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Ennis was dreaming about Jack entering the room, telling him how much he loved him and that now he knew the truth and was not going to let him go. Then Jack gave him a kiss and took a necklace with two rings from his neck. Jack kept one of the rings to himself, put the necklace with the other one on Ennis and kissed him softly. When he woke up then next day, he felt the dream was so real that he even had the feeling of the kiss on his lips. The nurse entered his room and started cleaning his wounds.

“Th... thanks,” he managed to say, though it was still very difficult for him.

“Oh, you’re talking! That is good. How are you?” the nurse smiled.

“I gesh’ alive,” Ennis answered. The nurse couldn’t suppress her laughter, she kept cleaning him until she looked at his neck.

“What a beautiful necklace!” she said.

“Necklace?” asked Ennis, surprised. The nurse seized a mirror and showed him there was a necklace with one ring on it on his neck.

“What the...” a shocked Ennis said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was that white gold necklace, just as he saw in his dream. He nodded his head left and right and with his right hand held the ring and looked at it. In his eyes a deep emptiness was drawn and he was unable to shed more tears. He mumbled a name and he kept looking at the ring as though it were his most precious belonging.

“Jack,” he whispered; the nurse was surprised of Ennis’ reaction, “Is everything ok?” she asked, looking at him, worried.

“Never used jewelry before,” Ennis said in a loving voice and the nurse put her hand on his arm and looked at him.

“Then whoever gave you this must mean a lot to you,” she said, looking at the expression in his eyes and face.

“Was or is not sur’ now,” he said, while he looked at the ring. He took the necklace and looked inside the ring, there was an inscription “Brokeback: It did us good”. He couldn’t contain the tears any longer; it was too much for him. He knew it was Jack who gave him this, but he was so confused, how was that possible if he was dead?

Two days ago

Jack was sleeping in the chair when he opened his eyes and saw a girl talking with Ennis, he knew at once it was his daughter; she had the same eyes, hair and most of his facial expressions. They both were in a deep conversation and by their faces, it was not that pleasurable.

“Now what we are gonna do?” Bobby asked. “We have a fuckin’ situation here! They have to know who kept them apart!” he added.

“Yes, but how are we gonna tell them?” Alma Junior said. When she lifted her eyes from the floor, she saw Jack Twist behind Bobby. Immediately, like when someone sees a ghost, Junior turned white and was unable to pronounce a word. She realized that Jack listen all the conversation, it was in his eyes “His eyes are full of pain and rage,” she thought. But Jack lips were shivering and he was squeezing his fist so hard. The tears were coming from his eyes, showing the pain inside of him.

“Bobby, turn around please,” Alma said, looking at Jack’s face. “What?” he answered, and looked back and his eyes were open wide when he saw his dad behind him.

“Dad ye’re wake’” he said, followed by a ‘gulp’. He had never seeing that face on his father and that scared him. He tried to open his mouth to say a word of relief but he was forced to act quickly because his father collapsed.

“Sir, are you ok?” a nurse ran towards them.

“Yes he is ok, he just got a big impression” Bobby answered as Junior and he helped his father to go out and get some air. They sat him on a stool and he sat there, quietly, his head was just moving left and right. Bobby’s frustration was shown in his face; he didn’t want his dad to be like this.

“Listen to me dad! I don’t know how much Ye’ heard but this is not goin’ to fix anythin’! Ya’ can’t act like this!” he said, but his dad was not responding. “Fuck you Dad! I can’t understand ya’! Ya’ cried all yer life fer’ Ennis and now that he is back ya’re just gonna close yerself in yer’ own thoughts!” Bobby said, as he slapped his dad’s face.

“John Charles Twist Smith wake up you son of a bitch!” his son yelled at him as he was shaking him.

“L...Lu...Lureen did this to me?” he said, with his hands on his hair while his tears were dripping and falling to the floor. “I never thought her capable of doin’ that,” he added as he squeezed his fists, showing the anger in his eyes.

“She was so cold hearted to do this to me!” he cried. Jack was angry and the rage was surpassing his sanity. He wanted badly to have Lureen’s neck under his fist and kill Alma Beers

“Dad, please listen to me! Everything would be ok!” Bobby lied trying to calm his father.

