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Here's the second part of the chapter, I hope you like it! comments are really appreciated!

Ennis was getting in the truck when he noticed a pay phone next to the store. His first thought was to call his daughters when he got back to the ranch, but then realized that was impossible because they didn’t have a phone.

“Don’t know why I haven’t gotten a stupid phone there yet. There’s no way to get in touch with the girls.” Ennis looked at the phone harder, he never thought that was necessary for him to have a phone on his house in Texas, he was never there, but now he realized that after all it was necessary. And since Jenny was there and probably Junior was there now it would have been a good deal to have one just right now.

Ennis suddenly remembered that there was a post office nearby and he could send them a telegram or maybe a postcard, but a postcard took longer and he wanted them to get the message as soon as possible. He started the truck and headed towards the post office.

He got to the post office and sat in his truck trying to figure out what to say in the telegram. He figured he should give the girls Jack’s number, when he suddenly remembered…

‘Shit! Jack!’ Ennis cursed under his breath. ‘Well he’s probably still sleepin’…he’s one lazy sonofabitch.’

When he arrived at the Post Office he was greeted by a nice old lady with black half moon spectacles behind the front desk. He found her glasses funny, placed low on her big, arched nose. Ennis thought she looked just like his first grade teacher, Mrs. Henderson, and was probably just as old. She pushed her spectacles up on her nose and looked him up and down.

“There somethin’ I can help you with?” She asked him, old voice wavering and cracking. Ennis was silent.

“Sir? I asked if I could help you?”

“Oh! Yeah, I wanna send a Telegram to Texas.” Ennis said.

“How many words?” The lady asked.

“What?” Ennis said

“How many words? We charge per word. I need to know how many words so I can tell you the price.” The lady smiled at him.

“Well, heck, I don’t know. I just wanna send my girls a message!” Ennis replied rubbing his head.

The woman smiled kindly. “You can tell me your message and I’ll type it up for you. We’ll figure it out from there.”

Ennis smiled. “How about this: Jack and I are in Lightning Flat, talked with yer mom and it went ok. Hope you’re ok! Call us at 307-596-2236. Talk to you soon.”

The old woman pushed her glasses back up her nose and leaned over her typewriter. “Jack and I are in Lightning Flat …that’s six, wait, no seven words…talked with yer mom and it went ok …eight words… hope you’re ok…three words…call us at 307-596-2236, six words…Talk to you soon… four words! So that’s…” The woman paused to count. “Twenty-eight words! That’s a pretty long telegram, you sure you don’t want to summarize it?” the old lady asked Ennis.

“No thanks, that’s fine! How much will it be?” he asked

“Well where are you sending it?” The lady smiled at Ennis.

“Oh right! I never told you where!” He chuckled and the lady smiled again. “To Childress, Texas” he added.

“Childress, eh? That’s a nice place! You know my sister lived in Childress! She married a nice man there name of Charles Humphrey, though she died a few years ago.”

“Mr. Charles? Are you Mrs. Rachel, Mrs. Eve’s older sister?” Ennis snapped. “That’s why you look so familiar!” The old woman’s face lit up in surprise. Ennis continued. “She used to talk about you a lot. She really loved you, but was unable to reach you when you moved out!” Ennis smiled sadly and looked down the floor, he remembered Mrs. Eva Humphrey his old boss’ wife; she was one of the nicest people he’d met.

“I know… and I can’t tell you how much I regret that. I never went to her funeral. I thought she was upset with me because I left my husband!” She pulled a locket out from her purse and opened it. She showed Ennis a picture of two young girls, both of them blue eyed with curvy blonde hair and freckles all over their noses and cheeks.

Ennis looked at the photo, then back at the old woman. “No ma’am, Mrs. Eve wasn’t upset at all. She was proud of you, told me she knew he wasn’t the right man fer you. She said she didn’t want to ruin yer happiness.” Ennis placed his hands over the feeble old woman’s. “You’re the spittin’ image of her!”

The woman looked up, tears in her eyes. “When…when she died, did she suffer?”

Ennis shook his head. “She said she regretted never having a second chance to beat you at chess.” The lady smiled.

