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The ambulance arrived in less than ten minutes. The paramedics immediately brought out the First Aid kit, started trying to resuscitate the man who’s name they were told was, “Monroe”. After they felt he was stable enough for the ambulance, they pulled out the stretcher, loaded him in and sent him to the Riverton Memorial Hospital. He was conscious, claimed it had been an accident the whole way. Everyone in the neighborhood was surprised by what happened. Did Alma shoot Monroe? Or was it really an accident as the couple had claimed?

Since Jack had called 911 and it was a gunshot wound, the case was referred to the police. Sergeant Owens and Captain Goldberg, who were on patrol near Alma’s house, answered the call.

“Looks like we got a 10-71 on our hands, you up for it, Lisa?”

Sgt. Owens smiled and nodded. “I’m up for it if yer up for it, probably just an accident anyway, no big deal.”

“For a rookie and a woman, you got pretty big balls.”

“Thank you sir, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

When they arrived on the scene, they began taking the necessary notes for the case. Ennis and Jack were told to wait in the living room while Alma was interrogated in the kitchen. Captain Goldberg was more experienced than Sergeant Owens was more experienced that Sergeant Owens who had recently graduated from the academy and only been on the force for five months. About ten minutes later of Captain Goldberg and Sergeant Owens’ arrival the Criminal Science Investigator Allan Gallaway arrived, he was the one dusting for fingerprints to find out if it was indeed Alma who pulled the trigger.

“Please listen to me, it was an accident!” Alma cried to Sergeant Owens. Her tears flowed like streams from her eyes.

“I was talkin’ to Ennis ‘bout how I wanted to get rid of this gun. I have children, and you always hear those stories ‘bout the way kids get into trouble with guns around the house!” It sounded like she was having trouble breathing.

“When I took it out from the drawer, it fell from my hands and...And…I shot Monroe!” Alma’s body was racked with sobs and she buried her face in her hands.

“It was an accident, I swear!”

“Alma? Hush now, Alma?” Sgt. Owens tried to soothe the bawling woman, but she had to be firm because she needed to make sure she understood.

“Mrs. Richardson? Ok, we heard your part of the story, now we just need to corroborate it with Ennis’ and Mr. Twist’s versions.”

Sgt. Owens was weary. Even though she’d known Alma for a little while, something inside her, call it her “police instincts”, were telling her Alma was lying.

While Alma and Sgt. Owens were in the kitchen, Ennis and Jack were sitting the sofa waiting for their turn for the interrogation, but what they were going to say? Should they tell the truth, send Alma to jail? Or should they lie, and keep the woman who had done tomuch damage to them. Did?

“Ennis, What the fuck are we goin’ to do?” Jack whispered.

“Don’t know. Alma was my wife…shit, I just don’t know.” Ennis rubbed his chin. He was more troubled than Jack had ever seen him.

“Ennis you’re gonna forgive her after all of this?”

Ennis tried to ignore the angry look on Jack’s face.

“I know, I know, you’re right, but she’s still Jenny and Junior’s mother” Ennis looked to the floor. He was feeling totally confused—no matter how cruel and judgmental Alma had been with him, she was still his daughters’ mother. This was not a simple decision for him: a part of him wanted to tell the truth, tell the police what had really happened, how Alma was guilty. But there was another part that was telling him to lie—he couldn’t bare thinking about his daughters having to visit their mother in prison.

“Guess ya have a point there.” Jack couldn’t blame Ennis; he knew how hard this was for him.

Their conversation was interrupted then when Alma came out the kitchen followed by Sergeant Owens and Captain Goldberg. She went straight to Ennis and fell into his arms, crying.

“Oh Ennis I’m so scared! They don’t believe it was an accident, I’m sure!”

She whispered into Ennis’ ear, making sure no one else could hear. “Say it was an accident fer yer daughters, please! I regret all the things I did to ya, please don’t let me go to jail!”

Alma released Ennis then walked over to Jack. She hesitantly hugged him. “There. He’s yers now. I’m sorry I ruined yer life, please don’t ruin mine!” Her voice was cool but pleading, barely above a whisper.

“Mrs. Richardson, can you please follow me to the patrol car, we’ll go to the station first.” Captain Goldberg escorted the teary eyed woman outside. She gave Jack and Ennis one final pleading look before she stepped out the door.

Sgt. Owens turned towards the two men standing in front of her. ‘What a shame they’re gay,’ she thought. ‘They’re both so cute.’

