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Ennis leaves Wyoming thinking about his new boss, not knowing that he is going to meet Jack Twist’s former lover.

Ennis saw the border line of Colorado when he crossed the 87 way, and was now in New Mexico. The radio started playing the song that caused Ennis to search his memory for some recollections of his happy days with Jack. Then he remembered one of their “fishing” trips, a special one.

Ennis and Alma still were married when Ennis received the usual postcard. It was the middle of February, and they haven’t seen each other since December when they spent time in a cabin that one of Ennis’s friends lent him. He found the postcard on the table in the kitchen; he smiled and read it:

“Big Horns seems to be a good place for fishing, what do you think if we go fishing on the third week of May? Jack” As soon he finished reading the postcard he ran to the post office and replied back “You bet! See you in May then!” He sent it hoping that Jack would receive it soon.

Alma was cooking the dinner and she seemed to be in a bad mood, he thought it was because of those “Special Days”, so he didn’t pay attention. Ennis and his daughters were sitting at the table and waiting for the deliciously smelling dinner

“Here it is, Ennis, your dinner!” she threw some fried rice and chicken on his plate. He looked at her raising his right eyebrow, but Alma ignored him.

“Here, Junior, take your food….This is for ya’, Jenny,” she ignored Ennis while serving the girl’s plates and her own one. Then they all started eating.

“Ya’ know, Ennis, I thought it could be a good idea for all of us to go on a trip!” she said looking seriously at him.

“What do you mean, on a trip? Junior and Jenny are in school now, we can’t go on a trip just like that!” he said to Alma while putting some rice into his mouth.

“Of course I remember that, I thought we could go in May! We can go on the third week of May, visit your brother in Signal and your sister in Casper!” she told him.

“Ya’ just said the third week of May? Me was thinking to go fishin’ with Jack and I’ve already sent him a postcard confirming that!” he answered and noticed a flash of anger in her eyes.

“How come ya’ prefer to go with that friend of yours rather than your family!” Alma yelled throwing her fork into the plate. “Ya’ always go fishin’ but we don’t go anywhere, Ennis!” she cried. “Ya’ don’t want to be with us!”

“ Alma! That is not true! We go out as a family!” he told her while trying to stay calm and avoid making a scene in front of Alma Jr. and Jenny who kept eating without a word.

“We go out! Ahhh, Ennis, I got it! You call going to the Church and the butch shop a family trip? No, Ennis, that isn’t!” she yelled at him and ran to her room.

“I don’t understand ya’, Ennis del Mar! How can you prefer that man to us!” she cried burying her face in the pillow.

Ennis wasn’t sure what happened. He was so upset that he wanted to show Alma his domestic cousin. But instead of that he ran from the room, slamming the door behind, shoved his hat backward, went outside and lit a cigarette. He was trying to calm himself down.

“She knows” he was sure for a moment, but then he erased that thought from his mind. How in the world could she find it out? He went to his room and left the door open. He was already undressed and was going to put on his pajamas when Alma entered the room. She went straight to him and started rubbing his cock and kissing his nipples.

“I’m sorry, Ennis! I’m sorry!” she said while throwing him to the bed and positioning herself on his body. She started riding him; both of them were moaning and kissing… Alma was enjoying that, but Ennis kept his eyes shut, dreaming about Jack and wishing it was Jack in his bed now, kissing and riding and fucking.

Alma seemed to be calm the next day; she prepared breakfast as always and went to her work, double turn with Monroe. March passed like a turtle in sand to Ennis; he looked forward to seeing Jack and was unable to think about anything else. Alma kept getting what she wanted from him almost every week. At work he often wrung thinking about Jack, beforehand making sure no one was around.

April was rising when Jenny went to hospital with asthma for two weeks. Ennis didn’t go to work that time; he was in the hospital taking care of her.

“Daddy, I feel sick!” cried Jenny to her father. “It’s ok, Jenny, daddy is here, he’ll take care of his angel!” he smiled to her. When Jenny was out of the hospital, Alma tried to initiate sex, but he just told her that he was tired because he was with Jenny all the time.

