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“And ya’ know what this man over there is the love of my life and I don’t care if ya’ think I’m queer or not!” he said and he grabbed Ennis and kissed him in front off a speechless Lureen. “Let’s get out o’ here” Jack said. Ennis and him left the house, went back to their car and left Lureen on the floor crying, she was destroyed and ashamed, soon all Childress would know that her husband cheated on her…with another man. She grabbed her purse, ran to her car, to her house. She had to let Alma know what was happening, that there was fire over the ranch and that they were together, their love was a force of nature that was unstoppable.

Ennis was driving, Jack seating next to him. They drove for almost two hours. Jack was happy and really proud of Ennis because he admitted his feelings in front of all of them, but Ennis was quiet and looking at the road, and if anyone could see him they would think he was horrified. He was sweating cold and he was really pale, unable to believe what he just did, telling his boss that he was in love with a man and that they were lovers. He admitted to the world that he was a queer.

They were on the main road when Ennis stepped his feet on the break and he hit the rudder “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ennis said while he hit the rudder.

“En..What ya’re doin’? What happened?” Jack asked worried at Ennis’s attitude.

“What’ve we done Jack? What we did?” he said burying his face on his hands, Jack placed his left hand on Ennis’s arm and tried to talk but he could not find the right words.

“Well, Me thinks we confronted Lureen?” he was grinning a little but was not really sure if that was what he should have done.

“Cut it out Jack! This is no game! Ya shouldn’t be smilin’!” Ennis answered angrily and looking at Jack.

“What? Ennis! What fuck is going on with you? It was yer idea! Ya’ convinced me to go there! I thought ya’ wanted to do that!” Jack said raising his voice to Ennis.

“I know! But Jack I didn’t think that it would happened I gesh’ I thought ya’ would convinced me to not do it!” Ennis said rubbing his nape with his hands.

“I’m not sure if it was a good idea! Now Randall, Lashawn and Laverne know ‘bout us!” He added.

“Wait a minute! That is the fuckin’ problem! Ennis Del Mar is scared because his boss knows he screws with me!” he said yelling.

“That is not the problem Jack! The problem is that they can tell other people and they will tell other people!” Ennis said moving his arms around.

“That is the problem? Ya’re scared that other people know this? Fuck! Ennis what happened with what ya’ told me in Brokeback? What ya’ told me at our place?” Jack said he notices a little grin on Ennis face when he made a reference his folks’ house as ‘their place’ but Jack was still upset, he felt that Ennis was once again backing out and he was not willing to go back to being “fishin’ buddies” again. He wanted Ennis all to himself and he was not going to have him just for a couple of high altitude fucks once a twice a year. He wanted a 24/7 Ennis so this was not open for discussion in his mind.

“Jack! Please listen…I know what I said but … I’m scared!” Ennis said “Don’t wanna get us killed! Doin’ this in a wrong place can get us…” Jack interrupted him.

“Get us killed? Ennis please don’t start with this bullshit again I’m tired of this ‘I don’t want you to be dead’ speech! We can defend ourselves… besides we are no longer in 1967! Christ, Ennis we are in 1990, things are different now! People fight for their rights! We deserve our happiness we’re not doin’ anything wrong! We just love each other and that is what we should care about!” Jack said looking at Ennis, but looked at the road when he said ‘we just love each other’ he just added “Damn you Ennis!”

Ennis was looking at Jack, he knew he’d hurt him, but what could he do now? It was not his fault, he was just scared, he knew he loved Jack but it was just that, because he loved him he didn’t want to loose him, could not stand to loose him again. And telling his boss about their relationship frightened him, they could tell the whole world about them and they could hunt…That’s all he could think about…but then looking at Jack his blue eyes that were fighting tears, he thought that maybe all of what they have done so far was maybe worth it, he didn’t want to loose Jack again. He grabbed Jack’s left hand and laced their fingers together. He looked at Jack and smiled, but Jack just looked away.

“Jack?” he said in a low voice, trying to sound regretful.

“What?” Jack answered taking his hand from Ennis.

“I’m sorry!” Ennis mumbled trying to fight for the words to come out from his mouth but they were not getting out easily.

“What’?” Jack asked knowing that he heard Ennis apologizing.

“I’m sorry Jack! I think that I let my fears control me but I can’t stand having to spend a minute without ya’ and if I have to kill the whole world for that I’ll do it” Ennis said looking at Jack who at that point left the car, Ennis followed him out.

“Ennis what ya’ want from me? Ya’re expectin’ me to be a saint and forgive ya’ every time ya’ get scared and hurt my feelings? Fuck! It ain’t fair Ennis! How come ya’ have to be the one that is always scared? Ya’ don’t think I’m scared too? I am Ennis! But I just don’t let me drive by them! I want you and I don’t care what everybody else thinks!” Jack said while he leaned on the car’s door.