“I don’t have to listen to anythin’! Bobby ya’ don’t understand me now! Six years! For six years I lived feelin’ less than shit! During those six years I live in a hell! I thought Ennis was dead and I died with him!” he yelled at Bobby as he stood up in front of him, breathing fast.

“I understand Dad but...” Bobby tried to say, but then Jack just looked at him and added, “Ya’ don’t have to tell me ya’ understand anythin’ because ya’ don’t! Ya’ don’t know how hard it gets to see that the one you love is lying on bed because he thought ya’re dead and when ya’ try to see him he believe ya’re a ghost! No Bobby ya’ don’t know how it feels to live a life ye’ never wanted! All I wanted was Ennis but what I got was Brokeback! I lived for six years on a memory, in Brokeback! And now ye’ tell me that yer mother and her mother...” pointing at Alma Jr. “Destroyed the only happiness I had! Fuck no Bobby! No I’m not gonna stay here without doing anything, without saying to Ennis that I ain’t a ghost, that I’m real!” his lips were shivering as his tears went across his face when he felt a warm body hugging him. The smell was familiar, but slightly different; it was Alma Jr.

“Listen, I really don’t know what you went through, but ya’ must know that if ya’re here is because ya’ got a second chance! I know it is hard for ya’ but ya’ must think that my daddy still loves you and that he thinks about you every second! I knew it when I saw yer shirts as one skin on his closet!” Junior said to him as he tried to cry on her shoulder, but no tears where shed.

“What shirts? Ya’ mean that he has one of my shirts?” he asked anxiously. “Yes, he told me yer mom gave it to him when he went to yer house after ya’ died. He found them in yer closet, he told me ya’ both used them on Brokeback and that the blood was the result of a fight ye had!” she answered as she watched Jack’s tearful eyes. “He has them! He kept them to remember us! He still loves me! He always did” he thought as a smile was drawn on his face.

“He went to my Dad’s house?” he asked. “Yes, after he found out that you died and talked with yer daddy. He went the next year to visit yer mom!” Junior said. She looked down when she mentioned his mother. Jack put his hat on his heart and looked to Ennis’ room, as his eyes unable to shed more tears tried to at least see his face.

“How am I gonna tell Ennis this?” he asked as Bobby and Lureen watched each other with no clue of what to say.

“We don’t know dad! But one thing for sure, we must wait until he’s ok!” Bobby answered.

“How long that would be?” he asked, still looking to the window.

“They said about a week!” Junior answered.

“I can’t wait that long! Where shall I go?” Jack asked. “Dad I”ll call Laverne about the dinner next week! I’ll tell her to postpone it for two weeks! I’ll tell her that I have some stuff to do here! And we’ll rent a room in the next motel from here!” he said, Jack was amazed at how their to kids were so supportive to them, even now that he said he hadn’t wanted this life, which implied that he never wanted to have a family. But both of them were trying to help the men to be together, they only wanted their happiness. Jack felt ashamed that he didn’t want a kid, but he had one who loved him more than anything and he thought that was unfair to the boy.

“Bobby, I’m sorry! I would’ve never wanted another kid rather than ya’!” he cried as he gave a big hug to Bobby who smiled and hugged him back. “Me neither, I don’t want another dad I’m fine with ya’ Daddy, dreamer or not!” he answered.

“We’ll wait until my daddy is released from the hospital and once that happens we’ll tell him the truth” Junior supplied as she watched a cab arriving and Kurt got out of it.

“I came as fast I could! Ennis and Francine are with Jenny, she said she would take care of them. How is Ennis?” Kurt asked to Jr.

“He’s fine Kurt! He is ok now!” she answered as she hugged him roughly.

“It’s ok Alma, who are these people?” Kurt asked when he saw Bobby and Jack looking at him.

“Well, Kurt ya’ better sit down! It is a long story but this man here is Jack Twist! Daddy’s Jack!” she said looking and pointing at Jack.

“What? He was not dead?” Kurt asked.

“I guess we should start all over again…” Bobby sighed as Alma retold the story to Kurt three times, until he was able to process the information.

And Ennis stayed for two weeks in the hospital because they wanted him to recover completely. When he was released, he was so happy to be able to use his jeans and his hat again.

