and kissed him back. They both entered to the car and set out on their way to Lightning Flats.

Ennis and Jack arrived at the old house and as soon Ennis set his foot down, he looked at it, its the paint tarnished, and he sighed. Indeed, this was Jack’s house. He always knew that Jack was lazy when it came to doing some work…well most of the job.

“Ya´told me ya’ had been here for two months? And you didn’t try to paint this?” said Ennis, looking the place over.

“Hey! I was grieving and it was yer fault! Ya’ were dead, remember?” Jack chuckled, as he looked at Ennis, who was looking at him seriously.

“Ok, ok! I was not in the mood fer’ paintin’ it!” Jack admitted, rolling his eyes.

“Well I’m here! So we’ll be painting it together. What color would ya’ like?” Ennis said, smiling and looking at his new project. This was his house and his home.

“What color would I like? Well Ennis this white: I never liked it! What do’ya think about pink?” he said, smiling but Ennis was not smiling. He was serious and cold as a rock.

“Ya’re kiddin’ right?” Ennis said, poking Jack in the chest.

“No I’m no kiddin’, I’m serious. I like the house in pink and…. STOP POKIN’ ME ENNIS!” Jack yelled, but Ennis kept poking him and Jack was getting upset, “I’m warning ya’!” he said, but Ennis kept poking him; this time with his two hands. Jack just yelled and jumped onto Ennis so fast that Ennis was unable to protect himself, suddenly Ennis was on the ground and Jack, on top of him.

“I told ya’ stop pokin’ me, but ya’ don’t listen! And ya’ knew I was kiddin’, I want the house blue, not pink! But now what I’m gonna do with ya’? I have to think of a good punishment for ya’! I can’t kiss you until ya’ can’t breath, or fuck you until ya’ can’t walk or I’ve drained ya’ completely,” said Jack as he was rubbing his chin with his left hand and Ennis was smiling at Jack with an evil smile.

“What is so funny? I’m bein’ serious here!” Jack said, but Ennis kept laughing. Suddenly Jack found himself trapped by Ennis’ hands and was unable to move.

“Hey it ain’t fair! Ya’ fooled me! I want a recount!” Jack said, trying to release himself, but he knew well that Ennis was stronger than him.

“Well, Rodeo, ya’ were thinkin’ on how to punish me? I guess I’ll punish ya’ then. All the power of Ennis’ law will fall onto you right now!” Ennis said and in a quick move he was the one on top and Jack was on the bottom, with a naughty smile.

“Well: Ennis law? So that is what you call it now? Mmm…well I thought it was called li’l Ennis!” Jack chuckled as he used his hands to grab and touch Ennis’ hips.

“I’m warnin’ ya’, rodeo! Ya’ are awakening something ya’ can’t control. There’s no one here to save you!” Ennis said, looking at Jack.

“Great, I don’t need help! I just need ya’!” Jack answered and then suddenly both mouths were together, kissing. Jack was rubbing Ennis body as Ennis was getting both of them naked with his left hand and with the right hand was caressing Jack’s face. They ended up naked and doing it at the entrance of the ranch, in the middle of the day. People could have passed and seen them, but they didn’t care. It was their damn house and no one could tell them what to do, it was their property….Well Jack’s property.

When they finished they stood up naked, their clothes in their hands and unpacked their stuff and entered the house without dressing again. Ennis and Jack walked through the house and Jack was showing him the entire house telling him all his kids’ stories and the fun he had there when he was a kid.

“Ya’ sure were a spoiled kid!” Ennis said, when he heard the story of how he painted a horse on the kitchen table and how his mother said it was a piece of art and then how red his ass was when his father discovered it.

“Well what I can say? I guess that I was just teasing my dad” Jack answered, when he looked at Ennis and watched the man in front of him, with defined abs, hard muscles and big feet. ‘Damn! He is a Greek God!’ he thought. He was hypnotized by Ennis’ perfect body. To Jack, there was no other man that was as handsome as Ennis.