“Jack I know but…” Ennis said and he leaned next to Jack looking at the sky, Jack took from his coat a cigarette and lighted it up and started smoking.

“Ya’ know friend, I’m wonderin’ when ya’re goin’ to realize that my feelin’ for ya’ is stronger than any other fear?” Jack said looking at Ennis who looked at him.

“I gesh’ that I already know that Jack” Ennis replied trying to get closer to Jack.

“Weird way of showin’ Ennis….weird way!” Jack replied during this whole mess he never thought about the possible problems they would face. As long as Ennis was with him he was ok and he thought that Ennis had realized it too, but Ennis was still afraid.

“Jack I swear that I’m sorry! I told ya’ me was not thinkin’ sometimes still difficult to me to accept that…” he was trying to say but Jack interrupted him.

“That ya’re a queer?” Jack replied in an angry tone.

“That I love ya’ rodeo! I don’t care being called queer I mean yes I care but if ya’re with me I’m able to stand it!” he said as he caressed Jack’s cheek, Jack just looked at him and rolled his eyes “Come ‘ere” was all he said and he gave Ennis a hug. As he felt Ennis’ warm body next to him, he started thinking about all the things Ennis’ had gone through since he was a kid and his dad showing him Earl’s dead body, the day they saw themselves on that graveyard. He understood that it was not easy for Ennis to let this happen so easy, because how would he have done if he had been raised thinking that this was wrong? How could you think you are right when everybody else thinks you are nasty? How could this be good if you loose too many things in exchange of this? Jack knew that Ennis loved him but he was always the one that faced the ‘Real World’ he was the one that got divorced, he was the one that paid child support for almost 20 years, he was the one people used to watch (they looked at Jack too, but he didn’t care) and then he always returned to him. So how Jack could be angry with Ennis after all he had.

“Damn you Ennis! Look at what we have now it is real, not an illusion! I’m real, you are real our feelings are real! We don’t have Brokeback Mountain anymore because we have us right now” Jack said as he hugged Ennis.

“Whatcha’re sayin’?” Ennis asked unable to look Jack and ashamed of himself.

“That we are no longer living upon Brokeback illusions! This is no longer a one shot thing! And ‘this thing’ as used to call have a name and it is Love! Brokeback is our illusion our paradise all what we did there was because we were under Brokeback’s spell! When we faced the real world we both doubted it was going to continue...well ya’ did me was sure of what me was feelin’ for ya’ and now what we have here is this feelings we share and the live we want to live!” Jack said to Ennis barely containing his tears. Ennis looked at him, all what Jack felt was true; he thought he was the only one that felt that but Jack felt it too. He seized Jack’s face and placed his lips onto Jack’s lips and kissed him slowly.

“What’s that for?” Jack asked

“For bein’ here with me” Ennis answered and he gave Jack another kiss.

“Beside I don’t need excuses to kiss y’a” He added and he saw a grin in Jack and that comfort him.

“Well Ennis it is good we stopped here...Because, we have to pick yer stuff at yer house!” Jack said.

“Oh ya’re right! I still have my things in the house I rent!” Ennis said

“Well let’s go there ya’re gonna pack because we’re going to Lightning Flat!” Jack added.

“Sir Jack sir!” Ennis said trying to make a joke, but Jack just rolled his eyes.

“Ennis ...no more military jokes!” Jack said “Now let’s go to yer house! We haven’t ...ya know “ with an evil smile “ there...yet” he added.

Lureen hurried to get to her house, she had to call Alma and tell her everything, she was frantic. She didn’t understand how Ennis and Jack got together and what they were going to do. She couldn’t contain her tears, she was going to lose everything, including half of her money and properties, but it was that or jail as Jack said they committed a crime and they could go to jail. She was also worried about her image and how the Newsome name would face a scandal! Her husband left her for another man and he claims she tried to kill them. Lureen tried to calm down and avoided being seen anyone.

When she arrived at her house, she could not open the door she was shaking so much, even dropped the keys on the floor four times, she managed to get in, looked for her phone but was unable to find it.

“Maria! Where is the damn phone?” she yelled to her Mexican maid.

“It is next to the television on the living room!” the maid yelled with her normal accent.

Lureen just looked for a bottle of whiskey and started drinking then looked for the phone “Where it is? Where it is?” she told herself twice looking for it. By the time she found it she was already half drunk and half scared, yet she managed to call Alma and when Alma answered the phone it all began…or ended.

“ Alma! We are in trouble! They found’ve out! They know it all now! They are together! We are in trouble!” she yelled at Alma…Lureen was hysterical.

“Hold on, Lureen! What ya’re talkin’ about? Who knows what?” Alma asked, but Lureen was just screeching, and yelling, unable to control herself.

“Lureen, please, calm down! I don’t know what ya’re talkin’ about!” Alma yelled down the phone. Lureen, who managed to stop crying, took a deep breath and said.