“Mr. Del Mar, Mr. Twist I need to get your statements. We can do it down at the station, or if you prefer we can do it now, get it over and done with.”

The two men looked each other. Ennis nodded and Jack placed his hand on Ennis’s knee.

“Ya sure?” Jack asked Ennis and he nodded.

“Ok who’s going first?” Sergeant Owens asked

“I’ll go first!” Ennis entered the kitchen and gave his version of the events. 20 minutes later Jack entered and did the same.

In a Bungalow in Childress, Texas, Jenny Del Mar prepared dinner for Francine and Ennis, her sister’s kids. She was worried about everything up in Wyoming. The idea of her father confronting her mother about his relationship with Jack was something she never thought could happen, but it had happened and there was no way it could be erased. She was worried about her dad, but she was also worried about her mom, because no matter what she did, Alma would always be the woman who’d loved and raised her.

“Almost ready.” She checked to make sure what she was cooking on the stove wasn’t burning.

Jenny was aware of the problem her mother had; she knew Alma suffered from schizophrenia. It was many years ago when she’d first found it out, after Alma miscarriage a baby. Jenny had found her mother talking to the mirror, hugging herself, and chanting “it’s his fault, it’s his fault”. She’s told Monroe what she’d seen, and he’d taken Alma to the doctor. They’d gone to therapy every week after that, like clockwork, but she’d never told her father.

She stood, staring at the roasted chicken she’d just taken out and placed on top of the oven.

“I wish I knew why you did this, mama.”

She went to the living room to check on Ennis and Francine and found them playing quietly, not causing any trouble. She just raised her eyebrows knowing those two little rascals, as she usually called them, were planning their next adventure. She didn’t have a proof of it, though, so she let them play and went back to the kitchen.

“I just hope that you don’t do anythin’ stupid, Dad.” Jenny looked out the window that faced the front drive and saw that the familiar white Chevrolet pulled into the drive. She smiled and ran into the living room.

“Ennis, Francine guess who just got home?”

“Mommy and Daddy?” Their voices rang out in unison.

Jenny didn’t even have time to answer, before the two young children were out the door to greet their parents. Before Alma Jr. was completely out of the car she was tackled by her two kids—one hanging on her neck laughing, one pulling on her pant leg crying.

“Mommy we missed ya lots!” Alma tried to soothe little Ennis’ bawling by rubbing his gold crowned head. Francine jumped from her arms into her fathers so she could stoop down easier.

“Ennis we were only gone for a few days.” Her son’s tears were infectious, though and soon Alma Jr. was crying as well.

“I missed you too! My little darlin’s.” She stooped down and wrapped Ennis in her arms.

“Can’t breathe mommy!” Ennis said then chuckled and added, “me like it!”

“Did’ya bring us anythin’?” Francine gave her dad an innocent smile.

“Francine, we were there for work! We didn’t have time to shop for souvenirs!” Francine’s hopeful face immediately turned pouty.

“But…come to think of it, I may just have a little somethin’ here for ya…hmmm, let me see…” He fished around in his pockets, came up with nothing and then reached behind his little girls ear and “magically” pulled a piece of candy out of thin air.

“Tada!” He held the sweet out to the smiling girl, who was then frantic with kisses and ‘thank you Daddy’s.

Jenny walked out to meet her sister after all the mayhem had settled down. “How did it go?”

“Well” Junior paused, “We weren’t sure at first…but…he got it! Kurt got the job!” Both Jenny and Alma Jr. started jumping up and down as though they were two teenage girls again.

“Great! So does this mean you’ll be moving out then?” Jenny’s tone turned suddenly sad.

Junior smiled, squeezed her baby sister’s shoulder. “Yeah, but we’ll keep in touch! I don’t want us to end up like Daddy and Uncle KE, siblings should stick together no matter what.”

Jenny wrapped her arms around Alma Jr., trapping her in a big hug and then whispered. “You promise?”

“I promise!” Junior whispered back, then kissed Jenny’s cheek.

“So, where’s Ennis?” Kurt saw no sign of the weathered cowboy, and was beginning to wonder why he hadn’t come out to greet them also.

“Well, um, about that. There’s, um, something I need to tell you…Daddy and Jack…went to…” It was so unbelievable she found the words hard to say.

Junior frowned, figuring out what her sister was trying to say, but hoping she was wrong. “Do you mean, they went to go see Mama?”

Jenny nodded, Junior sighed. She sent a silent prayer up to heaven that nothing bad would happen, not realizing the situation that had just gone down.