“Well, son,” she wiped tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. “You’re the first person in all these years that’s made me feel human. And you know what? I won’t be chargin’ you a dime for this telegram! Besides I need to be sendin’ a telegram to my brother in law, need to meet my nephews and nieces!” The lady turned to send the telegraphs, but stopped and turned back.

“By the way son, what’s your name?”

He smiled. “Ennis Del Mar, ma’am.” The lady nodded and went to the back room to send the telegram to Childress. How funny was life? Who knew he’d find his Ex-boss’ sister in law at a dinky little post office. Some small world.

After talking to Mrs. Rachel for a while longer, Ennis realized a few hours had passed. Jack was probably worried about him, so he tipped his hat and said goodbye to the old woman, then went to the truck and drove back to the ranch as fast as he could.

“Jack’s gonna kill me!” Ennis said as he sped down the road that would lead him back to his lover.

When Ennis arrived at the ranch, he noticed there was someone sitting on the stairs, black hat covering his eyes, practically sleeping on his feet. Ennis knew it was Jack and that he’d probably been waiting for him. As soon he parked the truck and placed his boot on the ground, the man with the black hat, who was indeed Jack, went straight to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Somethin’ wrong?” Ennis hugged Jack just as tightly, then suddenly, was thrown to the ground by a punch to the face.

“Son of a bitch!” Jack’s voice was angry and loud. “You nearly killed me! I’ve been worryin’ ‘bout you, sittin’ out here for four hours! You left five hours ago! What took ya so long?” Ennis stood, patting the dust off his hat and pants.

“Ennis why didn’t you call? You don’t know how worried I’ve been! Thought you were dead by the side a’ the road, bit by a snake, mauled by a bear, who knows!” Jack’s voice was way beyond yelling; he was practically foaming at the mouth. Ennis remained silent.

“You got nothin’ to say? Cat got yer tongue?”

“You done?” Ennis said, calm as possible. Jack raised his eyebrows. “My turn to talk now.” Ennis said, stepping closer to Jack, looking him directly in the eye. Jack could see Ennis was angry and when Ennis pushed him into the truck’s door, he thought he was going to get a punch as well. But then, Jack was totally thrown off guard when Ennis pressed his body against his body, reached his lips and kissed him so hard Jack was unable to think. As much as Jack was enjoying the kiss he was still angry, he tried to push Ennis away, but Ennis had a good grip on him and he wasn’t able to do it. With the lust and the frustration moving up and down his body, Jack tried to push him away one more time, but this time Ennis reacted differently. He grabbed Jack by the wrists and pinned both his arms above his head. Jack opened his eyes and saw that Ennis was grinning evilly. As much he wanted to have those lips and that tongue in his own mouth, he was still upset. He didn’t know why, but he was. Ennis leaned in to kiss him again, but Jack moved his face to the left. Ennis raised an eyebrow and then let go of Jack, opened the door to the truck, and started unloading the groceries.

“If you wanna know, I was at the Post Office. Was sendin’ a telegram to Jenny and Junior.” Ennis passed Jack, who was looking to the ground settling his hat back on his head. He watched Ennis enter the house and then come back out to get more bags. Jack followed him and grabbed his arm, gently.

“Leave me the fuck alone!” Ennis said pushing Jack’s hand away roughly and Jack stumbled backwards, surprised by the intensity of his anger.

“Have better things to do than listen to yer whinin’!” Ennis left Jack outside, wringing his hands. Jack knew he’d started this. He walked inside the house and went to the kitchen. He took his hat and placed it on his chest, held it there. He lowered his head, but kept his eyes locked directly on Ennis as a gesture of forgiveness. Ennis was ignoring him, putting the food in the cabinets and fridge.

“If you expect me to forgive you with that fuckin’ attitude, then I need to tell ya, it ain’t working for shit!” Ennis kept his back to Jack.

“I’m sorry” Jack said in a low tone, he noticed that Ennis’ ears were red, which was a conformation that he was indeed angry. Ennis said nothing.