“Ya’ know Rodeo, I always wished to walk naked in my house. I mean, I never did and it feels damn good, the breeze down there,” Ennis said, smiling when he realized Jack was not answering, he was looking at him, lost in his own thoughts. Ennis looked at Jack and tried to talk but Jack was not reacting. All of a sudden, he just pushed Jack into the kitchen’s wall and kissed him.

“Well, I think that I’ll eat some before the big meal,” Ennis said, while Jack was moaning because of the way Ennis was kissing his neck.

“Ennis …..I love you!” Jack said Ennis stopped kissing him. Jack thought that he said something wrong and that he had scared Ennis. Ennis was serious and looked at him with a real cold look, suddenly he caressed him and smiled, “I love you too, Jack fuckin’ Twist,” he said. Jack rolled his eyes and smiled, for a second he was scared and thought that Ennis was going back to the old times. He kissed him again and they both fell to the floor, by the end of that, the kitchen was full of the smell of semen and sex. They both dressed and decided to clean the kitchen and prepare their food. Jack prepared roasted chicken; more roasted than chicken, since he was really bad cooking and Maria was the one that always cooked at their house.

Ennis set the table with no difficulty, he had done that many times when he was married to Alma, so there was no problem. He took some beers from the fridge and placed them on the table. By the time Jack served the food and they were enjoying Jack’s awful cooking, Ennis tried to eat the food, but he was having problem swallowing it. The chicken tasted like coal. Jack, on the other hand, thought his food was delicious because Ennis was not complaining about it.

“Thank you Ennis! This is my first time cooking roasted chicken!” he said, smiling, he was really happy that Ennis was enjoying his meal.

“Well Jack it really tastes b….different! I really like it and as a prize I’ll cook for ya’ next time!” he said, hoping to sound convincing. He preferred his food rather than eating Jack’s chicken again.

“Is there a problem with my food Ennis? Why ya’ wanna cook? I thought ya’ liked this!” Jack whined, looking at his plate.

“Jack I haven’t said that it is just that…. ok yes, Jack, yer cooking sucks! I can cook better than ya’!” Ennis said and Jack was red with anger at that time, tried to say a word but he knew that Ennis was right. He started laughing and Ennis was curious and surprised at that attitude.

“Ya’re right, still can’t cook worth a shit! But I did my best, I have to admit, I guess it is better for ya’ to cook. Ennis I prefer you doin’ it, at least we won’t starve if ya’ cook!” Jack said. They finished their meal and cleaned up everything. It was almost bed time when Ennis wondered where he was going to sleep.

“Well where else? Ya’ll sleep with me, on my bed, well my new bed! We’ll be sleeping in what used to be my parents’ room!” Jack said, smiling at Ennis who was not sure if that was a good idea. But well he wanted to be with Jack and he didn’t care if it was going to be oo the floor in his parents’ room, he just wanted Jack Twist.

“Oh Jack I forgot to tell you this! I sleep naked!” Ennis said in a naughty voice.

“Better for me, better for me!” Jack answered and they both went to sleep.

Bobby returned to Childress with no idea of how to threaten Lureen Twist, his mother. She was the one that caused Ennis and Jack despair but she was in her right, Jack was her husband and was cheating on her, so she did what she thought was right, but he also thought that if she knew this from a long time ago she should have ended her marriage instead of throwing his father into that deep sadness like she did. He was not thinking clearly, she was his mother and after all she deserved respect from him and no matter what, he loved her as well. His cab arrived home and he saw his mother at the door, waiting for him. She went fast and gave him a big hug, he got scared: this was not common for his mother.

“Oh Bobby, I missed you! My li’l boy! How was yer dad?” she asked him; he noticed tears in her eyes.

“He is ok mom, he’s still in Lightning Flats” He answered as Lureen sighed and gave him a big smile.

“And you guys didn’t go to any other place?” she asked, curious.

“No mom, we stay there as I told ya’ before. He’ll come here in two weeks for the dinner at Laverne’s place!” He said lying in his first comment and hoping his dad and Ennis would not do something stupid and both come to Laverne’s dinner.

“That is perfect, the business hasn’t bein’ same since yer daddy went there, I hope he comes back soon so we can make good money like before!” Lureen said happily and she saw an angry look on Bobby’s face.