“This fuckin’ bat s’killin’ me. I felt naked and the nurses were keepin’ me down!” he said, embarrassed, as Junior was laughing with Kurt.

“Well that would mean that ya’re well equipped there!” Kurt chuckled unable to contain the laugh, seeing Ennis embarrassed was worth seeing also, he was totally red as they were going to the car.

“Well, where are we goin’ now?” he asked, he didn’t have any idea of where he was going to go, either to Riverton with them or back to Texas, since Randall gave him 4 weeks of vacation. The dinner was postponed to the next month because Randall’s daughter and her boyfriend had some family issues.

“ Alma, if I tell you something, ya’ wouldn’t think yer daddy is crazy would ya’?” he asked, looking at Alma while he was scratching his hair. She said no and smiled at him gently. He took a deep breath and told them about what happened in the grave yard and what he saw there, and the dream. She held his hand and sat next to him in the car. She hugged him and rubbed his back and Ennis was crying. It was as though the gates of his pain were open and he was unable to cry. “Cry, Ennis Del Mar let all those pains inside you go!” Junior said “Why did he have to die? Junior ya’ don’t know how hard it gets fer’ me, mebbe would be better if I die too!” he said while crying.

Junior looked straight to his eyes and cleaned his tears, she was looking angry because of his comment, “And ya’ think that would fix it all! Dying, that is so intelligent of you Daddy. ‘Mebbe if I die!’ Damn Daddy, ya’ always try to look for the easiest way!” she said. “Ya’re a mess, ya’ need to get all these feelings out of ya,’” Junior said while she put her father’s head on her shoulder, looking at Kurt who had one eyebrow raised.

“Ya’ think so?” Ennis said calming himself down, he was feeling strange. He had the feeling that his life was going in a new direction. He didn’t know it, but the destiny was returning to its original flow and some things would come back to him. A smile was drawn in his face, something that was hard to see in him, but it was beautiful to see.

“Where did ya’ said Brokeback was?” Alma Jr. asked her dad, who just look at her surprised. “Why’ya wanna know?” he asked, curious.

“Well, it is the best place fer ya’ now! Ya’ need to go to the place where you was happy with him! And I’m sure that out there, ya’ll find the peace and forgiveness ya’ need!” she said, looking at him with a comforting smile. Ennis swore that he heard Kurt chuckling.

“Junior, I don’t think it is a good idea!” Ennis answered, looking out the window. “I can’t go to Brokeback again! It was the only place where we shared a good life! Junior I can’t go there it won’t be right! I don’t want to hurt my memories and go there and face the truth; Brokeback was just a beautiful dream for me and Jack!” he added.

“Well Daddy I’m sorry but ya’re gonna go! Ya’ need to go there! Trust me once ya’re there it will be clearer! Yer heart needs to open and release all yer feelings and that would be the best place because it was where everything began!” Junior said. She sounded so convincing that Ennis was not really sure what to do. They argued for 20 minutes until he gave up, since Junior managed herself (he didn’t know how) to bring his horses to Wyoming and they were in their trailer behind Kurt’s car.

“Gesh’ ya’re right! Jack deserves that from me!” he said, looking down as Kurt, who was driving, just asked, “So where’s Brokeback?”

“Near Signal….” he said, and he gave them the directions to Brokeback Mountain. Kurt drove all the way to Signal and once they arrived, Ennis felt anger inside of him; he knew that K.E. was living there and he was the one that killed his Jack.

“If I was here myself, K.E., ya’ll be dead!” he thought, but he was now thinking in his ever heartbeat that every mile closer to Brokeback brought back all the memories of Jack and he was so happy but scared because of that.

“Dad, is that Brokeback?” Junior asked as she watched the beautiful hills and mountains, and she indeed knew why they fell in love there. It was the most romantic place she had ever seen in her life.

“Yes it is,” he sighed as the joy in his heart became a little bit bigger.

Ennis saddled his horse and was walking on the roads to the tent. They were the same as before, the time hadn’t touched them at all. They were the same as the had been in 1963 and his eyes , that had tears in them, were looking at all the beauty of it. He even swore he heard a harmonica there, but he knew it wasn’t real. He was not doing this for Alma anymore, it was for him now, he needed this trip, he needed to go to Brokeback and see if he was able to face the truth in his heart; Jack was dead indeed.