“En…Please don’t act like a three year old!” Jack said, immediately realizing that he shouldn’t have said that. It was too late, though, Ennis turned around, jaw clenched, eyes narrowed. Without a word, he pushed Jack out of his way, throwing him up against the wall and walked out the door. Jack wasn’t able to speak for several minutes. All he heard was the bang as Ennis slammed the door against the doorpost.

Junior and Jenny were in the kitchen when they heard someone knocking on the door. They were going to answer it until Kurt, Junior’s Husband, got up.

“Is this the Del Mar residence?” the messenger asked and Kurt nodded.

“Telegram for Alma and Jennifer Del Mar! Sign here, please…” he added and Kurt signed for the telegram.

“Who was it Kurt?” Junior yelled from the kitchen as she cut carrots for the stew.

“It’s a telegram from Wyoming, from yer dad!” Kurt yelled back. He heard an ‘Ouch’ from the kitchen followed by a loud ruckus. When he got to the kitchen he saw Junior and Jenny running toward him at full speed. Suddenly he was on the floor and the telegram was in Junior’s hands.

“Give it to me! I wanna read it!” Jenny spat, trying to seize the telegram, but Alma raised her hand above her shorter sister.

“No! Dad sent it to us! I wanna read it too!” Junior said and ran away from her sister.

“I said I wanna read it!” Jenny screamed and jumped over her sister. They both fell on the floor and after a second of shock, started laughing like kids. Kurt stood (after regaining his senses) watching them without a clue.

He felt a tug on his pant leg. “Daddy, aren’t those two the ones that told us runnin’ all over the house and playin’ ain’t allowed cuz it’s not mature?” Francine asked.

“Well I guess yer mom isn’t very mature after all!” Kurt chucked watching his wife and his sister in law fighting for the telegram

“Good! Mature people are boring.” Ennis Jr. smirked and laughed.

“Hope we never have to grow up and act all mature.” Francine added and her father just laughed.

“Ok I’ give up!” Jenny gasped. But as soon as Junior let down her defenses, Jenny was up again and snatched the paper from her sister’s hands. “Aha!!! I knew I had quick reflexes like daddy!” she laughed.

“Ok. Read the damn telegram then!” Junior’s voice was angry, but she settled herself down to listen.

“Jack and I are in Lightning Flat, talked with yer mom and it went ok. Hope you’re ok! Call us at 307-596-2236. Talk to you soon.” Jenny read.

“Oh my lord! He has a phone!” Junior said and snatched the paper from her sister, grabbed Ennis Jr. and Francine’s hands, and went straight outside to the car.

“Alma!” Kurt yelled after his quickly retreating wife.

“Wait for me! I read the message!” Jenny pushed past Kurt, right on the heels of her sister.

Alma shoveled the kids in the back seat and then climbed behind the wheel.

“Alma you’re not goin’ anywhere without us!” Kurt was trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, he’s my Daddy too!” Jenny crossed her arms.

“Ok! Hurry up then! I wanna call Daddy! We need to know what to do with all his stuff!” Alma started the car and Kurt and Jenny hopped inside.

As she thought it would be Ennis and Jack lied to the police. They told them that it was all an accident and they set her free, it was perfect. Even though she’d destroyed their lives, those two still helped her and saved her from rotting in jail. She hadn’t wanted to kill Monroe, but he’d been too damn close to him. However, killing Monroe actually wasn’t a bad idea. He was a pain in her side, just a stupid puppy for her to control as she wished. And now Alma was in her house, drinking coffee, lost deep in her own thoughts, trying to figure out what to do with those two queers that had ruined her life.

“My dear Alma, sounds to me like you’re not goin’ to try and get yer revenge…”

Alma stared into the cup of coffee and there was her reflection, telling her what was a disgrace she was, and how she should have killed him the first moment she found out.

“What makes you think I’m goin’ to let this go? I’m not! Just hafta think of a better way to finish it…” Alma took the cup and went to the sink. She was reflected once again in the metal of the kitchen sink and as always thoughts of self hate surfaced. She hated everything about herself, her red brownish hair, her green eyes, her pale skin—theses were the things that disgusted her the most. Most times, she thought she was talking to someone else, but the truth was she talking with her dark side, the dark side that wanted to get rid of him, get rid of the man that destroyed her life.