“That is all that is important tor you? Fuckin’ money! I thought ya were worried about my dad but no! ya’re worried about yer stupid business!” he yelled at her, ran to his room and slammed the door behind his back.

Bobby was angry, he had thought his mother was worried about his father but she was worried about the business. It was true, since Jack left, the Newsome business wasn’t the same, Bobby looked at a picture of the three of them smiling. Colorado’s Grand Canyon, a trip they took back on the 1979, when he was 12, he thought they were a happy family there but he was not aware that after they came back his father went to “Fish” with Ennis. He now knew why he liked to fish with Ennis. He threw the picture to floor and the glass shattered into pieces.

“Joven Bobby ¿Esta usted bien?” “Young Bobby are you ok?” asked Maria, his Mexican maid, knocking on the door. She opened it and saw the picture on the floor and immediately started picking up the mess.

“Maria ya’ don’t have to do this!” Bobby said to her trying to stop her, “I caused this, I can clean it!” he added.

“Bobby, don’t come with those kinds of statements! I know you are upset with your mother! I know you too well!” she said. She finished cleaning the mess, Bobby smiled; Maria had always meant a lot to him: like his second mother.

“I forgot! I called your school and I told them that you were on a trip and they send me these papers for you to read and do! That Laverne girl brought them!” Maria said leaving the room.

Bobby looked at his desk and he opened his eyes wide; he had at least 30 tons of papers and a lot of books to read, it was his fault, he’d missed three weeks of classes from college and he knew that he was not going to sleep now. He went to pickup his phone and made a phone call.

“Hello, who is this?” the voice said.

“Howdy Mrs. Malone, this is Robert Twist!” he said to the woman.

“Bobby! Howdy! How sweet of ya’ to call! I’ve been wonderin’ where you were! Yer daddy is ok, right? Because, remember the dinner is in two weeks!” she said, really excited. Bobby heard a noise on the phone he knew it was Laverne, he heard how she took the phone from her mother’s hand.

“Bobby, my dear, how are you doing? Ya’ received my notes? I left them on yer room!”

“Yes, I got them, no problem. I’ll study, thanks to you. I really appreciate the help I got from you!” he said on the phone to her. They spoke for an hour, and afterwards, they both went back to studying and working on their assignments; more for Bobby.

In the next weeks in Childress, Bobby spent 18 hours studying and other 6 on college he was not sleeping but it was ok for him, he was hoping to have some rest on the weekend and was expecting to have that dinner at Laverne’s place. There was only one week left until the party. What he didn’t know was that the dinner was going to be the beginning of the end.

In the next week, Ennis and Jack worked hard to put the house in shape. It was no longer white it was blue, navy blue: a color both liked and Jack really liked the process of painting, because on multiple occasions, he threw the paint over Ennis’ clothes, who in his rage, fucked him in the same place. They were enjoying that strange honeymoon that they were having. Ennis was the one cooking until Jack went to the store and bought a cooking book. The lady in the store asked him if it was true that he was staying at his ranch with a friend but he smiled and said to her, ‘he is more than that to me,’ and left.

When Jack came home, he told Ennis about that question that he got at the store, he thought Ennis was going to get scared, but he just laughed and said, “Damn this town is small we’ve only been here one week and they know about us! I guess that we will have to stop havin’ outdoor sex then?”

Even though Jack liked Lightning Flat, he felt that it was not safe for them live there, especially after the incident that happened three years ago, in which they killed a young couple of students who were found nailing each other. Jack thought that he would probably sell the ranch and get something out of Wyoming. He thought in Denver and in Topeka, but he thought that it was a good idea to discuss it with Ennis, before doing so. He was going to discuss that with Ennis when he approached Jack and looked at him seriously.

“Jack there’s something I wanted to ask and I want you to tell me the truth,” Ennis said, Jack didn’t like that tone of voice so he took a deep breath and answered the question.

“Sure, cowboy I’ll be honest with ya,’” he said.

