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Jack was more than upset for Lureen attitude she was a shame for herself, he knew that the Lureen of 20 years ago would have hit this Lureen. She threw up in the car at least four times. Jack was tired of Lureen; he never understood why Lureen who used to criticize him for all his drinking was now drinking. During their whole marriage Jack and Lureen had never being fine he married her because he thought that maybe marrying her could forget Ennis, but Love is a Force of Nature and no matter how much you try to forgot something it would stay there in your heart burning your insides until you fulfill it with love.

He admitted that he was thinking in the money at the beginning but then with that marvelous father in law everything changed, that man hated Jack as water hate the oil and he never missed a time to make him feel less than shit.

In many times he used to say that he was bastard, a failure as a man but the Newsome business was in good shape thanks for Jack power of convincing and his selling gift. He was gifted give him some old shoes and Jack would sell them for four times its prize. But his father in law never liked that he was better than him and he tried to make Bobby hate his father. He never confronted that old man until a Thanksgiving back at the 70’s when Bobby was like twelve, Bobby was watching TV while eating but he was not eating at all. Jack went and turn the TV off and the Mr. Newsome went and turn it on arguing that boys needs to watch football, Jack calmly went and turn it off again saying that Lureen spent three hours cooking and his father in law was going to turn it on again and it happened Jack reached its limit and told the old man to stop and threat him that if he turn on the TV he was going knock him off, Lureen smiled since then her daddy didn’t said anything against Jack until he died.

Jack didn’t liked the idea of being with Lureen all his life but there was no choice, when Ennis died his soul was sealed to any other person. It was Ennis last realm his heart was his home forever. For Jack thinking about Ennis is on of the happiest things he could do, but at the same time painful. He couldn’t forgive himself; he never fought the enough to make Ennis his, to have him with on his side. Jack lives under the memories of the past and not even realizing that the destiny was manipulated by someone else and Ennis was still alive crying and thinking that Jack was dead as well.

Jack constantly tells to himself “If I shouldn’t drive away then and tell him to come with me then maybe...” or “I wish I knew how to quit ya' but I just don’t want to because you brought me all the happiness I needed and I still need” Ennis Del Mar was in his mind all day long. In the other hand Lureen and him were like totally stranger Lureen was now an alcoholic and when she was drunken all she used to do was cry and said “Jack one day ya’ll hate me! I swear that it was not me it was hers!” but she didn’t say what she did or who was hers, he always thought that since she was drunker it was possible that she didn’t knew what she was saying but the fact that it was almost every time he started wondering about that.

“Lureen I think that we need to talk! Every time ya’ are over drinks you apologize for things but never tell me why!” Jack asked her the next day in the breakfast.

“Jack, I don’t know what you are talkin’ about, as you said I was drunk so maybe I said something stupid” she answered nervous when the phone ranged and the Maria, the maid, appeared with the phone.

“Mrs., Twist this llamada is for usted” Maria said in a spanglish mode Maria was a maid that Jack hired in Mexico about 10 years ago.

“What?” asked Lureen who knew not a word of Spanish.

“Sorry, I mean that there is a call for you, is a lady called Alma Beers!” Maria said while Lureen quickly stand up from the table grabbed the phone and went to the living room.

“ Alma? Could it be Alma Ennis ex-wife? No it is impossible why she would be calling Lureen then!” said Jack to himself when Bobby entered in the room with his typical way with a medicine book and sit in the table.

“Maria, por favor hazme unos huevos fritos! (Maria, please give me some fried eggs!)” said Bobby in Spanish to the maid since he was able speak English, Spanish and French thanks to all those classes that Jack paid for him.

“As you wish little Bobby!” said Maria while entering to the kitchen

“Ya’ know that I can’t understand why she call me Little Bobby if I am 23 years now!” laughed Bobby

“Well, she knows since ya´ are a thirteen for her you always would be a boy” said Jack to him.

Jack and Bobby talked during the breakfast about this half-baked idea of Bobby about Laverne Malone, Jack of course didn’t told his son that he once had an affair with Randall Malone but he was trying to see if there was a good point to marry such annoying woman and then he saw a car on through the window it was a old truck with a horse trailer the exact color as the one Ennis used to have and he kept looking and he fell under his memory.

Jack was waiting for Ennis in their usual place they were going to meet and go to Sierra Madres, Jack couldn’t be more happier he haven’t seeing Ennis in six months and in that time he was unable to give Ennis a gift for his birthday number thirty he was so exited about this trip he bought plenty food. He said to Lureen that he was going to be there for two weeks she argued but then she just let him go after he fucked her before going he knew that if he do that to her she would let him go.

Jack was extremely worried Ennis was supposed to arrive at 12:00 p.m. but it was no 1:00 p.m. and no signs of him. And then he saw Ennis car with the horse trailer arriving his heart started beating faster, he bitted his own lips, closed his eyes and started shaking he wanted to go there and kiss Ennis so hard.

“Jack Twist! I thought that you were gone! I couldn’t drive more faster!” Ennis said coming out of the truck and went directly to Jack and gave him a hug.

“Son of a bitch! I thought that you wouldn’t come!” Jack told Ennis while hugging him he was trying to not show Ennis that he was almost to cry. He looked at Ennis eyes and he saw the beauty of Ennis and he put his lips close to Ennis’s lips and placed his right hand in Ennis’s pushed him to his head, opened his mouth as Ennis opened his interlaced their tongues he kissed him. It was so good for Jack feeling again Ennis lips and hair under his hands he just kept kissing him while Ennis was rubbing Jack’s back.

