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Under Ennis mind everything was a mess his brother, his own brother, was the one that used the tire iron against Jack. His own blood was the one destroyed his life, and he told him that he would kill him also. Ennis felt that he was not going to live any longer. Ennis closed his eyes and felt all the emptiness in his soul he was nothing now. He realized that all his life he tried to live a life that was a lie, he denied his own happiness, and he denied himself to be fulfilled of love. Ennis with his eyes closed let that noise came out from his throat and then to his mouse “JAAAAAAAAACK!” he yelled. None of his four neighbors came from their trailers to assist him Ennis was invisible for them.

He tried to feel again that old feeling that is called hope but it was gone it was gone forever. Suddenly a car arrived to his house a 1988 White Oldsmobile it was Kurt, his son in law, who came out with his Alma Junior, his older daughter, they went directly to him and tried to help him.

“Good Lord, Ennis! K.E. went to hour house about an hour and make a scandal” said Kurt while he was helping Ennis to enter to his trailer.

“ Alma called him! She told him something, I just wish to know what!” said Alma Junior pulling from her purse a handkerchief and cleaned Ennis face.

“Ennis ya’re listening?” Kurt asked and he moved his hand in front of Ennis eyes with no answer. They were having Ennis body there but his mind was not there it was when Jack died he saw his brother face on the man that killed Jack.

“Daddy? Listen to me!” Junior yelled as she shake her father.

“Kurt, Junior When did ya’ arrived here?” asked Ennis when he returned to the reality.

“Daddy are ya’ ok?” Alma Jr. Asked looking worried for her daddy.

“I’m ok Junior, just a little bit hurt” Ennis answered, but it was a lie he was not going to tell them what really happened and why he was in that mood. He was not going to destroy his brother image in front of Alma Junior; after all he was his brother. That night Alma Junior slept in the trailer taking care of his father while Kurt returned home to stay with their kids.

There is a beautiful ranch in Childress, Texas in which Jack, Lureen and Robert Twist live. It is the same Jack Twist that Ennis is in love with, the same Jack Twist that he believe to be death. But Jack is in the same situation because he also believed that Ennis was death, for any weird reason their destinies were divided forever none of them knew that they were alive. Since Jack read on the newspaper that Ennis was dead all his live was destroyed even though that he thought that he could have a live without Ennis long time ago when he realized that it was impossible for him he always had the hope to be back with Ennis.

But that never happened a horse took that hope from him, and then six months in comma and one year in physical therapy he never was the same again. He lived only in the memory of a distant past.

Jack and Lureen had being living in that house in separate rooms since Jack’s accident they never shared the same room or the same bed again. Lureen stopped counting the times that she tried to have Jack, but he was never able for that. She knew the reason of that and she was getting tired. She in many occasions enter in Jack’s bed and with a little help of her hand tried to encourage Jack but even that was impossible.

Lureen was aware that sooner or later she was going to receive a call from Ennis Del Mar, she was mentally prepared and she knew what to say. Alma told her the exactly what to say to Ennis and she did, the only thing that she always regret was that Jack was almost killed.

It was supposed that he was going to be hit the enough to be in the hospital in intensive care for at least two months but it went far from than and she never knew that K.E. had other plans in his mind, she knew that Jack’s parents would never leave Lightning Flat and she encouraged Ennis to visit them hoping Jack’s dad would shot him, but it failed, they shouldn’t know anything about this the shouldn’t know Jack was alive. And it worked perfectly she send the ashes there and told them that was Jack. She didn’t expect that Jack’s father was going to die but it worked perfectly since he died while Jack was on comma and then his mother died when he was doing therapy, Jack used to send letters to his mother that never reached her because it was Lureen was supposed to send them and she never did it.

Jack and Bobby in the other hand became closer, since the accident Bobby spent most of the time helping his Daddy and he even went to college to take a Medicine Bachelor, he was now in sixth year in college he was specializing in surgery. Bobby knew that his mother and his father were not what you can call a normal couple they never share the bed and with the years coming they were more distant. He always wondered why but he never got an answer for that.

Today they have a wonderful party at the hall; they are celebrating as usual their Beneficence Annual Ball. All the high class society of Childress is there in their best outfits dancing and talking and making contribution for the poor.