“Ok, Jack, when I came here and talked with yer parents, yer daddy told me that ya’ were planning to move out here with that neighbor of yours! Who was he?” Ennis said and he noted how Jack got pale and gulped noticeably.

Jack looked down and then at the ceiling, took a deep breath and tried to say something but the words were not coming as he wanted, he never thought Ennis was going to ask about this.

“That neighbor was the foreman’s wife right? Ya’ weren’t honest with me that time! I don’t wanna fight, I just want to know!” Ennis added but Jack was not answering, so Ennis gave him a hug and kissed him gentle.

“I guess that ya’ were goin’ to find it out soon, I’m not happy of what I did. In fact, I’m ashamed. I should never have done that Ennis! Why ya’ wanna know? Why no,w when we are so damn happy?” Jack cried, but he knew that Ennis needed to know this, so he mumbled ‘Randall Malone’ in a very low voice and Ennis said “Who?” he mumbled the name a little bit louder but Ennis was unable to hear it.

“It was Randall Malone,” he said and closed his eyes. Ennis stepped back, scratched his hair and didn’t say a word for two minutes.

“Randall Malone, the owner of the Blue Hills Ranch?” Ennis said, surprised, and Jack nodded.

“Well that explain lot of things,” he said.

“What’ya sayin’? You know Randall?” Jack asked, looking at Ennis. He was neither upset nor disturbed, he was surprised.

“Of course I know him! He is my boss! I am his foreman he pays me $1,500.00 per month to run his ranch!” he said smiling

“So ya’ ran the ranch for him and ya’ didn’t want to have a sweet life with me!” Jack said, angry. Ennis didn’t understand why, but he got angry also.

“Wait a minute, rodeo! Ya’re tellin’ me this: ya’re the one that screwed my boss? Oh no, Jack, stop this shit! Besides, I’m living with you, right? So what is the fuckin’ deal here? Or are ya’ tryin’ to change this so you can be the victim?” he said in a really upset tone as he poked Jack who just twisted his mouth in anger.

“Listen Jack, I think that it is time for ya’ and me to leave the past behind us. Let’s look to the future, that is why I asked. I don’t want to fight, I just wanted to know who he was so if I see him next to you, I could kick his ass to the floor!” he said, showing his fist to Jack and smiling. Jack laughed and rolled his eyes, maybe Ennis was changing, but in his insides were the same, he was still the Ennis he had always loved. Jack told Ennis that his son Bobby was dating Laverne Malone.

“Are ya kiddin’? Did’ya know that I was helpin’ them to organize a party they were doin’ for her boyfriend’s family? So that was you and Lureen!” he laughed “This world is so small! Seems to be we were meant to reunite in this way or with the party!” he added.

“Speaking of the dinner, Ennis, I think I won’t be goin’! I don’t want to see Lureen!” Jack said.

“Of course ya’re goin’! I mean we both are goin’ and there’s no point of discussion here!” Ennis said to Jack and he started rubbing his cock and kissing his neck.

“Are ya’ bribing me, Ennis? If I say yes, we’re gonna fuck?” Jack said, in his excitement.

“No rodeo, I’m just horny,” Ennis said as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his pants off, while Jack was doing the same.

Laverne and her mother worked a lot that week to organize the dinner, the guest, the menu, the music, they even planned to show a little rodeo for enjoyment of the Twists, since they knew that Jack used to be a rodeo cowboy, they did their best to have everything on time. Their menu was Roasted Steak, ribs, sweet corn, rice and beans and chili. And the whole ranch was decorated with flowers that Laverne selected especially for the occasion. Everything was perfect: Randall in his best suit, Lashawn in a dress, with a big hat with a red bow on it and Laverne was in a red dress with high heels - her hair, natural, something about which her mother complained.

At 2:00pm, Bobby arrived with his mother on hand. Bobby was dressed in his regular white shirt, his black Levi’s and his usual leather boots, his mother was in a white dress, too with her blonde her tied in a bow. Bobby looked at that fancy decoration and sighed, he was thinking twice about this “dating Laverne” thing, if she did this, then he was not going to consider this longer. Her mother, on the other hand, loved that horrible decoration: found it exquisite and beautiful.