“I was with Jenny too, Ennis! I just want to be your wife!” she told Ennis angrily while trying to seize Ennis cock. He took her hand and put it on her stomach. “I’m tired, let me sleep!” he said and fell asleep, leaving Alma really angry.

Then it came. May. He looked forward to the date of his meeting with Jack; he even marked days on the calendar to see how many of them left till the third week of May. Then the day came he packed his stuff and loaded the horses into the trailer.

“So ya’re goin’ fishin’, Ennis?” Alma asked. “Yup! Goin’ fishin’ with my friend. Ya’ know, men need some time to do manly things!” he told Alma.

“Manly things, Ennis? Well, ya’ can go there and be with that friend of yours! I’ll be here doing women stuff,” she told him angrily.

“Ennis, please bring some fish home, ya’ know that me and girls like fish!” she added. Ennis crushed the cigarette with his boot and left the place; he was heading to Big Horns.

He was going to find Jack at the Big Horn Mountain Koa Kampground, at the 63 Decker Road in Sheridan; he drove for almost 5 hours thinking that Jack must be upset with him: he was supposed to be there at 3:00 pm, but he was two hours late. He had a surprise for him. Ennis bought some beans and had in mind the idea of preparing them in the Brokeback way.

Ennis arrived to the Big Horn Campground and started looking for Jack. When he saw him, there was this beautiful joy that took over his heart. Jack was the most handsome man he had ever seen, his perfect blue eyes were looking at him and, like a metal attracted by magnet, he got out of his car and went straight to him. “Son of a bitch,” was the only thing he was able to say, because they seized each other by the shoulders, hugged mightily, squeezing the breath out of each other, then, and easily as the right key turns the lock tumblers, their mouths came together. Ennis felt Jack arms on his back, and he was touching his hair.

“En…thought ya’ were not coming!” said Jack; he was breathing fast, and a big smile was on his face.

“I had an unpleasant talk with Alma, she was moody! I think it was so because of that mentrututatione stuff” Ennis said. Jack just laughed: “Menstruation, Ennis, it is called menstruation”

“Ok then, but ya’ understood me, right?” he asked. “I did bud, but…” Ennis silenced Jack with a hard kiss. “Whoa En…I need to breath, ya’ know?” he smiled at Ennis.

“Now ya’ need to breathe, but when ya’ can’t stop kissing me, I don’t say anything!” he laughed at Jack, who just looked in Ennis brown eyes and smiled like a kid. “I love you so much, En,” he mumbled.

“Ya’ said something, Jack?” Ennis asked, curious.

“Me? Nah, ain’t said a word!” he answered.

Ennis set the fire and they sat next to each other; they were talking about their last encounter during which Ennis learned what it felt like when someone sucks your cock.

“I’d never thought that it could be so damn good! Tried it with Alma, but she refused, said it is against her Christian beliefs,” he said, throwing his cigarette to the fire and sipping a little from the bottle of whiskey.

“Ya’ know, ya’ ain’t bad either, I really enjoyed having ya’ down there,” Jack told Ennis, looking at him with desire.

“Ennis, can I ask you something?” said Jack in a low voice, Ennis sensed fear in Jack’s voice; he didn’t knew what he was going to ask, but knowing Jack as well as he did, he was sure it have to be about all those things Jack was always trying to get Ennis into.

“Sure ya’ can, bud” he said, looking at the stars, counting them, waiting for Jack´s question.

“Well bud, if ya’ think Alma suspects ya’, aren’t ya’ afraid that she would find it out soon?” he asked “And if it happens, what are you going to do?” he added.

“Me don’t know, Jack. I guess I’ll try to convince her that it’s not what she thinks!” he answered.

Jack was biting his lip, trying to keep his anger and not say a word to Ennis; he didn’t want to destroy the moment. “Convince her it’s not what she thinks? Did he really mean he’s going to deny it! Deny us!” he thought. Jack was upset now and rolled over the left showing his back to Ennis, hiding his tears and not making a sound.