“Alma, don’t worry ‘bout them. They’re grown men, and God knows your Dad can handle himself. Nothing bad will happen, you’ll see.”

Kurt smiled and kissed his wife. Both they’re kids responded with immediate, ‘yucks’.

“Dr. Jenkins do ya think she’s gonna make it?”

The doctor was looking over some of the patient’s vital signs on his clipboard, trying not to let the young blue-eyed man’s pleas bother him.

“Well, it depends on the way she does tonight. You know how severe the contusion was. She may stay in this coma for a few days or for the rest of her life.”

Dr. Jenkins looked up from his clipboard when he didn’t hear a response and saw that tears were making their way down the young man’s face.

“Robert, now listen to me. You can’t blame yourself for something that wasn’t your fault!” Dr. Jenkins put his arm around the boy’s shoulder, a poor excuse for comfort, but all he could do.

“But it is my fault! I should’ve listened to her instead of makin’ me deaf to her cryin’” Bobby cried

“Shhh…hush now. There’s nothin’ you can do about that right now. Your just gonna have to be strong for your mom, now.” Dr. Jenkins grabbed the young man by the shoulders and looked him in the eye, made sure he understood him.

“You can either stand here cryin’, or you can be strong by her side. It’s your choice.” He added.

Bobby took a deep breath and looked down. He understood what Dr. Jenkins was saying and the truth hit him hard. The old Robert Twist wouldn’t be standing around crying like a girl, feeling bad for himself while his mother laid helpless in her hotel bed. That was the old Robert Twist, though. He was different now, different because he was weighed down and thick with guilt about what had happened. He tried to listen to Dr. Jenkins’ words that it was just an accident, that it wasn’t his fault, but some how it just didn’t make him feel any better.

“Oh my gawd! Bobby I came as fas’ as I could!” A pretty young blonde came running in through the doors and into Bobby’s arms.

“Laverne? What’re ya’ doin’ here?” He was surprised to see her, but held her to his chest, desperate for some comfort.

“Supportin’ you! Why else would I be here? I couldn’t just leave ya here alone!”

“But....” Laverne placed her fingers on his lips, shushing him.

“Bobby ya’ don’t hafta go through this alone. Not as long as I’m here!” Laverne smiled up at him, and Bobby found himself temporarily lost in her green eyes.

“Besides you’re just worried I’m upset by what happened at my house.” She added coyly.

Bobby nodded. “Kinda. I never realized that my daddy and Ennis would appear at the party.” Laverne was silent. She pulled away from Bobby, looked him in the eyes earnestly.

“So you’ve known about them?” Bobby nodded. She gave him an angry look, but then it evaporated and she smiled.

“Probably didn’t think I was goin’ to take it that easy, right? Heck, I’m a little surprised myself.” She paused and looked down. “But, well, he is yer dad and if I want to be with you mebbe I should accept yer family too.” Laverne smiled again and winked at Bobby.

“Now, why haven’t I ever seen the beautiful girl ya are, before?” Bobby caressed Laverne’s cheek.

“Oh that’s easy! I’ve just never managed to shut myself up!” she chuckled making Bobby chuckle as well.

“Thanks, I needed a laugh” Bobby said and he looked to his mother’s bed.

“Don’t worry! I got plenty a’ good one liners just waitin’ ta be told!”

The two of them chuckled again and then looked out the window in the small hospital room. The dry Texas landscape stretched to the horizon, as far as the eye could see, and yet, it still wasn’t as beautiful as Wyoming. Though anyone born in the Texas panhandle surely loved the beauty of their native land.

Bobby was nervous as hell. He felt like a kid, sweating and mumbling. He wanted to reach out and grab Laverne’s hand but he didn’t know how to do it. He knew what he wanted, but wasn’t sure about Laverne, though she was certainly friendly enough with him. He thought about how his parents had met; it was Lureen, his mom, that had approached his dad. Jack always told him that if he ever liked a girl he should have the courage to approach to her. Bobby sighed. At that moment history was repeating itself. Laverne was the one that had come to him and now he was afraid of going any further.

He took a deep breath and then interlaced his left hand with Laverne’s. She looked up at him, whispered his name. He just smiled. He liked this girl, he wasn’t in love with her, but simply “liking her” could be the beginning of something good. For a few brief moments, he forgot he was at the hospital; there was only Bobby and Laverne. His brain stopped working and instincts took over. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and then brought his lips to hers, knowing that was what they’d both wanted for so long.