“Alma, Jack and Ennis were here! Somehow they found out the truth and came here... It was horrible, Jack, yelling at me…” Lureen was on the verge of tears again, and she stood frozen. She had never expected this to happen.

“But...How...When?” she asked, trying to pull from her mouth a whole sentence, but no words coming.

“How the Hell should I know?” Lureen yelled back. “I just know that all the things we did are now the things that can get us into jail!” she said, scared, and Alma heard that Lureen’s phone fall down and she was trying to find the phone, swearing.

“Damn ya’, Alma! This was your idea, if I go to jail, ya’ll come with me!” Lureen kept saying.

At the other hand of the line, Alma was not paying attention to any of the things Lureen was saying. As clear as if they were in front of her, Alma saw Ennis and Jack sharing one of those disgusting moments, hugging, kissing, and doing it to each other. She squeezed the phone angrily and threw a vase against the wall.

“Noooo! This can’t be, the plan was perfect!” she yelled, while throwing anything she could get her hands on against the wall. Her family heard all that noise, rushed to her room and saw her hands covered in blood. Her eyes full of frustration anger and hatred. She was breathing heavily.

“Now, bitch, ya’re gonna listen to me; if ya’ open that mouth of yours, ya’ll not see the next day,” she yelled as she hang up the phone to Lureen who was breathing fast and tried to calm herself down.

“She just threatened me! Alma threatened me! She is goin’ to kill me!” Lureen cried, walking from left to right until she looked back and saw Bobby, her son, looking at her. He was crying shaking his head ‘He hates me’ she thought and she was right her son was hating his mother for what she have done to his daddy.

“Why?” Bobby said looking at her. She could see the hate in his eyes...burning her body “Why?” he asked once more, but she didn’t answer. “I said Why?” he yelled to her.

“Bobby! Son! Listen, yer momma can explain it’s just… listin’ to me” Lureen said with teary eyes, her son had never yelled at her and the look in his blue eyes was destroying her soul.

“No mom! No i’m not gonna listen to anything! Ya’ did something that can’t be named! Even if my dad was yer husband! Ya’ had no right to do that! Ya’ almost got him killed!” Bobby said in rage, trying to breathe but was almost unable to.

“Bobby, What was I supposed to do? Sit down and let them fool us? I lov’d yer daddy so much and he didn’t lov’ me…never! I was thinkin’ about us when I did that!” She said crying, trying to hug her son.

“Getaway from me! Ya’re a monster! Ya’re not my mom!” Bobby cried as he pushed his mother away from him.

“Bobby please listen to me! I’m yer mommy and I love ya’! please understand me!” she said and she tried to hug her son once more time but he pushed her away again using so much force that she ended up hitting her head on the edge of the desk next to her.

LaShawn was at her house really pale she just witnessed something that she never expected that her foreman; Ennis Del Mar; was in a sentimental relationship with Jack Twist, her daughter’s father in law, and that she will witness how they were saying to Lureen she and other person can go to jail. She didn’t understood who where the others but this was really entertaining for her.

“This would be the best gossip ever! I’ll need to call Hannah and tell here everything! This is just so sweet!” Lashawn said as she was going to pick her phone and call Hannah, Childress’s Lady of Gossip.

“Ya’re not gonna call no one Lashawn Malone!” her daughter yelled at her as she took the phone from her hands. “This is no gossip ya’re gonna spread on town! This dies here and ya’ll not tell anyone! This is the family of my boyfriend! Ya’ understood it my boyfriend!” she added looking straight to her mother’s eyes.

“Randall! Look at his girl she believes with right to give me orders!” Lashawn said to her husband who was looking to the window he was lost on the image of his field but it was not because it was beautiful it was because he felt that his hopes were shattered one more time.

“Jack Twist” he mumbled only to himself, he was angry and exhausted at the same time, on one occasion Jack and him were involved sexually and Jack told him that they would stop being together because he was in love with someone else. So Randall didn’t said anything just let him go and have his life and then when he thought that he could have second chance with his new foreman because he felt his “vibe” now it results that he was Jack Twist’s Lover and the reason of why Jack broke with him. Randall was angry but there was nothing that he could do.

“Randall! I’m talkin’ to ya’!” Lashawn yelled Randall looked at her raised his eyebrow went to the phone and the slammed the phone against the wall destroying it completely.

“Ya’ll not call anyone! This dies here!” He said on a serious tone and LaShawn, with her eyes wide open, got scared and stood quiet while Laverne was grinning and hugged her dad.

“Thank you daddy!” she told him.

“I won’t tell anyone but know I guess we should hire a new foreman!” LaShawn said and again she was under the eyes of her husband and her daughter and their sights were not that happy.