She stared into the sink, talking to the reflection.

“Is that so? That’s a pretty good idea, Alma! I’ll bet he’ll suffer for the rest of his life…” she laughed.

“And I’ll be enjoyin’ every moment of it! That nasty man will get what he deserves.” Alma replied and then in unison her voices spoke: “If you can’t have him…no one can…”

She turned around and found the little boy she’d had, Monroe, staring at her. She’d named him that because her father wanted a Junior, but she hated his name. He’d walked into the kitchen without her noticing, was trying to pour milk into a glass, but he was shaking too hard.

“Need to drink something?” she asked raising her eyebrows. Her son looked up at her and she noticed he was frightened. He’d probably heard her.

“You alright?” Monroe avoided her glare.

“I’m fine mom, just worried ‘bout Dad!” he answered finally.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” She paused. “I wanted to tell ya how sorry I am ‘bout what happened.” She tried her best to make her voice convincing.

“You don’t need to say anythin’. I just wanted to know why ya missed the shot. I know you wanted to kill him…” Alma’s eyes went wide.

“What did you just say?” She cut her son off in the middle of his sentence.

Monroe’s mouth trembled. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! Mom, I’m sorry!” Alma turned angry eyes on the boy, squeezed her first, but didn’t do anything. It was her son, after all and she wasn’t going to hurt him for speaking the truth.

“Come on! We’re gonna go see yer dady!” She grabbed the boy by the wrist and dragged him towards the door. Little Monroe was terrified, his mother had shot his father and he wasn’t sure what her limits were. His heart was beating fast as they stepped outside, not knowing what to do or say to avoid her anger.

“Damnit, I’m not gonna do anythin’ to ya!” She pushed him towards the car; she could sense his fear. She crossed her arms

“Monroe, listen to yer Mama, please? What happened was an accident; it didn’t have anything to do with yer daddy.” Monroe Jr. lowered his head. Filled with anger and frustration she pushed him aside and opened the car door.

“Get in! You’re bein’ stupid you know that?” The boy scrambled in the car and she slammed the door behind him, nearly catching his leg.

“He’s scared” her other voice whispered.

“Shut up! This don’t have anythin’ to do with you!” Alma yelled, climbing in the car, putting it on reverse and pulling out of the driveway.

When they arrived at the hospital Monroe Jr. got out of the car nearly crying and ran ahead of Alma to his daddy’s room.

“It was yer fault!” Alma said to herself. “See what you did to him?”

“Me? It ain’t my fault! You were the one that told him you’d kill him if he said anythin’. That was all yer doin’.”

Alma walked down the corridors, looking at one white wall and then another, everyone looking at her, watching her, whispering about what she did—or so she thought.

“Why’s the hospital always have to be so white?” She walked to the reception area anger and frustration awash all over her body. Anger because she wasn’t able to accomplish her goal and get rid of him, frustration because that meant all her work, all her plans were in vain.

She walked up to a nurse behind the reception desk with a nametag that read, “Cassidy”. Alma looked her up and down, something about the woman familiar. Then she realized she’d seen her a few years before with Ennis and Alma Jr. She was Ennis’ last victim, his old girlfriend.

“You’re Alma, the Ex-Wife, right?” Cassie asked. Alma squeezed her fist but smiled to the nurse.

“Yes… I was his wife…you were hisgirlfriend years back, weren’t you?” Alma asked, sarcasm thick on the word ‘girlfriend’.

“Yeah, I used to date Ennis.” She paused. “I need to tell you…” Alma interrupted the woman.

“Stop right there! If you’re gonna start in with the old, ‘You were evil to that poor man’ I’m gonna slap you and tell you to mind yer own business! I don’t wanna hear your stupid, one-sided opinion on this!” Alma said and then brushed past the reception desk, walking to Monroe’s room, and leaving Cassie with her mouth half open.

“Alma, thought you’d never come.” Monroe’s voice was weak, and his arm was around his son next to him, the boy’s eyes filled with fear at the sight of his mother.