Junior was behind him on her horse, watching the beauty of the mountain, they rode for 4 hours before arriving at the old camp.

“Can’t believe it’s still here! Like nothing ever changed!” he said, smiling, but the pain in his heart was big; that camp had opened an old scar in him. “Jack, I swear,” he whispered, with tearful eyes, as he watched the place where they had shared their first happy moments.

He looked back and noticed Junior was not there anymore, he didn’t even remember that she said a word on their way up, he had just looked back once. He was unable to tell where she was now. He thought that maybe she was just looking around. He unpacked his stuff and made up the camp with the food. He noticed that Junior’s horse coming to the camp, but Junior was not on it and he found more food there, along with a note: “Daddy you need to do this by yourself and clear your mind. Remember that life is beautiful and full of surprises! Kurt and I will pick you up in a couple of days! Love Junior” Ennis just smiled, “Ya’re indeed crazy Alma Del Mar Jr.! This was yer plan from the ‘gining,” he said.

Ennis looked over the camp and sat by the fire. When he heard a harmonica, he looked over at the place twice but he didn’t see anything.

“Jesus H. Jack! Swear I heard yer playing that fuckin’ harmonica!” he chuckled, “ Ennis Del Mar, ya´re 47 years and ya’re ‘lready insane!” he added, laughing, when he saw a bottle of whiskey in the supplies Alma Jr. had prepared for him. “This is for ya’ Jack Fucking Twist,” he said, as he sipped some of the whiskey from the bottle. He went to sleep in the tent and he dreamed of all the things that happened there, twenty eight years ago.

He woke up the next morning and looked at those beautiful hills, sighing. “Jack ya’ know, I always tried to hide the fact that I really wanted to be with ya’ but was to damn scared,” he said when he felt a lasso tie his arms. When he tried to run he felt another lasso, but this time it tied his legs, knocking him to the ground.

“What the fuck!” he yelled as he tried to release himself from the lasso, but it was really difficult, as his hands where the tied, too. He felt someone put a cloth sack over his face. He was being dragged, and he tried to fight back. He was placed on a chair, and he heard a female voice saying, “Be careful,” she sounded like Junior, but he wasn’t sure. He screamed for help, but he knew that where he was, no one was going to hear him. He heard some horses leave, by the noise there were three horses, but he was sure that he was still with someone else. They took the bag from his face, but he was still unable to see because as soon they took the bag off, he was blindfolded.

“Listen bastard! If I knew who ya were, I swear that I would kill you!” he said, trying to release himself, but he was unable; they had tied him very well. He felt the breath of that person, there next to him, breathing fast - so fast. He realized that person was nervous, “So ya’re gonna kill me? ‘Cause if ya’re gonna do it, kill me before I kill you!” he yelled again. That person didn’t answer.

“Common fuckin’ bastard, kill me!” he yelled back, when he felt a hand on his cheek, caressing him so gently. He got nervous, he had felt that same caress before and it was the same, warm hand and the same smell. Then, he felt the other person breathing in his nose. As he felt the other persons lips on his own, he was being kissed but this was killing him. He knew these lips; he knew who was kissing him, but how this could be? Suddenly, Ennis was crying.

“No please leave me alone! Can’t be true! Ya’re not him” he yelled at the other person, who was in front of him. Without saying a word, he heard a whispered “Christ, Ennis, how you could be so stubborn and not face the truth?”

“That voice, it can’t be! It is his voice” he thought, as he realized that he was able to use one of his hands. He felt the other person’s lips kissing him again but his time he was able to fight back. He punched the other person in the face and took the bandage from his eyes, trying to see who it was he had just hit.

There on the floor, rubbing his face, was Jack Twist. Ennis shook his head, he was looking at a flesh Jack. It was not a ghost, it was the real Jack and he was not scared anymore; he was angry and happy. He saw Jack’s hand and saw the ring, there was only one thing to do.

“Ennis…please listen to me…” Jack tried to say, when Ennis pulled him from his coat and was looking at him with angry eyes. Jack was unable to say anything more because suddenly he heard Ennis saying, “Son of a bitch,” then Ennisseized him by the shoulders, hugged him mightily, squeezing the breath out of him, then, and easily as the right key turns the lock tumblers, their mouths came together squeezing their noses. Ennis couldn’t stop, he kept kissing Jacks lips over and over as Jack, who was unable to breathe, was returning the kisses.