“Listen to this LaShawn! If Ennis wants to keep workin’ here he can do it! I don’t give a shit if he is with Jack Twist or not! This place hasn’t being this better! So go now to yer room and read some of yer stupid magazines and forget what ya saw, heard! Go it?” Randall said angry to her; LaShawn look at them with her eyes teary and ran to her room and slammed the door she started crying loud and her cry became louder and louder because no one was going to her room to check her out.

“Thanks daddy!” Laverne said as she gave a hug to her father who just smiled at her.

“Don’t worry dear I’ll make yer mother not to tell a word!” he said smiling and then it was when the kitchen's phone ranged

“Hello?...Bobby is it ya? Bobby please calm down! ...Oh Lord Bobby! I’ll be there on a second wait fer me!” Laverne said as she ran and took her purse jump through the door and entered in her car and went straight to the Twist’s ranch.

Ennis and Jack drove for about 45 minutes before arriving to a white bungalow with a stable and a red fence, Jack liked the place it was a really big house for Ennis and he noticed that it have the privacy Ennis always liked. As they arrived there he noticed that there was a grin on Ennis face and he had no idea of why and he didn’t thought in asking either. Ennis was first to get down from he car he looked everywhere to see if his house was in shape.

“Rentin’ it fer $150.00 per month!” He said smiling as he opened the door “It was a mess when I got it! But I put it in shape!” He added, Jack just sighted when he heard that he thought in all those times he asked Ennis to help him to put in shape his folks place, but later cut that idea from his head since Ennis was with him now.

Ennis showed him his house which was pretty big since he didn’t had too many furniture Jack was amazed for that since he thought that Ennis was earning good money with Randall he could at least bought some furniture for his place.

“Ennis why ya’ don’t have enough furniture?” he was rubbing his head and in a loud voice to make Ennis come since he was on the bedroom.

“Becaus’ mebbe i didn’t need them! I mean what was the point? Me only lived here and i wasn’t most of the time here! So it was not necessary! And when ya’ got nothin’, ya need nothin’” Ennis said with a suitcase on his hand Jack gave two winks before saying a word he understood the last statement and went straight to Ennis and gave him a hug from the bag he closed his eyes and kiss Ennis’s left ear.

“Ya’ have me now! Ya’ are better now!” he said as he felt Ennis warmth and his particular odor that he always loved. Ennis grabbed Jack’s arm and sighted “Ya’re right i’m with ya’...I’m with ya!” Ennis said

Jack went to the bed room and saw three suitcases on the bed he went to Ennis drawers and took his underwear out and put them one by one on the case not without smelling them, something he learned from Ennis, who always used to do that, and then it was the turn of the socks, then his Levi’s and all done. The only thing he was missing was Ennis shirts but when he looked the closet he almost fainted there they were their shirts as one skin Ennis’ shirt was covering his and next to them a Brokeback postcard Jack couldn’t contain his tears and went took the shirts looking at the blood stained on it he was really shocked he knew Ennis have them but he was not expecting to find them.

“Took them from yer room” Ennis said, he was watching Jack for while now and didn’t say a word.

“I know that yer daughter told me” Jack answered still holding the shirts.

“Wanted somethin’ to remember ya’! I didn’t wanted to let ya’ go but, didn’t say a shit! Was crazy so after the fight when you took your shirt off took it and put it on my stuff and bring it with me! I had it since then! I remember all the times I hold them and smell trying to remember ya’!” Jack said as he hugged the shirts.

“When I found them I did the same!” Ennis said as he walked towards Jack and he gave him a hug then he caressed his chin and kissed him gently.

“Jack, I love ya’! Just want to tell ya’ this! There are no reins on this one and i’m not gonna let ya’ go out of my sights!” Ennis Said as he gave Jack a very romantic kiss.

Jack gently placed the shirts on the desk next to him as Ennis kissed him, he managed to unbuttoned Ennis’ shirt let it fell in the floor, Ennis unbuckled Jack’s belt and opened his shirt he kissed Jack’s neck and he squeezed up his body towards Jack’s. Their belts and their pants fell into the floor and there was no longer two persons on the room instead of that was only one soul. Every caress, every kiss every movement of their bodies was synchronized and was exploring each other’s feelings. Jack moaned when kissed his nipples, Ennis moaned when Jack kissed his middle, as theirs bodies were explored they were falling into a state of ecstasy and love. Their hips were together as one as Jack plunged his nails into Ennis back who moaned in pleasure they were looking to each other they were loving each other. When the sun left the scene and the moon was called upon, Both of them were naked on the floor covered only by a white sheet their bodies sweated and their eyes closed they were exhausted for all their shared love.