“Monroe, you know you’re my husband no matter what happens!” She looked down at her son. She couldn’t worry about him at the moment; her thoughts were preoccupied with Jack and Ennis.

“Thanks Alma, I know you’re sorry ‘bout what happened.” Monroe smiled. Alma rolled her eyes, and then put on another fake bright grin.

“Ofcourse I’m sorry, Monroe! But don’t worry, I promise this won’t ever happen again!” She grabbed his hand tightly. ‘Won’t happen again because this time I will not miss!’ Alma leaned down and kissed her husband’s forehead.

Ennis was riding his horse through the hills and went to the place where he and Jack had their ‘Spiritual Wedding’; however, this was not a happy moment. He was feeling vulnerable because of Jack; he knew all this was his fault. He didn’t think about calling Jack and telling him where he was, at that moment he was only thinking about his dearest daughters, his little darlings. But it seemed that Jack had forgotten this fact about his daughters, and had gotten upset just because he’d wanted to talk to them. In Ennis’ mind, Jack was being unreasonable. Ennis dismounted and sat under the tree, looked out over the hills, taken by the green pasture and orange sky, thinking on his daughters and Jack. He sighed, he wanted to cry for Jack and how he didn’t understand that he needed his daughters. He looked up at the tree, leaves beautiful and green. He heard that somewhere in the Middle East there was a tree in the middle of the dessert that grew, but how, no one knew. It was a mystery how it survived and got its water, but no matter what the people thought, it still stood. And that’s what his relationship with Jack was like; he knew people thought they were wrong, but it was right for them.

He got lost in his own thoughts as he stared up at the tree and then past it to the sky. He stretched out on the grass and looked for the early star, but it was still too bright. Ennis thought that maybe he’d been a little hard with Jack, but he’d call him a child and that had pissed him off royally.

“Christ Ennis why didn’t you stop to think a’ him?” He hit himself on the forehead. As much as Ennis wanted to be upset with Jack he just wasn’t able to, it was impossible to be angry with him for too long. Ennis closed his eyes and soon he fell asleep, the breeze caressing his skin.

‘I love you, Jack fuckin’ Twist!’ Ennis murmured in his dreams, not knowing someone else had heard the comment as well.

While Ennis slept on the grass Jack was looking for him everywhere, the need to apologize heavy on his shoulders. He had to tell Ennis how sorry he was, had to tell him it was his fault, that he was troubled because of his conversation with Bobby, that he loved him. But how? Knowing Ennis, he’d still be angry as hell. Jack continued his search.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult. I know how you think! ” He rubbed his head. ‘If I was Ennis, where would I go?’ Jack went to the stables and saw that one of the horses had been taken out.

“Fuck! Why didn’t I think of that before? I know where you are, you son of bitch!” He quickly saddled his horse and rode to that place where they’d shared their special moment. As he neared the tree, he saw Ennis’ horse, but for some reason, didn’t see him. When he arrived he realized that he couldn’t see Ennis because he was lying out on the grass sleeping. Jack sighed. There was the man he deeply loved, sleeping on the grass like a child, whispering that he loved him. Jack could hardly contain himself. He wanted to kiss him, wanted to love him, wanted to apologize for all the things he shouldn’t have said. As he neared his sleeping figure, he noticed how peaceful he looked and then wondered again why he always screwed things up. Jack sat down next to him, keeping some distance, just in case Ennis was still upset.

He looked down at Ennis’ left hand and saw his ring, the ring that meant so much, the ring he’d had for nearly 15 years and had given to Ennis in that exact spot, the spot where they’d shared their love and married their souls forever. He was distracted from his thoughts by a noise: Ennis awakening from his dream. Jack smiled and then noticed that Ennis was smiling at him as well. Then suddenly, he looked away. Neither of them moved. They sat there in the grass looking out at green fields.

The silence between them was overwhelmed by the sound of their souls; each calling out to the other, each saying how much they loved the other. Jack opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Tears started welling in Jack’s eyes, and he pulled his hat down so Ennis wouldn’t notice, but it was too late.

‘You see that, ya bastard? He’s cryin’ cuz of you! Come on, Ennis, talk!’ His pride prevented him from saying anything.