Bobby was surprised he never thought that he would have the courage for kissing her, however, his other side was ashamed because he thought he’d misinterpreted her feelings. He stepped back and rubbed his face where her hand had left a welt. He’d wanted to kiss her and she’d kissed him back, and now he didn’t know what the hell was going on.

“You men need to learn to read between the lines!” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly.

While both of them were kissing, caught up in their own little world, Lureen, who’d been in a coma, opened her eyes. She looked around the large white room, confused by her surroundings, then noticed that she was in bed attached to cables. There was a sharp pain in the back of her head to boot.

“Where am I?” She looked to the kissing couple for an answer.

“Mom?” Bobby pulled away from Laverne in surprise. He realized that it really hadn’t been his imagination and took a step towards Lureen’s bed.
“Mom, oh my God!” Suddenly all the emptiness he’d been feeling turned to utter joy—his mother had woken from her coma. He ran to her bed and gently grabbed her by the shoulders, not wanting to hurt her. He gave her a smile as tears ran down his face.

“I’m so happy yer awake!” He took her hands in his but, to his shock, Lureen snatched her hands away. Her face was pale and she was looking very scared and nervous. She looked into Bobby’s blue eyes and found something familiar in them.

“Do I know ya?” Lureen asked, voice soft.

“Mom, ya don’t recognize me? It’s Bobby! Yer son!” The idea of his mother not knowing who he was made a sharp pain shoot through his heart.

“My son? I have a son?” She tried to remember but thinking too hard just made her head pound.

“My head hurts.” Lureen closed her eyes and let her head fall into her hands.

“Mom! Mom!” He didn’t want to lose her again. “You’ve got a son. I’m yer son Robert J. Twist Newsome and Yer name’s Lureen Newsome! You and daddy got a business together, a Farm Equipment business!”

He was trying to give her as much information as he could, forgetting that he’d learned in school that amnesic patients had to remember things by themselves. His mother stared at him blankly.

“Yer daddy?” Lureen whispered the words. It seemed like something was coming back to her but it wasn’t a pleasant thought.

“Yer husband and mine are havin’ an affair! They’ve been seein’ each other since 1967. You know all them huntin’ and fishin’ trips they go on together? Well, no one ever caught any fish or any elk, they only said that to hide the fact they go and have se...se...x, go and do nasty things to each other”

“My husband ain’t no queer! It can’t be! He’s with me; we do things together! We...”

“Well during these past few years I’ve been doin’ some investigatin’. You know how they’re always sendin’ each other postcard? And did you also know that when someone dies the post office returns a postcard to the sender with deceased stamped on it if their families don’t want the mail? See what I’m getting’ at?”

As those phrases ran through her mind, she felt a deep guilt but she couldn’t figure out why.

“Yes Mrs. Twist! Yer husband’s name’s Jack Twist.” When Laverne said his name, Lureen’s eyes went wide and her breathing started coming in hitches and tears began to fall stream down her cheeks.

“Jack! Oh Jack, I’m so sorry!” Lureen’s chest felt tight with sadness, and she her body was wracked with sobs. She didn’t know what she’d done to him, but she knew that she’d caused much pain and suffering.

The next week Lureen was subject to a series of different tests that were trying to determine the severity of her amnesia and how long it would take her to get her memory back. Dr. Jenkins, who had a big admiration, Robert Twist was one his best students in his Medicine for Bobby, contacted a specialist named Dr. Gyllenger to check out Lureen’s case. After faxing all the analysis papers to his office in New York, Dr. Jenkins called to get his opinion.
“Well due to the trauma she suffered, her amnesia shouldn’t be that severe. Besides the analysis shows the injuries are healing quickly thanks to her treatment” Dr. Jenkins listened to his colleague’s distant voice.

“I understand that Jake, but I need to know how much time you think she’ll need.”

“You know as much as I that these things can’t be rushed! I can’t say for sure of course, but my estimation would be at the most two months” Gyllenger said.

“Thanks Jake. I appreciate your help!”

“Not a Problem Frank. Now I hope you’ll excuse me, I’m expected home in thirty mintues.”

“Understandable. Talk to you soon I hope.”

Both doctors hung up the phone. Dr. Jenkins smiled. It may have not been a definite answer, but it was better than nothing, and now at least Bobby would have some hope about his mother’s situation. He left his office and walked towards Lureen’s room. He was going to talk to Bobby and inform him that the odds were good his mother would regain her memory soon.