Ennis was dreaming on those old days when they both owned the world and when nothing seemed to be wrong those days in which he gave himself to Jack on Brokeback Mountain on that tent his first time sex, his first and only love. He recalled all those moments they shared together there as well their ‘Fishing’ trips all of them seemed to be one dream for him a dream inside a dream until everything changed he saw Lureen, K.E. and Alma laughing in front of him they all had tire irons and all of them were hitting Jack, he tried to scream but he was unable, he tried to run but he was frozen. When he was able to run the only person left there was Alma and she was laughing and looking at him while she said “Ya’ never went fishin’ ya’ lied to me Ennis ya’ and him ...he needed to die” Ennis woke up and verified that Jack was next to him and he was sleeping.

Ennis knew that this dreams would haunt him until he do something and he knew he had to face Alma, besides he need to know the reasons of why she did that to them what caused her to do that evil plan and if they were not married. He needed that answered but he was not sure if he was going to be strong enough to drive to Riverton and confront Alma, she was no daemon (or at least he thought) and she was not going to kill them. She was a human being as him and probably was really hurt after finding her note on the fishing line but that was like almost 12 years before all of this happened. He walked and went to his back yard and looked at the starts and sighted.

“Is there somethin’ interestin’ up there in heaven?” Jack asked yawning and grinning he used those words before on their first ‘fishing’ trip.

“No...What is interesting is next to me I was just thinkin’ to go to Riverton” he said without looking to Jack he knew that this would be sort of a trouble for them.

“Fer wha?” Jack asked raising an eyebrow knowing the answer already, Ennis pulled a cigarette and lighted up and started smoking he look down to the floor and then to the sky and didn’t said a word.

“Common Ennis! I thought we have gone over this already!” Jack said trying to not sound angry.

“I want to see Alma!” he said and looked at Jack who was surprised for that comment. “I want to know why she did this!” he added Jack just sighted and placed his arms on Ennis neck and look at him with a smile.

“Do you think this is what you really want?” He asked

“Yes I do ... but not now we need to think what to say” he said

“Right I just remember you are not good on words! Like we really need them” he said smiling at Ennis

“Shut up and let me kiss you” Ennis replied

It was almost 5:00 am when Ennis heard a noise on the front of his house he made quick movement and jumped from his bed leaving a sleeping Jack went to his closet and pull out his shotgun he went to his front door and he opened quickly pointing the shotgun to the strangers on his door.

“Grand Daddy!” two little kids screamed and ran to gave him a big hug to each of his legs Ennis took a deep breathe and sighted as he lowered down his gun.

“Ennis, Francine! What ya’re doin’ here?” he said as he placed the shotgun on a safe place next to his door.

“Well they kept askin’ for his grand father so I thought It was a good idea to bring them here!...Daddy” a female voice he look up and he saw a blonde girl in her mid twenties green eyes, same as her mother, that was smiling to him but at the same time she was trying to not cry but it was late she was crying and he ran towards Ennis and gave him a big hug.

“Jenny!” Ennis said hugging his daughter “What’ya doin’ here?” he added.

“Daddy I need to see ya’! Junior and Kurt told us that ya’ had an accident that ya’re ok now but I couldn’t wait any longer on Riverton without knowing how ya’ were!” Jenny answered.

Ennis just sighted he almost killed his daughter and grandkids he tried to walk but his two grandkids were hanging on his legs and the were not willing to get down.

“And where are Kurt and Junior?” Ennis asked as he managed to lift with his tow grand kids on one hand each and walk

“Granddaddy I need pens!” said Francine smiling at Ennis “Not now Fran” he answered as Ennis Jr. started poking his twin sister and Ennis gave his grand son a look that Ennis Jr. stopped poking his sister.

“Junior and Kurt ...well dad they are at Denver they are doing to something that had to be with a lawyer I don’t know!” Jenny said looking to the sky, Ennis knew what it was Junior told him that they were planning to move to Denver since Kurt got a job offer with pretty good salary and that they were thinking in moving out but they need to talk with the lawyer of the company first.

“I see, it is good to see ya’ here Junior! Me was sleepin’ when ya’ arrived ya’ shall have called!” he said placing his Grandkids on the table.

“Daddy, ya’ don’t have a telephone!” Jenny answered laughing and looking to the house and that there was no furniture “Ya’ need more furniture” she added Ennis just looked up and rolled his eyes “What’s the matter with everyone and that I don’t have furniture! It is my place ya’ know! I decide what to have and not to have!” he said rubbing his nape Jenny looked at him surprised but she laughed for the comment.

Ennis Jr. and Francine found a big box and started playing that it was a castle and that Francine was a princess and Ennis a Knight.

“What ya’ gave to them?” Ennis said looking at them “They should be sleepin’ at this time!” he added.

“Well I gave them some coffee” Jenny mumbled but her father heard her and looked at her serious “I need to stay awake and with them talking I was not sleepin’! Try to fall asleep with those two singing King of the Road or one million li’l Indians!” she said shaking her head but Ennis just laughed.