Ennis rooted out his shirt from his own jeans as he was pulling apart Jack’s shirt. He threw Jack to the floor and kissed his lips, neck, ears. Jack was moaning in pleasure; he had dreamed for this moment so long and now was happening. Ennis was not asking the question, he was just letting his feelings flow. Their hands were together, with their fingers interlaced, as their lips were together. “Ennis,” Jack moaned as Ennis whispered, “Jack” into Jack’s ear, Jack hugged him hardly and Ennis threw away their boots with his feet, undoing his belt and throwing Jack’s belt away. Jack threw Ennis to the floor and he was on him, caressing his face and kissing him hard.

“Missed you lots,” Ennis said. Jack kissed him while he took off Ennis’ pants and then pulled off his own pant. They were there, naked, kissing; their bodies in that same place, where they were twenty eight years ago. Ennis rubbed Jack’s erected cock as he placed his lips on it, Jack was moaning and crying from the pleasure that he was feeling once again. Ennis opened Jack’s legs and with a little of spit and licked him as he entered him. Jack screamed in pleasure. Ennis was moving in and out of jack. Their hips were together as he went to Jack’s lips and kissed him.

“Son of a bitch,” he said and kept taking Jack up to the end, when the both blew out on a six year climax. Their bodies lying on the floor together, as one soul.

“I always knew ya’ were alive Jack, I felt it in here,” he said, taking Jack’s hand to his heart. Jack smiled, looking at him, he was under the spell of Ennis’ eyes and his face, he was not as young as the day he met him, but he was the same man he loved all his life.

“So ya’ don’t think I’m dead anymore?” he asked, “I realized ya’ were alive when ya’ kissed me before, only a living Jack can kiss me like that! That’s why I kissed ya’ to feel if ya’ were real!” Ennis said. Jack looked at Ennis’ chest, saw the necklace and smiled. “Why’re ya’ smilin’, rodeo?” Ennis asked as he hugged Jack and pulled him to his naked body.

“Because I thought ya didn’t have that on yer neck” he said as he held the ring. “Well ya’ gave me this right? I thought it was yer spirit that gave it to me!” he chuckled as he kissed Jack’s lips.

“Yes ya’re alive!” Ennis smiled, touched every piece of Jack’s body to verify he was not a dream.

“Did ya’ remember that ring, where it came from?” Jack asked curious “Nope!” Ennis answered almost instantly.

“Remember when we was on Sierra Madres and we were goin’ on one of our trips? I remember ya’ saying you was goin’ to buy Junior a ring for her fifteenth birthday, ya’ saved $200.00 for it. I went with ya’ since ya’ was damn bad on that stuff. The one ya’ liked was $350.00 and ya’ refused to accept a loan from me, bought one for $200.00. I, of course, told the lady to change it for the $350.00 and gave her the rest of the money. When I found ya’ was looking at the ring I have now. Liked it lot’, ya’ said it was like the one yer dad used to have and it was yer’ size! So we went out on our trip and I returned. I went and bought the ring and told her to do another just like it fer’ me! But I was to damn scared to give ya’ that, because I didn’t want ya’ to say it was one of my twisted ideas!” Jack said, Ennis’ mouth was open, no words to say.

“Jack, why did ya’ fake yer death?” Ennis asked, looking at Jack angrily. “I didn’t fake my death, Ennis!” he answered quickly, as he tried to stand up because Ennis had, and was facing his back to him.

“Then ‘xplain that postcard! That fuckin’ call Jack! Jesus I suffered fer six years! Ya’ were dead and ya’ were alive! Where were you? Were ya’ in Mexico Jack? Ya’ were in Mexico, right!” he yelled on, without looking at Jack.

“Ya’ played with me! Faked dead and make me cry fer ya! Ya’ didn’t care that I loved ya! Yes Jack! I love ya’! And I can’t deny it! I love you from the depths of my heart, but ya’ didn’t care a shit and faked your death! Then, you appeared on my family grave yard, on tomb with my name!” he said, as he moved back and pushed Jack to a tree.