“Thanks for stayin’ with me Bobby.” Lureen’s son stayed with her in the hospital all the time—he ate breakfast and supper in the cafeteria but he slept by her side in a chair every night.

“Ya don’t hafta thank me for anythin’! You’re my momma and I luv ya. I wanna take care of ya’!” Bobby smiled softly down at the woman lying in the hospital bed. All the anger he’d felt when he’d found out what his mother did to his dad was gone. He loved his mother and no matter what she did, she would always be the one that gave birth to him.

“I’m sorry fer what I did to yer Daddy.” Tears welled in Lureen’s eyes. She could nearly remember something terrible between her and her husband and Ennis and Alma. She remembered what she did but the whole story was still a little fuzzy. The troubled memory never left her alone for very long, though.

“Momma, don’t worry. Everthin’s all right now. And I can guarantee ya that daddy’s forgiven ya already!” Bobby wrapped his mother into a tight bear hug, desperate to comfort her.

“I can remember parts of what happened with yer daddy… and, and…it won’t leave me alone.” Hot tears streamed down her cheeks. “I feel so bad, the guilt’s like a weight on my chest…I can’t…Jesus…”

Bobby wiped away his mother’s tears and hugged her tighter.

“Momma don’t think on it too much. Your jest torturin’ yourself thinkin’ on the things ya’ did when ya were blind with yer hate! Please, just forget about it…”

“I’ll try Bobby! I promise I’ll try!” She pulled away and Bobby handed her some Kleenex to wipe her face and nose with. He stood and walked over to the window.

Bobby was worried about Lureen. She’d changed a lot since the accident; she’d gotten more emotional and was becoming a warmer person. He wasn’t complaining about that, but she wasn’t the same woman that had raised him, and it troubled him. What worried him the most was that he was starting to like this version better than the old.

Dr. Jenkins entered the room and interrupted Bobby’s thoughts.

“Bobby can I talk with you for a second?”


Bobby followed the doctor he’d come to admire outside. Jenkins told him everything Dr. Gyllenger had told him. At first Bobby was blinded with happiness, but then he was worried again, upset that his mother would have to face her memories completely, and that he might lose this new version of his mom. But he loved her no matter what, and he’d be there to support her through the hard times to come.

“Are you ok Bobby?” Dr. Jenkins asked. He was concerned by the expression on Bobby’s face.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Bobby paused. “It’s just that I was thinkin’ on somethin’”

Bobby thought it was a good idea to avoid the truth of the situation; in fact the only people that knew what was really happening were the Malones and his Mexican maid, Maria. But he didn’t know if he could trust the man he’d come to think of as his mentor. Bobby knew that Dr. Jenkins’ religious beliefs considered homosexuality an abomination and he wasn’t sure how religious he was, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and not tell him anything.

“Bobby is there something you ain’t telling me?” Dr. Jenkins asked.

“No, I told ya’ everythin’! I wish I could tell ya’ more but I can’t.” Bobby lied. He’d started feeling bad about all the people he’d lied to about the true nature of Lureen’s accident.

While Dr. Jenkins and Bobby were talking, Lureen was looking at a family album Bobby had brought her. Inside she found a lot of pictures that were taken when she used to be a barrel racer. She smiled at all of the faded pictures of the young girl she had once been—she looked fabulous and above all happy (now she hardly knew how she was feeling). There was one picture of her in an expensive looking red riding outfit and a matching red hat standing next to a man in a blue jean shirt and an old black hat—she noticed he had his arm around her. The man in the picture looked almost exactly like Bobby and she suddenly realized that this was Jack, her husband. In the past few days she’d gotten several flash backs, several recurring memories, but Jack hadn’t ever had a face.

Now she was starring at him and she began to realize why she’d fallen for him years before. He was extremely handsome and his blue eyes were spellbinding, keeping her from tearing her gaze away. Lureen smiled when she understood that at one time she’d loved this man, and she also knew she’d probably looked at that picture many times before—the na?ve girl playing wife she’d been. This time was different, though, this time she was looking at the picture like a stranger would, and she saw something different about his eyes—some deep sadness well masked with his broad smile, like he was incomplete. She now could see that though she looked happy and in love in the picture, Jack’s expression couldn’t have been more different. He looked like he was condemning himself to make a life with her.