“Whoa little darlin’ we should stop doin´ there I don’t want no one seein’ us!” Ennis told Jack while pulling him off his body while Jack was trying hard to keep kissing him.

“Just let me be, Ennis it had being six months without yer lips!” Jack cried to Ennis who look at him and caress his face smiling for him.

“Come let’s get the things and get goin’ we have four hours of travel” said Ennis to Jack who smiled back to him.

Ennis started driving and Jack was behind him it they were going to Sierra Madres, south of Rawlins and they were going to have at least 4 hours of drive.

When they reached Sierra Madres Jack and Ennis parked theirs cars on the entrance of The Medicine Bow National Forest where the Sierra Madres Mountains were located. Jack paid the $3.00 bill for entrance and they prepared the horses and the bags and start riding.

Their ride was at least for six hours Ennis wanted to go the most distant place from the rangers, to avoid them seeing them. They were next to a river and Jack was the one in charge to put the camp while Ennis went to pick up some logs for the fire.

Jack set the camp and saw the river he had the desire for a bath and he went near that and took off his jacket, shirt, boots and pants and entered the river and started swimming closing his eyes and letting the water pass through his body he was thinking in Ennis and that was evident.

Ennis came back and started the fire and then looked at the river and saw Jack swimming it was obvious that he was unaware that Ennis returned. He took Jack’s cloth then called Jack.

“Whoa Cowboy! It looks that ya’re havin’ fun there!” smiled Ennis

“Ennis when did ya’ arrived I didn’t hear” said Jack covering his attributes.

“Ya’ know I don’t know why ya’ are covering I had already seeing ya’ naked nothing to be ashamed off!” said Ennis looking at Jack with some temptation which was evident in his pants.

“Ennis can ya’ giv’ me my clothes?” said Jack with a serious look..

“I don’t know, it is just fun to look ya’ like that” smiled Ennis with Jack’s clothes on his arms.

“Son of a Bitch! I told ya’ to give my damn clothes!” said Jack angry, but he was enjoying every moment of that game.

“If ya’ want them come for them!” Ennis winked at Jack.

He didn’t had to say it twice Jack came out of the water with his pales skin and not covering at all he went straight to Ennis and tried grab his shirt but Ennis just grabbed him by putting his hands on his back caressing his back.

Jack closed his eyes and threw his clothes unto the floor and moved his face up and his nose touched Ennis’ nose, they started playing with their noses until Ennis took the initiative and kissed Jack. In the other hand Jack was unbuttoning Ennis’ shirt while rubbing his chest. Ennis kissed Jack’s throat and Jack moaned, he took Ennis shirt and kissed his chest and unbelted his pants and threw them off while Ennis took his boots off. Jack started rubbing Ennis ass and Ennis was kissing his ear.

“I waited to damn long for ya’” Ennis whispered to Jack while hold his hair and kissed his lips again.

“I was goin’ to give ya’ a gift for ya’ birthday but I forget it so here I am” smiled Jack with his eyes closed.

Ennis start touching Jack’s cock and he noticed that it didn’t need to much for a hard on, while Jack was playing with Ennis cock with his hands and his lips. He turned Jack over and started kissing his back slowly.

“Christ, Ennis I missed you so hard!” Jack moaned.

“Shhhh, darlin’ lets enjoy the moment” said Ennis putting his thumb on Jack mouth he kissed his back rub his ribs and seized Jack ass and started rubbing it.

“Ennis please! Don’t do this to me! Six months please take me now!” Jack cried at him turning to Jack and kissing his neck while Ennis moaned and he hauled Jack onto all fours and spit unto his cock and entered Jack slowly at the beginning and then started doing it faster and faster. They started moaning together then he raised Jack’s back and kissed it and then kissed Jack’s neck

“Don’t stop Ennis! Fac’ me faste’” he cried and they kept fucking for the rest of the night taking turns on each other. They ended up on the shore of the river naked and Jack on Ennis chest with a big smile on his face.

“So this was my birthday gift, let me tell ya’ that it was the best gift I got” Ennis smiled to jack while he was smoking and then Jack grabbed the cigarette from Ennis mouth and took a smoke from it. There were cigarette clouds like whale spouts.

“Ya’ really thinks so cowboy?” smiled Jack

“I do” said Ennis and in that moment jack sat in Ennis’s legs and kissed again his chest and his mouth while Ennis was rubbing his back.

“Ya’ wan’ to kill me Jack?” asked Ennis

“Nah I just want to drained ya’ until tomorrow!” Jack smiled maliciously and he took Ennis cock and he rode him the rest of the night.

For the next two weeks it was the same all night Jack and Ennis didn’t went any traveling on that area. It was the two of them enjoying the happiness of being one self, of being in love, though they had never said that word that is what it was for Jack. When it was the last night Jack and Ennis had their last sex and Ennis slept naked while Jack was hugging him begging the sun not appearso he could stay with Ennis forever.

“Dad ya’re ok?” said Bobby who was talking to his dad when his sight got lost

“Oh Sorry Bobby! I think that I got lost on a memory!” he said with is eyes to the point of crying.

“You were thinking in your good times with mom?” Bobby asked worried.

“Ehmm, Yes I was thinking when ya’ was born” said Jack and stand up from his chair and went to the living room. Thinking in Ennis remembering all those days when he and Ennis shared their sexless hunger and their love.

“The truth is that I still miss ya’ and I don’t know how to quit ya’” he cried to himself Jack entering the living room when he listened a short of Lureen conversation.

“What did you mean that your Junior knows something and that is my fault it just told you that he still miss that Ennis Del Mar” Lureen yelled to the person on the phone.



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