“Damn ya’ Rodeo I would kill ya’, ya’ know? If I didn’t know that I would be in pain when ya’ll were dead! Ya’ made me crazy of ya’, every night, I thought that I was alone because ya’ were not in my side but ya’ care a shit” he said as he was trying to not strangulate Jack.

“Ennis! I …didn’t fake this! Alma and Lureen….” He was trying to speak, but Ennis’ hands on his neck, making it impossible to do so. When Ennis heard Alma and Lureen, he released Jack, who was trying to recover his breath.

“What’ya just said! Alma and Lureen did this?” He said, angry. He squeezed his fist hit the floor.

“Yes! Alma and Lureen planned this. They made us believe each of us were dead!” he said, as he got nearer to Ennis, who was crying.

“Believe we were dead! Ya’ mean, you thought I was dead?” he asked. “Yes Ennis, Lureen gave me a newspaper telling me ya’ were killed because of a horse kick to the face!” he said, crying as he hugged Ennis.

“I called Alma, and she told me they had buried you in your family graveyard! And I went, but I got beat by a band of men, who left me in a coma for six months,” Jack cried. “Lureen told me that ya’ died changing a tire! But I thought ya’ were reached by a tire iron, then K.E. told me….Fuck Jack my brothers were in this also, the man that beat you was my brother! He confessed that to me a few months ago!” Ennis said as he looked at Jack’s blue eyes and saw that the man was telling the truth.

“I love ya’ rodeo,” Ennis said. He thought that he would have never being capable of telling Jack that, but now he had Jack on his hands and things were as he had always wished. “I love ya’ too Ennis and I always wished to say this to ya’!” Jack said, as he kissed Ennis’ lips slowly and placed him on the floor. He kissed his body and Ennis interlaced their fingers one more time. Jack kissed Ennis’ middle and placed Ennis on his chest. He opened his legs and put his hands on Ennis ribs, placing his friend on Ennis’ hip. He went up to his ass and slowly entered him. Ennis gave a moan of pain and pleasure.

“Common Rodeo, do it! Take me!” he said as Jack kissed his back, moved up and down, taking over Ennis’ body, feeling him and his moans. He was inside Ennis now and they were as one. Brokeback was witnessing those too sharing their bodies and loving each other. The day went down and even in the night they were together; it was like they were trying to bring back those six years.

“Jack missed ya’ lots and I swear now that me won’t let ya’ go!” Ennis smiled at Jack who just played with Ennis’ hair. “Me neither cowboy! Me neither” he said as they kissed again.

“We are one now!” Jack said while Ennis replied, “We was always one but was unable to realize that ‘til now!”

Ennis took the necklace from his neck and took the ring off. “Ya’ know, I don’t like talkin’, but I swear that this won’t end here! I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, I want to be with ya’ forever Jack! There ain’t no reins on this!” he said and he gave the ring to Jack. Jack placed the ring on his finger.

“No, Ennis, there are no reins for this! Not even dead can get us apart now!” he answered Ennis. They spent the night, naked on the mountain, heating each other with their own bodies.

The next day it was like it should have always been; Jack woke in Ennis’ arms smiling because this was no longer a fishing trip, this was something that was not going to end. Never. He looked at Ennis’ face, he was still sleeping but he was smiling. They were together and this time forever.

“You know it could be like this just like this always!” were the words that crossed Jack’s mind, “Yes, it will be like this always,” Ennis answered, sleeping. “What the heck, did you listen to what I just thought?” Jack said in a low voice, looking at Ennis, who was still sleeping. “We are one Jack, remember that was what you said, or think of that as part of us now!” the sleeping Ennis said, then he opened his eyes “Besides it was a thought your mouth also said,” Ennis said, looking at Jack who smiled at him.

“So what’s on yer mind rodeo?” Ennis asked.

“Don’t know, I just want to see Lureen and Alma’s faces when they realize we are together!” he said, while touching Ennis’ hair. “Oh that! Well, I think we’ll figure that out!” he answered, but then gave an evil smile to Jack “But I was just thinking now, that I need to eat” he said.

Jack was standing up when Ennis grabbed his hand and placed it on his cock, “Not that kind of food dumb ass,” he said.

“Ya’ shall have mentioned that from the beginning.” Jack replied as he went directly to Ennis’ lips and kissed him one more time.




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