Suddenly she had a flash back, a sudden regained memory of all the times she’d looked at that picture and shown it to her friends saying, “It’s wonderful cuz we look so in love.” She felt her chest tighten and tears slid down her cheeks because now she understood that it had all been a lie, they’d never been in love. Lureen flipped the page over and found a picture of herself, Jack, and Bobby when he probably was 7 months. They were smiling like a young couple with a new baby should, but now she saw the dark sadness that lurked just beyond those blue eyes. She turned a few more pages and found a picture of Bobby when he was 9 months. Now Jack’s eyes were different, not the same sad wells of blue like they had been before, but genuinely happy, like he’d found what he was missing. Then she found another picture of him looking at a postcard.

“Honey what’re ya lookin’ at? Did ya get somethin’ in the mail?” She walked into the living room, Bobby (still a toddler) hanging from her hip.
“Yeah, got a postcard from Ennis. Confirmin’ will be huntin’ this September” he answered.

“So soon? You just went fishin’ a month ago! And now you’re tellin’ me that in three months you’ll be headin’ off again?” She set Bobby down, who immediately started crying.

“Well,” Jack paused, scratched his head. “Huntin’ season starts in September! I can’t miss an opportunity to get me a Big Elk!” Jack smiled.

Lureen frowned, picked Bobby up again, to ease his tears. “As long as you promise that you’ll take me n’ Bobby on a trip sometime.”

“It’s a deal.”

With that memory, came the memory of what she’d planned with Alma, and her silent tears turned to sobs. Her guilt was eating her alive, and she couldn’t take it.

“Mrs. Twist, you ok?” Laverne asked tentatively as she entered the room with a box of chocolates

“My mom sent you this box of Cadbury’s. I told her it wasn’t necessary but she insisted!” Laverne said turning red from embarrassment because of catching Lureen at a weak moment.

Lureen wiped her eyes, calmed her aching heart. “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m fine. Tell your mama, I appreciate the gesture!” Lureen opened the box and started eating the sticky chocolates, more to be decent than from actual hunger.

Laverne sat down in a chair near Lureen’s bed. “Oh Mrs. Twist, I’m really happy you’re recovering so fast! I’m sure you’ll be back in business in no time!” she smiled.

“Working again would be nice.” She took another bite of a chocolate. “Thank’s for your concern again, honey…damn, you know, these are pretty good chocolates.”

“Seems like the old Mrs. Twist is comin’ back!” Laverne said and then both of them erupted in laughter.

“What’s so funny? Should I be laughin’ too?” Bobby entered the room looking perplexed as to why the two were laughing together.

“Nope! It was a joke for girls only!” Lureen said with a wide grin on her face.

A week before…

After talking with the police officer, Ennis and Jack went back to Lightning Flat to visit the graves of Jack’s parents. Ennis knew how important this was for Jack, so he didn’t try to discourage him. Jack had told hundreds of stories about the things his dad had done to him, how he abused him verbally and physically—he still had a couple of the scars to prove it. Of course Jack resented his dad, but mostly he was insecure about their relationship, he had no way of knowing if he’d ever loved him. Hesitantly, Ennis told Jack about his last talk with Twist Sr. and Jack felt like he’d been punched in the gut when he heard his father refused to let Ennis spread his ashes on Brokeback—felt like he wanted to spit on the old man’s grave when he saw it, but there was a deeper, more complex emotion below his anger. John C. Twist had wanted Jack to be next to him in the family plot… maybe that was all the love the man could give to his son, a place to lie cold and dead.

They drove one more time down that lonely road that took them to the Twist family plot, to his parent’s graves. When they pulled into the cemetery and got out the truck, Jack was pale and shaking. He hadn’t been to the family plot in a while and he was starting to feel a little guilty. He hadn’t been there when his uncle Harold died of Lung Cancer or when his Aunt Marie died of pneumonia--all his family members were dead; there were no more Twists alive except for Jack and Bobby. They continued walking through the headstones, when finally he saw a stone with the name John C. Twist etched carefully on the front. He walked closer to it and then saw his mother’s grave next to it. Jack was suddenly overcome with grief. His parents had died thinking that his son was killed for being a ‘queer’. Jack knelt by his daddy’s grave and read, ‘Here rests John C. Twist, a man that worked hard for his earnings, the best bull rider in Wyoming, a loving husband, and a proud Father’. Those last words ‘proud father’ were the ones that hit him like a shot to the heart. His father had been proud of him…how could this be? All the years of disapproval, of mean actions, and meaner words…proud? Jack thought about all the times he’d told his daddy how one day he was going to bring Ennis Del Mar to the ranch and how his father had never said ‘no’, only, ‘As long as he can do some ard work…’ Could it be that somehow Twist Sr. had been all right with Jack’s lifestyle? It was too late now to ever know. Jack felt tears start to well in his eyes and then there was a warm hand on his back, giving him support and comfort.