Jack opened his mouth, his heart beating fast. ‘Why is it so hard to apologize?’ he thought. He was trying to find the courage and the words, but he couldn’t hold back any longer, three words escaped his mouth and broke the silence between them.

“I love you!” Ennis raised his eyebrows.

“And I know I do and say things without thinkin’, but it’s cuz I’m scared a’ loosin’ you!”

“Good way of showin’ it!” Ennis said. ‘Stupid! Why do ya have to go n’ increase the fire?’ he told himself but it seemed like Jack hadn’t heard what he’d said.

“And thinkin’ of life without you is like thinkin’ ‘bout life without my heart! Because if ya’re not with me, I’m lost!” He turned towards Ennis.

“Bobby called, said Lureen had an accident.” Jack paused. “She lost her memory and the doctor’s don’t know if it’ll come back…” He sighed. “I was scared after I hung up and I had a feelin’, a bad omen about you, and then you didn’t come home! The time passed and I thought that maybe I’d lost you. Ennis, I thought you were dead and I was scared! When you stepped out with that smile I was angry and happy and I couldn’t control myself! What I’m tryin’ to say is…” he paused again, taking in a breath. “I’m sorry Ennis; I’m sorry fer hurtin’ ya. I’m sorry for calling you a kid!” Jack couldn’t hold the tears back any longer, all the emotion he’d been holding in, just leaked out like a faucet.

“I’m just scared Ennis! I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you! Ennis I love ya, and I can’t stand a life with ya, not now! Not anymore…” he cried.

Ennis heard his apology and he saw him crying, and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Jack, hugged and caressed his back, smelled his hair. Without a word, without a sound, he squeezed Jack and then made him look at him. He kissed Jack’s lips, salty from his tears.

“I love you too!” he whispered. “And I need to apologize too, I thought you were sleepin’, never thought about you wakin’ up before I got back. I was selfish, and I’m sorry ‘bout what happened to Lureen, I had no idea. But you don’t need to be scared for me. I’m not going nowhere, Jack. I’m stayin’ right here with you.” Ennis kissed Jack’s lips and down his chin, and neck, showing a tenderness that proved his love.

“Come here…” Ennis pulled Jack down with him, one arm across his body and his head on his shoulder. Together, they watched the sun go down, and when the first star appeared, they made a wish. Because it was said that if you wish on the first star it would be granted, and that’s all they wanted.

A/N if any of you didn’t knew the song lyrics I used on the beginning of the chapter is A Love that will never grow old by Emmylou Harris . Another thing that I wanted you to know is that the next chapter is last chapter of The Lie behind the Postcard

Ethan thanks for the help with the sex scene I had never done it if it wasn’t without your help!

Now I want to thank Jessymamma!!! without her help I would never be able to work on this! She’s such a great help!!!!


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Sep. 19th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
Great update here, I'm so troubled over Alma and well I feel really badly for Monroe he is such a simpleton in this whole scheme of life of hers. She is really in need of some deep mental health counseling. I liked how the girls got so overly excited hearing from there new and improved Dad and all. Jack and Ennis I think will have a lot of these sort of things happening the insecurity of how life has treated them will take a long time to heal. Great work going with finding Mr. Humphrey's sister-in-law and all that was sweet and finally someone in this small town who may be on the side of Jack and Ennis. Joe
Jan. 3rd, 2007 03:21 am (UTC)
HI!! Great story. Read the whole story, and hope I didn't miss the last chapter. Can you give me the link??!!

Based on your earlier writing, Alma does something drastic and does away with herself. What??!!! How???!!! Where???!!!

Need to know that Ennis and Jack made it through, that Alma missed on her next chance at them. They have some friends, and need to know that others can/will be on their side so they can have the life they desire and deserve.

Thanks again.
Jan. 11th, 2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to know you like it! Please stay tunned for the last chapter it will be a blast!!! Nothing than any other fics!
May. 9th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
This is to let you know that I've posted the last chapter of my story hope to hear from you!
Jan. 29th, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)
Just read the whole of your story so far. I think its really good. I really want to know what Alma is planning.
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