While Ennis was playing with the kids Jenny started walking through the house like if she was looking for something, which she was, until she reached Ennis’ room and she felt a lot of curiosity to look through, even though she knew the whole story of what happened she never had the chance to see who really he was and how he looked like. And as a kid when is doing something that doesn’t want to be caught she slowly move her head into the room and saw him that brown hair, pale skin, half naked man sleeping half covered by the sheets. ‘He’s really handsome! Daddy had better taste than me’ she thought she had the feeling that she needed to see him face to face when she felt a hand on her left arm. Jenny felt like a piece of ice touched her body and at the same time she felt an electrical shot as well she gave a big scream and jumped into the room. Jack woke up scared and jumped from the bed leaving his naked body totally visible to Jenny.

“Who ya’re?” Jack asked scared and angry covering his noble parts. Jenny was frozen unable to say a word she was blushed and pale she have just received the biggest scare of her life.

“Lady, Who are ya?” Jack asked trying to get the sheets to cover him and Jenny was not saying a word when both of them listened a laugh from the door. It was Ennis that was laughing for both reactions he didn’t expected none of them. “Well rodeo she’s Jenny, my second daughter, ya’ know her! Ya’ met her when I got divorced and Jenny this is Jack and well ya’ have know more of him than I was expecting” he said laughing really hard.

“What’s fuckin’ funny? Yer daughter just scared me to dead and ya’re just laughing!” Jack said angry already covered by the sheets.

“I gesh’ that curiosity killed some cats today!” he grinned “and ya’ were oversleeping! I was just goin’ to tell her to wait until ya’ wake up but she reacted like that” he added still unable to contain his laugher.

“I’m sorry” said Jenny putting her hands on her face to not see anything but she already saw enough “I didn’t want this to happen! Ya’ scared me daddy!” she said to Ennis who was still laughing.

“Stop Laughing!” Said Jack he was getting angry “Jenny, dear can you go out please I need to get dressed! Ennis ya’ think ya can help yer daughter?” he added trying to pull some jeans to get dressed.

“Sure I can rodeo!” Ennis answered and he grabbed Jenny’s arm and she followed him to the living room.

“He’s handsome! And he loves ya’!” She said without looking to her father.

“Yeah and how ya’ figured that out?” Ennis asked.

“The way he looks at ya’! Even angry his eyes are full of love for ya’!” she replied “Daddy did you and him...you know” she added looking to the floor.

“Jenny, if ya’re asking what I’m thinking I think is only between us! Not wantin’ to be rude but none of yer business!” he said.

“It’s ok daddy! It’s ok!” she answered looking at him and smiling.

It took exactly about 10 minutes to Jack to get dressed mostly because it was 5:45 am and he was used to know to wake up at 8:00 am so this was too early for him. Once he was ready he came out of the room and without thinking he gave a kiss to Ennis on his mouth then he realized that Jenny, Ennis Jr. and Francine were looking at him.

“Oh hi little folks! I’m ... I’m Jack” he said blushed looking to Ennis who just turned his eyes to other place

Jack was getting frustrated he didn’t knew how to explain them his relationship with Ennis he tried to say something but he was unable to.

“Ennis can you help me with this?” Jack asked Ennis who raised his eyebrow and said “Well rodeo ya’ get into this alone ya’ shall get out by yerself”

Ennis just kept his mouth shut as Jack tried to manage to explain them that saying that they were friends ‘special friends’ that care about each other and they shared a pretty good friendship. Whether they understood it or not Jack was not willing to say more since Ennis just looked at him, trying to not laugh, Jack was showing an obvious anger since Ennis didn’t moved a finger to help him.

“Thanks” Jack said looking to Ennis and went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee. “Fer what? Ya’ did a pretty good job with them” Ennis said as he entered to the kitchen “Me was hopin’ ya’ to talk them since they are now yer family!” he added Jack blinked twice for that last comment ‘my family’ he thought that word was on his head and he gave a small smile to Ennis.

At 8:00 am for some weird reason the kids fell asleep and Jenny placed them on the second room when she came back she look at her dad and Jack that were in a deep conversation. She entered o the kitchen and they stopped talking.

“Daddy ya’re goin’ to see mama right?” Jenny asked and she watched that Ennis and Jack open their eyes really big as they were busted from their plan.

“How did’ya knew that?” Ennis asked he was surprised of his daughter’s intelligence.

“Feminine Intuition I guess... I don’t know the thing is that is why I cam here! I think that I won’t try to stop ya’ fer me is better for ya’ to let her know her plan didn’t work I love my mother but this thing was just not fair!” Jenny said Ennis just look at her daughter and noticed how hard she was shaking but he knew that she was trying to adjust to the fact that his dad loved a man and that her mother was able to do this kind of things. She told them that she was going to stay at Ennis’ place for a few days since she thought she wanted to sneak around the town and see what was interesting in Texas. To Ennis the idea sounded quite right he didn’t wanted neither Jenny nor his grandkids near Alma at least when he confronts her. Meanwhile Jack tried to convince himself that what they were going to do was correct since he didn’t wanted to have another scene with Jack like the one he had about a week ago. When it was 11:00 am it was Jack the one that was not sure if this was the correct thing but he entered to the car not before receiving his first hug and kiss from Jenny who whispered to him “Take care of him!” “I will” he answered and entered to his car and waited for Ennis to enter he watched Jenny and Ennis talking, the he gave her a hug and he went to the car.

