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There is a house with three floors, three garages and a Chevrolet Equinox on one of them. There is someone on the kitchen, and someone else opens the door.

“Who is there?”

“Salma, it’s me, your husband!”

“Oh, Ennis! I thought it was Jack”

”He hasn’t arrived from school yet?”

“No, but he called. He’s bringing a friend”

“Oh, that is why I smell Roasted Chicken...”

“Exactly! John says his friend is from a wealthy family”

“Salma, remember he doesn’t like being called John!”

“I know, I know he likes Jack like your …...”

There is a noise, someone is opening the door.

“Mom, I’m here!”

“Hello, dear, how was your school?”

“Well it was…Dad? You came early ….Ehm, this is Seth”

“Nice to meet you Seth, I am Ennis Marshall, Jack’s dad”

“Nice to meet you, sir!”

“Are you ok, Jack? You look nervous”

“Well I’m fine, dad, we go upstairs and do homework”

Seth and Jack run upstairs

“That was close, Jack”

“Well, it was your fault you were touching me!”

Back at the Kitchen

“That Seth looks charming, don’t you think?”


“Ennis, did you know Francine had called?”


“Well, she’s going to visit the cemetery at Riverton and put some flowers at your parents’ and grandmother’s headstones!”


“Yes, she says that it isn’t fair to go there and put flowers at your parents’ grave and not at your grandma’s”

“Well, Alma Beers was not a good person! She doesn’t deserve that kindness!”

“Honey, that doesn’t take away the fact that she was your grandmother”

“I know, but it doesn’t exempt her from all the evils things she did to her dead”

“But Ennis, she thought she was right...”

“Right? You call it ‘right’, to destroy other peoples’ lives?”

“Ennis, I know but….”


“You aunt Francine is coming next week,do you remember?”

“Oh, that’s right, Jack will have to share his room with Kurt and Evan”

“I know, honey, also your ‘uncle Bobby’ called. He says that your grandfather Jack came back from Spain today and they are back at the ranch”

“Really! I wonder how the trip was.”

“They said it was an unsatisfactory situation!”

“Oh, that well!”

“Ennis, I don’t understand why you are so proud of them if you know they are….”



“Salma, don’t start this conversation again!”

“Ennis, it is just that…”

“Salma, listen, I’ll say it just one time. They raised me and Francine when mom and dad died. They are my family and I love them”

“Jack, Ella and I are your family now. You should start thinking, for your kids sake”

“I said enough! I’d rather go upstairs and take a nap, I can’t stand your ….”

“Ennis, wait!”

“I said a nap!”

Leaves the room and goes upstairs to Jack’s room

“Don’t! We can’t do this, my parents are here!”

“So? They are downstairs and I just want a kiss!”

“Seth, no, I don’t want us to be caught”

“So you don’t want to kiss me because your parents are here? You don’t seem to love me as much as you said!”

“Seth, please, don’t be a drama queen!”

“Now I am a drama queen”

“No… I mean... yeah, it is just that … Seth, what are you...”

Seth grabs Jack’s body toward his

“I just want a kiss you. Don’t like it?”

“Seth, my parents...” whispering

“What?” whispering

They are now lips to lips.

“Jack, Seth, do you want some fo…..What the heck!”

“Dad, please, we were just talking”

“John Ennis Marshall Miller, what I had just seen was not talking! I saw you two kissing!”

“Dad, I can explain! It means nothing!”

“Nothing, Jack! That’s what I am for you, nothing?”

“Seth, let me talk!”

“Jack, shut up! Excuse me kid, what was your name again?”


“Did your folks stop at Seth?”

“Seth Levi, sir”

“Well, Seth Levi, I guess you are...”

“Jewish? Yes, is there a problem with that?”

“I was going to say gay, you know! And no, I don’t have a problem with you being Jewish, Salma’s mother was Jewish”


“Yup! But I was going to ask you if your family knew about you!”

“No, sir, they don’t know, I haven’t told them yet!”

“Well, Seth, if you want to date my son you should tell them. I hate lies!”

“What did you just said, dad? You are not upset?”

“Why should I? You are my son! And did you forget who raised me?”

“Fuck! I thought you hated them! You never mention them!”

“Only because of your mom, but I do really love them!”

“I was scared of you finding out about this, I thought you would kill me!”

“Sorry, dear, but there aren’t any more tire irons here!”

“Tire what?”

“Nothing, Seth, it is just a family joke. After you tell your family the truth, you can come here again”

“Yes, sir, I swear I’ll do it. Just prepare a room for me here!”

“Of course, I’ll do so”

“Sir, you are not upset?”

“Yes and no, yes because I haven’t being supportive to Jack. Otherwise he could have trusted me enough to tell me about this. That thing, it opened my eyes and showed me that I had been out of his life! And no because I had expected this for a while. Jack had never brought a girlfriend here, and when he was a kid he preferred Ella’s Barbie to all of his toys”

“I don’t remember that, Dad”

“Well, I do”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s ok”

“Dad, I need to tell you something!”


“I’m gay”

“Don’t you think it’s a bit late for this?”


“Mr. Marshall, what you are going to do now?”

“Don’t know, I’m thinking how to tell Salma, his mom!”

“Oh no…”


“I don’t want the story to repeat”

“What story?”

“Oh well, I guess you was going to find it out sooner or later …. You know that we don’t mention my grand mother Alma, right?”

“Yes, she committed suicide!”

“Kind of, the thing is that she was so mentally ill that …….”



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