“Lureen Twist! How are ya’ doin’? It’s been years since I’ve seen ya!” said Laverne as she kissed Lureen’s cheek. ‘Drunk,’ she thought as she kissed her back and gave her a fake smile.

“Thanks LaShawn! So sweet of ya’! I haven’t see you in years, ya’ look great” Lureen said smiling, ‘ Bitch,’ she though. Those two women hated each other and lived in a constant war of envy and for both it was really horrible to have their kids dating.

“Look at ya’ Bobby! Ya’ look like yer father and it is better than being like that old, fat grand dad of yours!” LaShawn said smiling, but the comment erased Lureen’s smile.

“Laverne! That is beautiful! I’m so happy that ya’ are as gorgeous as yer mom, but I’m more happy that ya’ don’t have that tongue yer mom had,” Lureen said as LaShawn looked at her, quite upset.

“Thanks! Why don’t we go into the house?” Bobby and Laverne said as they saw that little battle of their mothers. “I hope this won’t be happening during the whole dinner,” Bobby whispered to Laverne, who just nodded.

“Bobby, look at ya’! Ya’re as handsome as yer father! Give me a hug!” Randall said and he gave a big hug to Bobby. He rubbed his ass; Bobby just opened his eyes, didn’t said anything. He thought, or tried to think, that it was an accident and that was not the purpose of the hug.

“So, Lureen, where is Jack?” LaShawn asked as she gave Lureen a glass of whiskey.

“Oh, Jackie, well he is at his folks place, ya’ know he is fixin’ it that so we can go there on vacations,” Lureen lied. Bobby just coughed and took a deep breath, he was hoping for something not to happen.

“I’ve been at my dad’s old house. It’s a pretty old ranch, and it needs lot of help! So he is there, fixin’ it,” Bobby said

“Oh! I bet that Ennis would be able to help him! He is our foreman and look how good our ranch is! Randall and I are really happy with his work!” LaShawn said, Lureen dropped her glass and it shattered on the floor.

“Ennis? Ennis who?” Lureen asked with her hands shaking, ‘Please let him be a Jones or a Lopez but not a Del Mar,’ she thought.

“ Ennis Del Mar!” said a new voice in the house. It was Jack, who was entering the house with Ennis by his side. They both were smiling and were looking at Lureen, who was pale and started breathing fast, shaking.

“Lureen? Honey, how ya’re?” Jack said with an evil smile, Bobby had never saw that look on his father’s eyes and he even saw that Ennis was looking at her the same way, but Lureen’s eyes were full of fear.

“J…J…Jack h…h..how are ya’? I’m fine!” she managed to answer; she was horrified, she thought she was going to cry, but she was already crying for her life.

“Can you believe that I went to the graveyard to visit my old friend’s tomb and he was there alive? Lureen, it was so weird! I thought that Ennis was dead but ya’ see, he is alive!” Jack said and everyone noticed his sarcastic tone of voice.

“You two know each other?” Randall asked Ennis, surprised.

“Oh yes Randall! We know very well, happens that Jack and I….” Ennis was saying when Lureen interrupted him. “They are fishin’ buddies! That is what they are!” she said trying to avoid them saying the truth about their relationship.

Laverne and LaShawn were looking at the scene with no idea of what happened, but they were enjoying the show.

“Not really Lureen! Ya’ see Randall, Ennis and I are together!” Jack said, smiling. Lureen screamed and grabbed her hair.

“Together?” LaShawn asked.

“Yes Mrs. Malone together! Jack and I are in love!” Ennis said, looking at Lureen and Randall. Lureen screamed again and started crying, Randall squeezed his fist. ‘Jack Twist,’ he said.

“In…in…love?” Laverne asked. Her mother and her were really impacted to hear that; they never thought that. Bobby just looked at that scene without saying a word, he was not going to be on anyone’s side, he just didn’t want the dinner to be the place where this was going to be shown. But it was obvious that for his dad and Ennis, this couldn’t wait any longer.

“Yes in love! Ya’ see Laverne, I love Ennis. I always did since I met him in 1963!” Jack said, looking at Lureen, who kept crying.