“Ya’re eady for this?” Ennis asked Jack

“No” Jack answered.

“Good! Let’s get goin’ then” Ennis said holding Jack’s hand and they went to road Destination Riverton.

Alma, Monroe and their son arrived at the restaurant and went all together to eat their food. When they saw a red truck going on the road, Alma thought she recognized the driver, but it was moving too fast to be sure. They arrived to the restaurant and have the most unpleasant dinner they could ever had everybody was asking her about her daughters and about Ennis. She couldn’t take it any longer and told Monroe she was sick and she need to go home and he just paid the bill and they went back to the car but their son told them he was going to one of his friends house to practice for the play he was participating.

“I guess that we’ll be goin’ home alone!” Monroe said smiling to Alma who just faked a smile to him and entered to the car as they went back home she opened her eyes when she watched a red Chevy in her in front of her house and there were two men smoking on the door.

“E...E...En...Ennis!” Alma Said in front of her house there were Ennis Del Mar, her ex-husband, and Jack Twist waiting for her she started shaking but not for fear it was for anger all those years of rage were coming back to her she had them at her house and they had the shameless to appear in there together.

‘They are here! They are here Alma! It is the end of yer days they’ll kill you!” her internal voice said

“ Monroe, please go to visit yer mom! I’ll need to talk to Ennis myself” Alma said to Monroe “ Alma I can’t leave ya’ with them!” he answered.

“I want ya’ to go there I can handle myself!” she said smiling to him caressing his cheek but Monroe was no dumb and he knew something was hidden so he told her he was going to stay no matter she say no at the end she was forced to agreed. They arrived home and she came down the car and acted as nothing happened and entered through the door she noticed that Jack held Ennis’ right arm, who tried to walk toward her but he didn’t did it after all, “Coward” she thought ‘Yes he is’ her internal voice said. Monroe followed her and they entered the house and left the door open. Ennis looked at Jack his face was almost red he had never felt so much anger in his life.

“Did she just ignore us?” Ennis asked Jack raising his eyebrow Jack nodded agreeing with Ennis when Alma came out of her house and look at them angry.

“If ya’re expectin’ me to invite ya’ to enter won’t happen! I’m waitin’ fer ya to enter!” She said and she entered to her house again.

“No Alma, I don’t trust ya’ any longer! What would guarantee me that ya’ don’t hav’ a gun ther’!” Ennis said pointing at her house.

“Common Ennis! I’m no monster! Just enter please I don’t want show outside! I just want a civil conversation!” Alma said smiling trying to not show her anger but it was noticeable.

“Ennis I think she’s right!” Jack said Ennis looked at Jack then look at Alma then back to Jack and nodded and both of them entered the house. Last time Ennis was there was on Thanksgiving back on the 70’s when Alma told him about his fishing line.

“Please sit down!” Alma Said pointing her sofa Jack and Ennis sat down on the sofa and breathed even though it was a beautiful house they were feeling that weird feeling already.

“So Who’s the woman?” Alma said trying to provoke them “I mean Ennis ya’ changed me for that thing! I don’t see nothin’ sexy on him and I can tell he’s no better than me there!” she added looking directly to Ennis who just squeezed his fist and he tried to manage his anger.

“ Alma, ya’ didn’t came here to discuss who’s better here ya’ on him” Ennis said and the anger was visible in the way he was breathing.

“I think that ya’ want me to apologize to say I’m sorry Ennis for ruining yer life! And ya’ know what ya’ won’t!” She yelled “Ya’ won’t because ya’ ruined my life! I loved ya’ Ennis and ya’ changed me for him! Man a Nasty man ya’ n’ him cause me to threw up!” she added

“Ya’ have no right to say that! Not afte’ ya’ did to us!” Jack said as he raised himself from the chair he didn’t expect it but Alma was really quick to slap him. Ennis look at her and he was going to do something but Jack just make him the stop sign and

“Ya’ don’t have no right! No right to talk to me! Not afte’ all this years! Ya’ stole him from me! It was mine I got him first and ya’ just somehow managed to took him from my sights!” she yelled at Jack she was going to hit him again but Monroe held her from her hips as he was walking backward.

“ Alma please calm yerself down ya’ can hurt yer heart” Monroe said to her

“The hell with my heart it was destroyed the day I saw those to fags kissing on 1967!” She yelled to Monroe, but Jack was the one affected he looked at Ennis who nodded they look each other with the ‘she saw us look’ Jack got pale.