“Ennis, I get it now…” Jack’s voice was low, but Ennis still heard him.

“You do?”

Jack stood and turned, faced the man he loved.

“You lied for Alma cuz a’ Jenny and Junior. You didn’t want them to visit their mama in jail…” Jack reached out a hand and ran his fingers through Ennis’ hair.

Ennis looked down. “You know me too well, Twist. Yep, it was for them…only for them.” He paused, embarrassed by this deep admission. “You feelin’ better now?”

“Yeah.” Jack took a deep breath. “I think my Daddy loved me…he just wanted the best fer me. What he didn’t realize was that the best thing for me was you.” Jack pressed his lips to Ennis’, felt warm when arms encircled his body. Ennis parted the kiss after a second.

“Jesus, we should go! We can’t kiss in a graveyard! Seems sacrilegious…” Ennis chuckled

“Since when you been so concerned ‘bout religion, cowboy?” Jack smiled softly, then grabbed Ennis’ hand and walked back to the car.

They returned to Jack’s ranch later that afternoon. Ennis went straight to the kitchen and started dinner, while Jack set the table. Ennis made some Idaho spuds (the kind that comes in a box), Better Most Beans, which he found in one of the cabinets—the smell brought old memories of the mountains sailing back to him—and some chicken that they bought at the store on their way home. He made a simple chicken dish, pan-fried, like Alma used to make when she was too tired from working to make much else.

Jack walked into the kitchen when he was done setting the table, settled in real close, and wrapped his arms around his man.

“Damn that food smells good! Can’t believe my Ennis can make such savory gourmet cuisine! This is Fuckin’-amazin’!” Jack said laughing.

“Just fer that you’re not gettin’ any a’ this fine cookin’… that is unless ya convince me…” Ennis smirked and then Jack’s hands were sliding down the front of his stomach, unbuckling his jeans and rubbing his groin through his pants.

Ennis took in a sharp breath then turned around, stalling Jack’s hands. “Easy cowboy! We need some fuel first! Then, well, then who knows…” Ennis said winking on his last statement.

“Oh, that so? Well I guess as long as there’s a little dessert waitin’, then I may be able to eat patiently. They laughed then went to the table and started eating. They ate quickly, not necessarily rushed, but not leisurely either—each too excited about getting to dessert. Once they were done Jack, who couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed Ennis’ hand and pulled him to his side, knocking the table and causing all the dishes to fall to the floor.

“Easy Jack! Jesus! You’re causin’ a mess!” Ennis’s voice was rough, but he was smiling—a little motivated by Jack’s rash behavior.

“I don’t care ‘bout the fuckin’ mess. I just want me some a’ this sweet stuff here…” Jack immediately started kissing Ennis, pressing him against the table, rubbing his body up against his.

The next morning Jack woke up to watch the sunrise—the ring he was going to give Ennis safe in his pockt. He ran into their room, jumped on the bed and woke Ennis up, shaking him playfully by the shoulder.

“Ennis wake up! I wanna show ya somethin’” Ennis pulled away.

“Let me sleep! I’m drained from all the fuckin’ we did last night.”

“What? Is that your lame ass excuse? Ok, fine then! Sleep to your hearts desire. I’ll go outside and wring it out by myself!” Jack walked towards the door, but Ennis jumped out of bed the minute Jack’s comment reached his ears.

“Damnit, I just can’t say no to ya!” Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack and kissed his neck gently. “Good mornin’ little darlin’!”

Jack smiled at Ennis’ response and then grabbed his hand. “Follow me, come on!”

Jack led Ennis out to their already saddled horses and they rode out to a hill on the edge of the Twist property. They could see the entire ranch from the hill, the plains and the distant mountains, and the river that ran across the west end of the property. Ennis looked around, his eyes stopping at a tree where the initials, ‘E.D. and J.T 4 ever’ had been carved. Ennis smiled. He knew who’d done that and he knew what it meant.

“What you wanna do here?” Ennis asked, truly curious.

Jack turned to Ennis, eyes shining. “I want you to be with me, that’s all.” He looked down, sorting his thoughts, then met his eyes once again.