“Jack, ya’ ok? I want ya’ to understand that no one should know what we have here!” Ennis said to Jack, he knew Jack was upset because of his words and was trying to cheer him up.

“Darlin’, listen to me! I want to keep seein’ ya’, but we have to be careful! Remember what I told ya’ about Earl and Rich? I don’t want us to end like that,” he stand up, walked to Jack and lied next to him. Ennis wrapped his right arm around Jack and hold his left arm while whispering to his ears: “I told ya’ once that there are no reins for this! And I want it to be like that always!” Jack turned to face him, and Ennis saw his eyes full of tears. Ennis took Jack’s hat off, and in a moment he was kissing Jack’s tears away and licking his lips.

Jack just closed his eyes and let Ennis do what he was doing, his left hand caressing Ennis’ cheek and his right hand pulling Ennis closer to him. Ennis was above Jack, kissing him, rubbing his body and undoing his clothes. They were naked next to fire in the middle of nowhere doing what everybody else thought was a sin.

“Christ! Ennis, ya’ drive me crazy, I can’t stand being without ya’!” Jack cried, but Ennis just put his right thumb on his mouth while his left hand went to Jack’s pants and started to undo his belt and rub his cock. Jack was moaning loudly, and Ennis was just moving his head up and down. Then Jack returned the flavor, making Ennis moan and cry.

“Why ya’re crying, bud?” he asked, looking to Ennis’s eyes. “Because I haven’t being sucked in months, so I forgot what it was like,” he answered. Jack kept doing what he was doing for a while, then he kissed Ennis, and Ennis just sat on the ground and looked at Jack: “Come here, cowboy, I want ya’ to ride me” and Jack went torwards him and rode him, then Ennis positioned Jack on his all fours and entered him.

The next morning Jack woke up in Ennis’ arms; he was smiling, the man he loved was with him. He hugged Ennis and kept his eyes closed, thinking that maybe one day they would be together.

“Ya’ awake, Jack?” Ennis asked. “Well I guess, otherwise ya’re speaking with my dreamin self,” he said smiling. “Did ya’ like it?” Ennis asked; he always asked Jack if he liked their sex, Jack never understood why but every time said the same: “Like a baby likes milk! I luv it, Ennis!”

“Did ya’ ever wonder if we would go to hell or heaven?” Ennis asked, seizing his pants to get a cigarette and smoke. “Well, I don’t care. As long as ya’re with me, I’m fine!” he said, looking at Ennis who looked surprised. “Ya’ don’t care?” he asked.

“Nah! En, I don’t care, as long I’m able to see you, I’m fine, ya’ know. I feel like I’m in hell when we ain’t fishin’!” he answered, sitting down.

“I have to admit, Jack, I’m scared… I don’t know what this would lead us to!” Ennis was trembling.

“Please, Ennis, don’t try to fool me, you are jus fuckin’ worried that Alma’ll find this out!” he yelled angrily. He stood up, took his clothes off, went to the river and jumped into the water.

“I’m scared about this! Bah! Ya’re just fuckin’ scared that someone will find out ya’re fuckin’ a man!” he yelled.

Ennis froze. He sensed anger in Jack’s voice and didn’t like it, but he knew the other was right - he was scared that the rest of the world would learn about his relationship with Jack.

“Listen, bud! I don’t fuckin’ care if they find it out. I wish they knew about us! At last they can leave us alone!” he told Ennis while walking to the tent to get dressed.

Ennis went after him, and when Jack was going to put his clothes, he just twisted Jack and entered him one more time. Seeing Jack upset was extremely arousing, because Jack was worried about them.

“En…Ennis, what ya’re doing?” he moaned. “Ya’ don’t like it, cowboy?” Ennis was breathing heavily. “Fuckin’ luv it! Don’t stop it!

Meanwhile Ennis was driving to New Mexico, Jack was dreaming about the same days in Big Horns. They both remembered it very clearly, because they stayed there three weeks instead of two. Ennis remembered it as well because when he returned home, it was empty. Alma left him a note saying she was at her sister’s place and she wanted a divorce



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