“So Jack ya’ are….” LaShawn tried to talk, but Ennis interrupted her.

“Queer, faggot, homo…yes I guess we are, but we don’t care. We just love each other and we are not goin’ to let anyone destroy this!” Ennis said.

“Shut up! Ya’ nasty beast! Ya’ don’t know what ya’re saying!” Lureen said, trying to breathe and hold back her tears. “Ya’ are nasty beast! Ya’ two won’t be together!” she added.

“And who gave ya’, K.E. and Alma the right to decide that? Ya’ know Lureen, ya’ had no right to do what ya’ did!” Jack yelled; he was no longer calm.

“We better get out here,” said Randall, taking LaShawn by the arm. He didn’t want them to see or listen, in case they mentioned his affair with Jack.

“Why? I want to see!” LaShawn said, as she was being pulled out of the room, by Randall, who was holding her arm.

“Bobby I think we should go too” Laverne said, and they both left Ennis, Jack and Lureen in the room.

“Tell me Lureen! Who gave ya’ that right!” Jack yelled at Lureen, who was crying and on her knees.


Ennis didn’t say anything, he was just watching the scene. Lureen knew he was enjoying this, seeing her destroyed.

“That was not the reason Lureen! Ya’ didn’t want me to leave because ya’ knew that if I left ya’, the business would come down!” Jack yelled back.

“Ya’ know I was the fuckin’ reason the business was ok! And ya’ know that our marriage was failing already because ya’ started getting colder and colder!” he added.


“And that gave you the right to do that! I can put ya’ in jail, ya’ know? I certainly can! Yer little plan almost killed me and I can say ya’ planned this and ya’ will spend the rest of yer days in jail!” Jack yelled.

“DO IT! YA’ JUST WANT AN EXCUSE TO FUCK THAT QUEER!” she yelled, pointing at Ennis.

“Now it is my turn to talk!” Ennis said as he went and grabbed her by the shoulders; she tried to hit him but he just placed her on a chair.

“If I’m a queer or not is not yer fuckin’ problem! I know we did bad, but ya’ didn’t have the right to do that!” Ennis said angrily, Jack thought he was going to hit Lureen when he grabbed her, but he realized that Ennis was not the kind of man that would hit a woman.

“I didn’t want to do that! It was Alma’s idea, she came to me in 1979 and …” Lureen said desperate trying to save her ass from the situation. “If someone has to go to jail, she is the one that should have to go! She and yer brother! They planned this, yer sister was not happy with this and tried to stop us but yer brother threatened her,” she added. In Ennis’ mind, it was all clear that his sister had killed herself, unable to handle the pain, she left a note with just, ‘I’m sorry,’ on it.

“Don’t try to get out of this, Lureen! Ya’ll pay for this, I can guarantee you that!” Jack said, looking at her.

“It was not my fault Jack! I love ya’! I did what every woman would do to keep her man!” she tried to defend herself.

“Try to defend…Try to defend? Ya’ mean that the fact that I was almost killed, ya’ weren’t defending me! That is so good Lureen, I’ll ask ya’ to defend me next time I want to get killed!” Jack said “I want the divorce and I want no excuse of this and ya’ll give me what I deserve: the half of this fuckin’ business I made with ya’ and there’s no excuse there. If ya’ don’t do that, I’ll put yer little ass into jail!” he yelled at her.

“Jack, I won’t let ya’ be with him! I’d prefer to die!” Lureen yelled at him.

“Ya’ want that? I can put you into jail and let you die there! But this is my last word! Divorce or jail!” he yelled.

“And ya’ know what this man over here is the love of my life and I don’t care if ya’ think I’m queer or not!” he said and he grabbed Ennis and kissed him in front her. She was unable to contain her cry, “Let’s get out o’ here,” Jack said. Ennis and he left the house, went back to their car and left her on the floor crying. She was destroyed and ashamed; soon all Childress would know that her husband had cheated on her with a man. She grabbed her purse and ran to her house, to her car. She had to let Alma know what was happening, that there was fire over the ranch and that they were together. Their love was a force of nature that they were unable to stop.