Bobby, Jack and Lureen were there the perfect family in Childress, they never missed a ball there except when Jack was injured. Year after year they are there dancing and trying to show the image of a perfect family. While the band was playing the best of country music Lureen went to take some cups of Whiskey and Jack stayed on the table with Bobby.

“So Bobby, when I would meet that girlfriend of yers” Said Jack while drinking a glass of water.

“Dad, I told ya’ that soon as soon I found one” Bobby laughed.

“Ya’ know at your age I already was married and had ya’!” Jack laughed.

“Yeah but you didn’t went to study medicine, ya’ know that I barely had time to go out” his son told him looking at him. Jack did a noticeable “gulp” with the water and start laughing.

“Kids! They don’t value his Daddy’s effort, so there’s no one in your heart” he said.

“Well, to be honest there is one ya’ know that there’s a girl I’m interested! Ya’ know is Laverne Malone the daughter of your old folk Randall” he laughed while drinking a cup of beer.

The mixture of the words daughter, Malone and Randall caused a great impact in Jack, he got pale and that scared Bobby.

“Dad ya’re ok?” he asked trying to take his dad pulse.

“I’m ok! Just a little surprised didn’t know you know his daughter!” he said.

“Yes I know her! She’s cool she even is studying medicine also, she is cool except for the fact that she can barely stop talking” he said looking to the floor while Jack started Laughing.

“It is on the family her mother doesn’t know the meaning of the word silence! She’s always talking!” Jack said trying to stop himself to laugh.

They were immersed in their conversation when Randall appeared with Laverne that was looking straight to Bobby. And there was another man with him.

“Ya’ know Jack, Laverne is asking if she can dance with Bobby” he said.

“Sure! She can” Said Bobby smiling

“I knew it! I tald my dad: Dad I would like to ask little Bobby to dance and I know that he would say yes so let’s go an ask him! He said no but I convinced him ya’ know that as his daughter I know the ways to convince him and like mom said to me: Laverne the best way to conquer a man is…..” was saying Laverne while she took Bobby from the arm and went to dance while Bobby was looking with a scary look to his father.

“That Laverne, she likes that son of yours is as handsome as his dad” Randall smiled.

“Thanks, I’m thinking that soon we’ll be hearing wedding bells!” Jack said he was trying to sound cheerful but in his insides nothing was worst than having his ex lover in the family.

“I think I haven’t introduced you my friend, his name is Charles Humphrey he have a ranch nearby here and he needs some farm equipment plus some other stuff” Randall said while he was using his feet to caress Jack feet.

“Nice to meet ya’ Jack!” Charles said.

“Same here, how come I haven’t heard about you and your family” Jack asked.

“That’s because we used to live in Riverton, Wyoming!” Charles answered.

Jack felt sad Riverton that was the place where Ennis used to live. That was his home, where he found him four years after Brokeback.

“Riverton! Nice place” he said trying to sound nice.

“It is” Charles replied, they kept talking about money, kids and business and they didn’t realized that Bobby was more than tired Laverne didn’t tried to breath it was just talking and talking, Lureen was with her friends talking about the new gossip in town.

And then it was when Randall said “Charles you know that since I got my own ranch I have being unable to get a good foreman to help you told me when you arrived that you know someone!”

“Yes, indeed I know someone, but he is not the traveling kind I need to convince him and see is he is willing to come here” Charles said

“By the way what is his name it is really difficult to find and experienced man this years” Randall asked while he was trying to caress Jack leg under the table but Jack just stand up and change chairs.

“Ah! I forgot to told ya’ his name is En…” he was saying his name when Bobby and Laverne arrived with Lureen that was with a major headache.

“Dad, we need to go mom have a D headache!” Bobby said D headache was the code for drunken headache which means that Lureen was drunk.

“Bobby, your mom doesn’t looks like she’s having a headache! She looks like something else” Laverne said

“Laverne, Lureen is with a headache I don’t want to sound rude but mind your own business!” Jack said holding Lureen left arm while Bobby was holding the other.

“Whoa, Whoa Cowboys were are we going? The party haven’t finished yet” Lureen said

“We are going home! It finished for ya’” both said to her and the went out of the Hall and left the place leaving and angry Laverne a horny Randall looking upset at the way Jack and Bobby left.

“As I was saying Randall, that folk I mentioned is called Ennis Del Mar” Charles said trying to return to the conversation since he noted that anger in both of them.

“Well tell him about my proposal and let me know” Randall said and they continued the party as nothing happened.



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