“Yes I saw you! Kissing like a men and woman! The same way I used to kiss ya’!” She yelled at Ennis trying to hit him but Monroe tried to hold her trying to calm her but she was not listening.

“Kill him Alma! There he is he is the reason ya’re stuck with this situation! Kill him Alma! Kill him!” her internal voice yelled, Alma watched him and she squeezed his hands and yelled “I hate you!”

“I heard enough of ya’ Alma! Ya’ didnpt have the right to do what ya’ did to me! If ya’ saw me kissing Jack on 1967 why ya’ didn’t told me!” Ennis yelled at her.

“Because…” she yelled starting to cry.

“Because of what?” Ennis yelled back.

“Don’t you dare to say it Alma! Don’t” Her internal voice said

“Because I love ya’!” she yelled “I thought that mebbe if ya’ saw how good woman I was ya’ would come back to me! But that never happened!” she said crying.

“ Alma…” Ennis said all his pain and anger were now changed by guilty and shame he hurt Alma, he always thought in him and not in Alma Jack looked at him and try to comfort him with his eyes.

“Yes Ennis! So ya’ asked me why I did this? Revenge I wanted ya’ to feel how I felt before! Empty and lost because of ya’ Ennis! It is because of ya’ I’m like this!” she yelled and the rage on her eyes was something that Ennis and Jack couldn’t forget.

“I had to do it! Ya’ were immoral with that disgusting beast!” she said pointing to Jack

“I love Jack! I always did and I won’t let ya’ insult him!” He yelled without thinking by his anger but what he said was true and Alma eyes were filled of tears and Monroe let Alma go as she felt on the floor.

“Ya’ always love him? What about me? Ya’ never loved me! I was nothing than a fuck for ya’!” she cried hitting the floor.

“The shotgun Alma! Go and pick the shotgun!” her internal voice yelled at her

“Alma I ….” Ennis tried to say but his words were not coming.

“Ennis no…” Said Jack moving his head “ Alma I never took Ennis from ya’! He was never yers! And ya’ knew it from the beginnin’ Ennis wasn’t mine either! Ennis didn’t knew what love was until we met! And ya’ say that you love him like some kind of victim here! When you are not! Ya’ planned this from the beginning Don’t ya’? make Ennis feel guilty!” Jack said looking at Alma who started laughing in a crazy way.

“How clever ya’ re fag! Yes ya’re right I don’t care a shit now! I wanted to make both of yer life miserable! Because that is what ya’ deserve! Ya’ dirty pieces of shit! Hell is not even a pain for ya’!” she yelled.

“ Alma? What happened to ya’ ?” Ennis asked he was sad for Alma that innocent and pretty good girl he met was no longer that she was a bitter, frustrated and disturbed woman.

“What happened? Ya’ is what happened! Ya’ think that is good the life yer havin’ when it isn’t ya’re are just as crazy as me!” she yelled at him laughing

“I’m stuck here! With this imitation of man that is not even the half of hung as you!” she yelled pointing at Monroe whose eyes were wide open and filled with tears.

“ Alma..” Monroe tried to say “shut up ya’ don’t know how much I hat you Monroe all those days were in me! I felt that was going to threw up! Ya’re not a man ya’re a mice!” she yelled at Monroe who just looked at Alma trying to not cry.

“ Alma shut up! Ya’ don’t know what ya’re sayin’!” Ennis yelled at Alma but she didn’t listen.

“I hate ya’! and I hate ya’ and all of ya’!” She said as he pointed at them she look at the floor like she was listening to someone, she nodded and say “I, will! I will!” ran in to the desk open a drawer and pulled the shotgun and started laughing.

“ Alma pull that fuckin’ gun down!” Ennis yelled trying to get near Ennis.

“Ya´re scared Ennis? Scared of me? Ya’ better I am crazy ya’ know!” she said laughing and pointing Jack.

“ Alma!” Ennis said while Alma said “bang, bang!”

“ Monroe! Does it have bullets?” Jack yelled at Monroe

“Yes it have! I put them yesterday! Alma put that gun down!” he said but Alma kept laughing and the she look at him and smiled, it was the perfect moment and the pertect time, she pull the trigger and a shot was heard and one of them well in the floor.

“Oh no my carpet!” Alma said.

“Oh fuck Monroe!” Jack yelled as he tried to held Monroe how as spitting blood from his mouth “ Alma!” he said as Alma was laughing and then suddenly started crying

“ Monroe I’m sorry! She told me to shot! She told me to shot!” she said throwing the shotgun as Ennis grab her from the back.

“I’m sorry Monroe!” she yelled at him who smiled at her “It’s ok Alma! I understand” and he closed his eyes, while Jack went to the telephone to call 911



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