“Ennis, I love ya so much, I can hardly stand it sometimes. That’s why I, John Charles Twist, am makin’ a vow of love. A vow of companionship, of fidelity in all the ways a man can be. Ennis Del Mar, I want ya to be with me fer the rest of my life no matter what happens. I’ll be by yer side till I’m dead, and hell even after that! By the way, I’m hopin’ that won’t be fer a while…” They both chuckled, but then Jack got serious and continued. “With this ring I give myself to you as a partner, a lover…a husband…”

Jack had a hard time finishing the little speech he’d been practicing. He was nervous and emotional—this was all he’d wanted for twenty years. He fished the ring from his pocket and grabbed Ennis’ hand—placed his ring on Ennis’ finger. Ennis’ eyes were teary and he was completely unable to speak. He hadn’t been expecting anything like this, just figured Jack wanted an outdoor fuck, but this was so much better. The sun rose, it’s bright rays foretelling their wonderful future together. Jack squeezed his hand.

“All right, Ennis! I said my vows, not it’s yer turn.”

Ennis froze, tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. He swallowed hard.

“Uh, okay…it’s just, I was so surprised by this! I dunno what to say!” Ennis said rubbing his head.

“Just say what’ya feel right now!” Jack looked at him hopefully.

Ennis sighed. “Jack Fuckin’ Twist, why you always doin’ this to me?” He laughed.

“Okay, here goes… When I first met you, when we was up on Brokeback, I was scared, more n’ anythin’…scared cuz you made me feel different than anyone else ever had…you listened to me and laughed when I said something funny…treated me like you cared that I was alive…I never forgot that, never forgot how you were a friend to me. I know I did a lot a’ stupid things, made a lot a’ mistakes…and I never realized how of a hold you got on me till I thought you were dead…you can’t know what kinda bad time I went through, hell…I don’t even want you to know…” Ennis stopped for a minute, like the words had gotten caught in his throat. “Jack you’re the only person I’ve ever really loved…and I just want ya with me forever. I promise to take care a’ ya, and be with ya through good times and bad, though God knows we already had our share a bad. I promise to love ya and be yer companion, and with this ring I give ya my heart, which ya already had, but I guess it’s bought time I said it, right? Any way, so there, I made a vow of love to ya, and now here I am, your husband.” Ennis placed the ring on Jack’s hand and noticed Jack was crying and smiling at the same time.

“Jesus Ennis, I think that’s more words then you’ve ever said!” Jack chuckled. The sun continued to rise and they came together, wrapping their arms around each other, locking their lips. The sun’s rays touched them—nature’s acceptance, all they might ever get, but all they would ever need.

“Damn, that was amazin’. Feel so close to ya right now…” The cool grass soothed Ennis’ naked body, the feel of Jack on top of him brought him near the brink of sleep.

“I’ve always been close to ya.” Jack kissed Ennis’s chin. “That’s why I wanted to marry ya, wanted to have some sort of symbolic ceremony, since we can’t ever have a real one.”

“So it was because ya wanted our sex to be legal, huh.” Ennis replied and Jack laughed, Ennis hugged Jack tighter to his chest, the sun now bright in the sky.

“This is like a dream!” Ennis whispered.

“A dream that came true!” Jack replied.

“Yeah, but this time it’s stayin’ like this!” Ennis kissed Jack, ran his hands down his back to cup his ass.

“Let’s have our honeymoon again!” they both said and started laughing.

A/N: Guys I seriously apologized for this long waiting I can’t say how bad I Feel! I need to tell you that “The Lie Behind the Postcard” is getting to its end. I hope that you all guys and gals had liked my story and I really hope to see all of you guys soon..
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I want to thanks Jessymamma for helping me here! Thanks you don’t know how much it means for me that you helped me! I’m a big fan of your stories and you don’t know how much I enjoy your help!


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enjoyed it alot
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I'm really glad knowing that you liked it!!!! Hope you like the next
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Thank you I had read most of this on FFiction.net and glad to find here on livejournal. I'm so happy that you wrote this chapter and the wait was well worth it. You certainly put a lot of hard work into this chapter and you helped us see a lot of issues. I started to feel bad for Alma and Lureen in this chapter even though all along I hated what they did I did feel bad for them. I'm glad you put a human face on them as well. Also the part with Jack realizing his Daddy may have been more accepting then we thought was great and of course the end with them giving the vows to each other and then honeymooning out in the fields was great. I will be looking forward to more. Oh one small thing, in the one chapter you had Dr. Jenkins and Dr. perkins I think you menat Jenkins again just a slight thing I noticed. Joe
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